Fluorite Crystal Meaning – Fluorite Crystal Healing

Fluorspar, derived from the the Latin word, “fluo”, meaning flow, is the less commonly known as of the otherwise famous crystal, Fluorite. Fluorite Appearance & Characteristics A transparent or translucent Crystals, with calcium floride as the primary material, is acknowledged as the most colorful mineral in the world. It’s definitely in countless of ‘must-haves’ lists… Read More »

Sunstone Crystal Healing – Sunstone Crystal Meaning

The Sunstone Crystal as the name suggests, is a stone that looks like the sun. It has vibrant colors of gold and orange and sometimes even red or brown. The Sunstone has traces of Hematite and Goethite which makes the stone glimmer at various angles as it helps refract light. Most Sunstones are translucent but… Read More »

Connecting With Your Crystal & How To Use Them

Now you have found a Crystal that resonates with you, whats next? Even though we already know that Crystals can help to improve our quality of life and that it brings us better opportunities in life, it is important to know how it works. To be able to utilize your Crystal fully and making sure… Read More »

Crystal Grid – Energy Channeling & Energy Unifying

Crystals are powerful stones that date back up to more than 6000 years ago, used by multiple ancient civilisations such as the Japanese, Romans and Greek to enhance healing and fulfilment. They are long believed to possess metaphysical properties that can help us achieve harmony and peace. Crystals have a repeating chemical structures which are… Read More »