5 Signs Before Manifestation | Signs Your Manifestation Is Close

By | October 2, 2017

What are the signs before Manifestation can occur….? Or…what are the signs that your Manifestation is close?

Sometimes when we practice Manifestation or what they call the “Law of Attraction”… we tend to get impatient and want to see instant results…

I know that feeling…. I don’t like that wait too…. but I want to reassure you that your Manifestation is close!

Who Am I & What Is My Story?

Hi there, My name is Jessica Hegarty and I am a Energy practitioner… I hold a day job as a Engineer at one of the Pharmaceutical majors… But clearly…I am someone who has keen interest in the world of Alternative healing and the Law of Attraction…Which is why I started this blog to document down my thoughts, knowledge and experiences…

Like yourself… I stumbled upon the Law of Attraction and Manifestation when I was in dire need of help and hope… You’ve most likely heard about the Law of Attraction through the book called The Seccret by Rhonda Bryne… I believe the book was published in 2008… and I remember hearing how Oprah was raving about it… 🙂 Personally… I only got to know of this book back in 2013.. I was little late… but never too late! Haha… Have been practicing since then..

My Experiences

Signs Before Manifestation

Along the way, I attended seminars and read other courses that helped me achieve what I envision myself to be today… I am not super successful or anything…but I am someone who is easily contented with what I have… So what drove me to the Law of Attraction…?

It all started back in 2013… when the oil prices started to correct from a $100/barrel to $$50/Barrel… You probably do not know… I used to work for an Oil & Gas company prior to my current job… During that period, it was really stressful in the office. In fact… my life was pretty stressed out back then.

Lost My Job, Had A Mortgage & My Finance Left Me…

Needless to say, I was laid off from my job together with other Engineers… And that…led to a downward spiral…It was a series of unfortunate events… and was one of the few darkest moments in my life.

At that time, I just gotten a new place… The bank was after me for my mortgage… and my fiancĂ© left me because of the financial difficulty I was in… It was really tough. And the thoughts of moving back to my parent’s place was real…

My life felt like it was about to crumble…my fiancĂ© who I had so much trust in really disappointed me… If you have been out of love… you’ll probably understand my pain and anguish…

To pick myself up together and to move forward in life… I did what I learnt and practice what all the life coaches has taught me… I managed to pull through and life now has never been better…

What Are Signs Your Manifestation Is Close?

Signs Before ManifestationManifestation signs may not be the most obvious sort of signs… They sometimes happen in subtle ways and you may not even realize that is the Law of Attraction at play. Manifestation signs may happen only after some time has passed… You may need to take a step back and think back on all the things you have asked from the Universe… before you realize it, the Law of Attraction is already working for you…

Signs before Manifestations usually presents itself as a blessing in disguise… It happens when you least expect it… or It happens when the time is right.. Sometimes when you feel stuck in your current situation, the Universe presents you with other kinds of opportunities. You may not take up such opportunities… but it reassures and reminds your of your self-worth and values…

So… what exactly are my experiences like..? What are the kind of signs that you should be expecting…?

#1 Signs Before Manifestation – Abundance

One of the key signs before Manifestation is that you’ll start to experience Abundance in the strangest way… Simple things start going in the right direction and they start working out the way you want them to be… Imagine just as you’re driving, the road that is usually congested becomes smooth flowing… The grumpy cashier at your usual cafe who is usually nasty towards customers, greets you with a warm smile…  What are the odds right..? What a great way to start your day…

But the truth is… these little things happened to me…

How Did I Experience Abundance…?

In the weeks leading up to my Manifestation… things were going really smoothly… The people around me were really nice…It felt like as if I was being rewarded for being true and diligent about my positive thinking…

My neighbors who used to leave their trash just outside my front door stopped doing that altogether… My long lost friends whom I dearly missed found me on Facebook… So little things like this… it made a lot of difference to me and it felt as though the Universe was giving me a sign… as sign that everything will turn out fine eventually…

When you are in the right state of vibration… the energy surrounding you becomes positive… and that translate to a smooth sailing life… without all that “hardwork” and “heavy lifting” to make things work for you….

#2 Signs Before Manifestation – Confidence

Signs Before Manifestation 4The next sign before you experience Manifestation is that you’ll feel a sense of confidence… You will be so happy and satisfied that you have found  joy in your life and that you are able to make peace with your past… Being energized and filled of vitality and confidence, you’ll feel that nothing can bring you down… You will find yourself feeling motivated every other day and be able to do the things you always wanted to do…And you’ll be conquering your fears… anything that you used to be afraid of…

Personally… It felt like I had found optimism which was not quite there before….I felt so confident that it was as though I could achieve anything and that everything that I ever wanted was within my reach… I could take up challenges that I never had the guts too… Well, I tried bungee jumping from the first time in New Zealand… (AJ Hackett Bungy… was definitely awesome)

This sense of renewed confidence gave me a purpose to press on with life no matter what happens… and the wait from an answer from the Universe was really worth it!

#3 Signs Before Manifestation – Gratitude

I think what most people miss out during their Manifestation process… is that they don’t show gratitude and contentment with their lives. Yes… I get it. I make this mistake too.. In this 21st century, we are always chasing for better things in life…And in that chase, we often lose track of our purpose in life…

I think it is very important to be happy and contented with life… I mean life isn’t that great yet… but it could have been worse… that is something that I tell myself, time and time again… Now… I am always satisfied with what I have and how things turned out for me. I see the positives in things and only speak positively now.

When you find gratitude and contentment in life…that is when the Universe will respond to you…

#4 Signs Before Manifestation – Forgotten About your Manifestations

Personally… This is the most telling signs before Manifestation for me… I believe Manifestation usually only happens when you have forgotten about it. Not forget like you don’t even know it exist… but more of being at the back of your mind.

This is my theory… but don’t quote me for it… The Universe wants to keep you surprised and challenged…. I mean… if something comes easy, then will it be worth all your wait and effort? And will you treasure the opportunity if it comes easy for you…? You probably wont right…?

My Personal Experience

Okay… so what happened to me was that… remember I mentioned earlier…. that I was retrenched due to the correction in oil prices back in 2013? Yes… right around that time, I was given only 1 week to pack my table. We weren’t given any notice prior and not even a retrenchment benefit…

It was tough breaking the news to my parents and thought that I should share the news with the man who I was dating back then… After breaking the unpleasant news with my fiancĂ©…our relationship took a turn. We were having more arguments then ever due to the financial stress that we had… and before you know it… things ended pretty swiftly…

As you could tell… I was really under a lot of stress… But my main priority was to get a job first… back then… nothing else mattered to me any more.

With the skill sets that I had… It was tough applying for any other job out of the industry.. Imagine only understanding distillation principles or other oil & gas best practices… My skills weren’t transferable (that was what I thought back then…) and changing industry would mean I have to start from scratch and it would also mean that my income will take a hit.

What I Manifested…

Signs Before ManifestationBack then… all the oil & gas companies weren’t hiring. Because it didn’t make sense for them to produce oil and sell them at a steal price… it wasn’t profitable at all. Back then, my only option was to change industry and pray that my overall income wouldn’t be very much affected.

I started to envision myself being in the Pharmaceutical industry. And thought about how my situation would have changed if  I took on another career path years ago… I mean Pharmaceutical being part of health care… it’ll definitely be recession proof… (Haha, I was really speaking on hind sight… I know…)

Weeks later…I received a phone call from my University mate who was in town to visit. To cut the long story short, she told me that she was working with one of the Pharmaceutical giants in the world. And said that if I am interested, she would get me an interview with her boss. And at that moment… I knew that my thoughts were becoming my reality.. The Universe was indeed listening to my thoughts….

Some may say that it was coincidental… But to me, I felt the entire process… The original intention was just to meet and catch up over coffee… But the meet up turned out to be an opportunity that the Universe presented to me.

I was initially half-hearted during the meet up… because I didn’t feel good being jobless back then… and was kinda ashamed of how my friend would think of me… But it all turned out well…

#5 Signs Before Manifestation – Faith & Commitment

In any Manifestation… I believe that we will be tested on our faith and commitment towards the Law of Attraction. The thing about everyone (including myself) is that we tend to be impatient… Trust me… there were times when I doubted myself… But I guess we’ll need to be patient…?

If your dream is big, you got to take baby steps towards it. You got to act on your given circumstances… And you’ll need to have faith in the process and believe in the process in times of uncertainty.

That was what I did. I stuck with my beliefs and waited patiently… I am not here to brag… but just want to put things into perspective… But I manged to get the job at the Pharmaceutical plant eventually… and I didn’t get a pay cut. In fact, the place where I work at now has a much better working environment… my colleagues are great and boss is even better. I am really better off being in a place here than anywhere else… It was really blessing in disguise…

So How Did I Do It…?

Manifestation occurs when you speak, think and breathe positivity… I know that because I am a living testament… And I found a job that I can see myself doing for the next 20 years. I also met the guy of my dreams shortly after I started my new job, who showed me care and tenderness during my darkest hour. This feeling of completeness could never be possible without the help of the Law of Attraction…

If you have read The Secret by Rhonda Bryne… that’s great! But that is just the tip of the ice-berg… I think it wasn’t as comprehensive as the rest of the courses I have attended. It doesn’t go in depth about certain topics and it not a step-by-step kind of guide. You’re expected to decipher and interpret the teachings in the book.

If you’re someone who is willing to take your Manifestation to the next level… I recommend getting Manifestation Miracles by Heather Mathews.

The Secret Behind “The Secret by Rhonda Byrne”

Personally… I have gotten great success with the techniques taught in her course. I fully attribute my success with the  Law of Attraction to the teachings in her course materials. I liked the part where she’d talked about the need to change our thoughts because they have the power to predict our future… I can guarantee that she has something to offer to each and every person in this world.

In a nut shell, how has her course helped me:

  • I now have more clarity and confidence in the things that I do and have been very successful with my career thus far.
  • I’m living the life I’ve always dreamed of and even found my soulmate by using her manifestation techniques.
  • She helped me find ways to not only help myself but how to improve my marriage and my relationship with my parents, friends and co-workers.
  • She has made me feel that my life is now complete…. having a perfect family and a decent job… that is all that I asked for 🙂

What Is In Her Course?

The “Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathew” course content comprises of PDFs, audios, and videos. The PDF is downloadable, the audio is in the MP3 format, and the videos come as MP4s. Every chapter of the course has its own video, which is approximately 15 minutes long. These materials form the blueprint (a step-by-step guide) to create and attract opportunities and happiness into your life. – Something she call Destiny Tuning.

This Destiny Tuning technique helps you to raise your energetic vibration  which helps you to be in sync with the Universe’s forces. This is something which is not taught in many Law of Attraction Books / Courses… Something that I feel is required for Manifestation to work…

This is something that I feel is worth while to look at… because of how deep and comprehensive the author talks about her Law of Attraction technique… As she coins it… “It is the Secret behind The Secret…”

Signs Before ManifestationThe Manifestation Miracle Manual is a 159-page long e-book which consist of five parts:

• First chapter talks about success and destiny’s role.

• Second chapter is about getting one to attune with personal destiny.

• Third chapter focuses on using energetic vibrations and affirmations for the Law of Attraction.

• Fourth chapter teaches you to find reasons to be happy and fulfilled.

• The last chapter is where all your miracle begins.

I have also included a snapshot of her course materials to show you a break down of how detailed her work is… Unfortunately, I can’t share other contents because it is a copyrighted material after all… But if you are willing to learn and put in the effort and to master the art of the Law of Attraction… Do check out Heather’s course… I can assure you that it is something that is definitely worth your time…

Signs Before Manifestation


If you are keen to check out her course, here is a coupon to get her Full Manifestation Miracle Course at 80% discount.


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