About Me

My name is Jessica Hegarty and I have the privilege of running this website that reaches out to millions of users who are interested in Crystal Healing. To join the community simply log in to FACEBOOK and search for “HeySoulCrystals” and you’ll see our page on the top of the list.

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During the last 15 years, apart from working with myself, I have also worked with customers, clients and students almost on a daily basis. My experience have given me a practical understanding of the body’s energetic field and has shown me how crystals and their healing power can interact with the body’s Chakra and aura, which helps to bring about positive changes in people’s lives. Of course, what I have also learnt is that a combination of different type of alternative healing yield the best results.

What you’ll find on this website will be information which comes directly from my clients or students. We may also post facts or researches into ancient and contemporary writings, where I have drawn information from and have either tested it on myself or on my willing students.

Because I am in this field of work, I have often been asked the question; whether I believe that crystal healing or any other form of alternative healing works. Well, the answer is no… That’s because, I know they work. I have had a client who didn’t think that the crystal healing treatments which he was about to embark on could help him. But did he have to believe in the crystal healing treatment for it to work? No… just as you don’t have to believe that eating green vegetable is good for health. But of course, like all other types of complementary medicine or treatment (including medical treatment), there is a placebo effect which takes place,  but as you will see this is not all there is to it. Since ancient times, people have been working with crystals and applying them to heal, rejuvenate and restore their Chakra energies.

Skeptics would always cite reasons as to why crystal healing doesn’t work and these are usually based on undisputed facts that there is no scientific proof of crystals curing any form of disease or illness. Nonetheless, the answer to that is simple – just try it yourself.

Seeing is believing….

Once you have experienced the effects of alternative healing personally, you’ll know for sure that something positive is happening.

As you follow my blog, you’ll not only begin to expose yourself to the Crystal Healing and other form of alternative healing but will also find many practical tips and guides, which will help you lead a more positive life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced with Crystal Healing to be part of the HeySoulCrystals community. Just jump right in and start talking and sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Because we believe that you came to this site for a reason, our mission is to help you achieve what fate has guided you to achieve, through the amazing powers and natural abilities of crystals. Do join us on our mailing list to ensure your pathway to a better life.