Act As If | The Art of Faking It Till You Make It

By | October 8, 2017

What is “ Act As If ” ?

To Act As If is to live as if you have already gotten what you are aiming for, to put what you hope to achieve in tour future into your physical reality now. You can have a goal in mind, a dream that is a little out of you reach. What you are going to do is to trick yourself into thinking that you have already attained it. Picture yourself having already receiving what you want, how would you behave if you had that right now?

So for example if you are trying to lose weight, you are not acting as if you have already lost the weight if you’re avoiding unhealthy foods or constantly drinking green juices or having meal replacement supplements. You are also not acting as if, if you are not going to buy new clothes until you have lost the weight because you think you look a little over-sized now.

You see, if you don’t act as if you have not already lost the weight and your mindset is in the “lack of losing weight”. This my friends, will hinder your progress!

Instead, act as if you have already lost the weight. Put yourself out there and do the things that you always wanted to do! Go out on dates, buy yourself new clothes and don’t be afraid to pamper yourself.

Think of it as bringing every dream that you have had to life, bring that fantasy to reality! Live in that moment where you are going to achieve what you’ve always wanted.

Act As If

So How Do We “Act As If” ?

The trick to it is to visualize. Put your mind in the moment of manifesting whatever you are trying to manifest. This helps you believe in the process more and quicken the process of manifesting whatever you want in reality.

Benefits To Act As If

1. Quickens The Process of Attaining Your Goal

By manifesting your goals visually, it shortens the process of reaching it because you understand what you are trying to manifest more clearly and have a better picture of how to reach it. You also start to be more grateful for what you already have in the present.

2. Being Emotionally Invested into The Process

You start to feel the manifestation internally, really grasp and understand the emotions and feelings that are going to be associated with that particular manifestation and you feel better about yourself. You start to be not only physically invested but emotionally invested, putting in a greater amount of effort into reaching for your goal.

3. Decrease Stress and Anxiety Levels

There is no worry of being stressed out over the negativity of the process because you are living on the manifestation as if you are already having it. There’s no lost of sleep thinking about the future and fretting over how you are going to achieve your dream. You have already gotten rid of all the anxiety and fears of the future because technically you already have it. You’re still working towards your goal diligently, but the plus point is that if you ever slip or lose sight of your goals, you have a more optimistic perspective on getting up and trying again instead of wallowing in your guilt.

4. Gets You Excited About the Process

There won’t be any of those pessimistic thinking that your dreams are too far away or that you will never be able to reach it. Rather, you get to be excited about living out your dream because it’s happening right now. You get to feel excited and motivated. You get to be like a kid again, really having fun and diving deep into your manifestations, living the life as if you already have it and feeling all the wonderful feelings that come with attaining your goal.

5. Believe in The Hope of Attaining the Goal Even More

The Law of Attraction has three main steps to the process: Ask, Believe and Receive. Visualizing and living the manifestation experience helps you believe in your dreams a bit more. And the next step after believe is to receive, so that actually quickens the process of achieving your goal. Manifesting your dream helps you also see what your life will be like after you reach your goal. It gives you a sense of clarity and understanding of what you are trying to manifest and the effects it will have on you. The goal will feel much more doable and within your grasp. It’s like faking it till you make it, you fake living as if you have attained your goal long enough and naturally by doing activities that are in line with your goal, you will one day really reach that goal.

Tips on How to “Act As If”

1. Remain In The Present

This will help you to be grateful for what you have in the present and be excited for what lies ahead and be prepared for what is to come but at the same time, it helps you understand why you are in the “now” and not in the “after”. Remaining in the present helps you enjoy the process of achieving the goal and be thankful for the process. Don’t get too caught up in living in your manifestation and be grateful for whatever you have right now because that is what is guiding you to become the better you in the future.

Thank the universe for where you are now, even that it may not necessarily be a good place. Everything in life is temporary and fleeting so even though it might be difficult, be grateful for the moment because you are in it for a reason and it is a moment that if used wisely, can be used as a step to bring you closer to achieving your goal.

2. Feel It

Capture the feelings and emotions that are associated with the manifestation. Don’t look at the manifestation solely as a physical goal to achieve but fully invest your mind and soul to having the emotions that are associated with the manifestation. Even if you have to close your eyes or dream about it, do it. Dive deep into the emotions, feel it and hold on to it. Feeling are going to be the one that drive your motivation to want to manifest the goal and work towards it even more.

3. Have fun

Visualizing the manifestation helps to get rid of all the negative emotional baggage that comes along with the process of trying to attain a goal, the stress of trying to keep to a rigid regime, the beating up of self when you fail, etc.

Focus on the action of doing what you would after achieving the goal and not the how process. This allows you to enjoy the process and not deal with the negative side effects that come along with it.

My Stories

I remember about a time where I was having some problems with my weight. I had problem keeping my weight down. You know, its difficult to see a muffin top spewing over my pair of jeans. I tried diets after diets. Juice cleanse, Paleo diet, Liquid diet and etc. Worked out almost every day with one off day a week. It was difficult. But the best thing that happened to me was that weight loss from those diet fads or workout regime never happened.

Why was it a good thing?

Well, if the diet fads and crazy workout regime worked, I would have been leading an uncomfortable and unsustainable life. Imagine not having any carbohydrates for days at one go or only having liquids for meals. How is that even sustainable? Moreover, whats life without eating good food right? So the next question is, how did I lose all that weight then? Well, its simple. The trick is to act as if!

To act as if I had lost the weight. It was that simple! So what do I mean by that? I didn’t restrict myself to a certain food group or certain unhealthy food. In fact, I did eat junk but only in moderation. No excessive workout. Nothing. And to be honest, it didn’t take long before I drop a couple of pounds.

Some may say that my change in dietary preference like eating more clean whole foods could have made a change to my waist line. But the very fact that I did not have any restrictions on junk food made a clear statement about acting as if. I believed what made the difference was that by restricting more of the bad stuff, the more you crave for the junk food. Here is a simple analogy. Don’t think of a white elephant. What just happened? I bet you just thought about a white elephant.

The thing about the brain is that it tells us to do what we don’t want ourselves to do. So listen to your inner voice and act as if. This will bring you to where you want to be without much of a resistance!

So go out there and face life with faith and courage. Believing in yourself and act as if. We only have x amount of hours in our life. Minus out all the time we spent studying and working, whats left is the time left to live. Don’t live life only when our time is almost up. Make use of our best resources, which is our mind, to create our own reality and happiness. This way, we wont regret a day in our life.

So acting as if, is one of the key principles of the Law of Attraction. If you have no clue what is the Law of Attraction about, you can check out the movie “The Secret“. That is where I first learnt about how the mind can attract the things you want into your life. Celebrities like Oprah and Jim Carrey endorses it, so you should give it a try to. Have an open mind, and see what life can bring to you. 🙂