What Do Amethysts Symbolize | How To Charge Amethyst

By | July 29, 2017

What do Amethyst symbolize and what is their energy like…? How are these Crystal able to help us in our daily life?

Who Am I & What’s My Story?

Hi my name is Jessica Hegarty and I am a Crystal Healer and an Energy practitioner. I am an Engineer by training and currently work at a Pharmaceutical plant. My passion is in Crystals and their ability to heal and connect with the Universe. In this blog, I’ll be sharing my knowledge and experience with Crystals.

Just like yourself, I started out learning about Crystals while I was on a path to self-healing and soul searching. In past, where information wasn’t as transparent, we had to attend conventions and rely on seminars to learn about Crystals and how it works. I remember getting my hands on my first handbook by Judy Hall. Seems like it was just yesterday… I hope by penning down my thoughts and experiences, it will help grow the Crystal community.

Facts About Amethyst Mineral

What Do Amethysts SymbolizeA quartz is one of the most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust, and it comes in several forms. One of them is the semi-precious gemstone Amethyst. Amethyst is a type of quartz that is purple in color; its color can span from a mild lavender shade to a deep mauve.

On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, it rates a 7 – which means it’s both hard and durable. Because of its widespread nature, it is relatively more affordable than its precious gemstone counterparts. Deemed as February’s birthstone, it is also linked to anyone born from February 19 – March 20, also known as the Pisces zodiac sign.


Where Can Amethyst Be Found

What Do Amethysts SymbolizeEarlier I mentioned the widespread nature of Amethyst – I say widespread because there are several Amethyst deposits throughout the world. The biggest ones are in Minas Gerais (Brazil), Russia, Uruguay and Bolivia.

However, they can be found in other countries such as India and the Canada, etc. Just try checking out your backyard – perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to find some, because it’s just that common.

Amethyst Greek Mythology

According to Greek mythology, the Greek God Dionysus vented his wrath upon a young lady after getting drunk. Where he set a streak of tigers after her. This lady was known as Amethyst. Amethyst then sought the help of Goddess Diana, who transformed the young lady into shiny white stone. After realizing his actions, Dionysus was in anguish and fluster. Coincidental or not, he accidentally spilled over a cup of wine over the shiny white stone. That act of spilling turned the stone purple. It was from this story that the name of the gemstone was derived.

Summary of what do Amethysts symbolize:

  1. Reduce stress and worries.
  2. Instil calmness and brings mind into tranquility.
  3. Aids concentration and facilitates decision making.
  4. Helps to overcome over-indulgence and addictions.
  5. Overcomes insomnia and brings restful sleep.

What Do Amethysts Symbolize # 1 : Non Intoxication

Amethyst came from the Greek word améthystos, which means “not intoxicated”. The superstitious character of the ancient Greeks led them to believe that this gemstone would prevent them from getting drunk.

Since they really loved their alcohol and their wine, they started wearing Amethyst stones and putting them on their wine cups and drinking flasks in order to protect them from inebriation, and in turn result in them drinking more. But more importantly in today’s modern age, Amethyst is believed to protect the bearer from picking up bad habits and aids in kicking addictions.

What Do Amethysts Symbolize #2 : Natural Tranquiliser 

What Do Amethysts SymbolizeThe crystal was also believed to have protective and curative powers – it was deemed as “nature’s tranquiliser”. In the Middle Ages, people used amethyst to prevent and cure insomnia.What they would do is to place the gemstone under their pillows while they were sleeping.

It also helps to alleviate sorrow. This would be suitable for those who have encountered a great loss or failure. This is also for people who constantly suffer from immense stress or insomnia, and currently need a source of support.

What Do Amethysts Symbolize # 3 : Psychic Protection

The Ancient Egyptians used it to protect themselves from witchcraft and fear. During the Renaissance, monarchs added amethyst in their crowns and jewelleries, while Catholic priests put them on crosses, in order to defend deflect evil and elicit peace. The amethyst will form a protective barrier around you, bringing in peace and happiness, and at the same time preventing negative thoughts from entering getting to you. It also discourages you from indulging in vices and other temptations, keeping you pure in both mind and soul.

What Do Amethysts Symbolize # 4 : Physical Healing – Headaches, Diabetes and Arthritis

How To Charge Amethyst 1Other than the mental and spiritual healing that comes with this gemstone, it has also been associated with being able to heal physical diseases. Metaphysical healers believe that many physical diseases are a result of diseases in the mind (such as stress, vices, and mental diseases), so many use the amethyst to clear the mind and thus the body.

From curing illnesses such as headaches, diabetes and arthritis, it is also used for the following: cleansing the bloodstream, treat against pain, tension, swelling and bruising, and boosting a person’s immune system. Additionally, being known to treat lung ailments and breathing difficulties, it has also been used to treat against malignant tumors and other respiratory tract illnesses.

What Do Amethysts Symbolize # 5 : Cell Generation & Regeneration

One big benefit for our health is that the Amethyst Crystal stimulates cell generation and regeneration due to the far infra-red radiation that the crystal absorbs. It is also useful in promoting a well-rounded circulation of blood around our body especially the micro-circulation in our capillaries.

Amethyst And Depression

The Amethyst Crystal is good for those who are grieving due to the death of a loved one. Amethyst is known as the the soul stone as it celebrates the soul leaving the boundaries of one’s physical body and the connection between our souls and the universe. It brings comfort to those grieving as it reminds you that there is no such thing as death, only our souls passing on into different forms.

Amethyst is good for those who are over-stressed and have been working tirelessly, and just generally overwhelmed with everything. This crystal can help center you as well as tide over your body aches and head aches. It is useful for those who get angry fast and quick-tempered as the amethyst can calm you down.

Amethyst Chakra Meaning

The Amethyst Crystal rules the Brow and Crown Chakra with its sweet, vibrant energy.

Amethyst Third Eye Chakra

third eye chakraThe Brow Chakra otherwise known as the Third Eye chakra is located between our eyes, at the top of our forehead. It represents our forethought and what we anticipate in the future as well as our intuition. The brow Chakra opens up a deeper sense of reality and helps us perceive ourselves better as well be more sensitive to the energy in our surroundings. In order to train your Third Eye Chakra for long-term purposes, you have to focus and slip into a different way of seeing things. When our mind is focused, we can look pass the obstacles blocking us from a more insightful reality.

When the Third eye is at its peak health and balance, our inner thoughts and communications within ourselves are vibrant and healthy. Moreover, our creative energy flows freely and we can control and manifests our visions and dreams.

The Third Eye is commonly represented by the color blue or deep indigo and it is as such due to it resembling the moon’s luminescence at night and the soft aura it evokes. The color dark blue and indigo can aid the imbalances of the Third Eye. Some examples of symptoms of an imbalance third eye can be the lack of clarity and not being able to see the bigger picture.

Amethyst Crown Chakra

crown chakraThe Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra and it is located at the top of our head. It represents the higher states of consciousness as we transcend pass our personal visions and our current muses to be in touch with the universe and higher beings.

The Crown Chakra represents the awareness of a higher consciousness and accepting that as well as uniting yourself with the states of a higher consciousness with full devotion and happiness and bliss. The Crown Chakra is known for breaking pass our limits to seek a higher presence. It is to transcend our most divine and unfiltered selves to become one with the universe.

When your Crown Chakra is imbalance, some symptoms of that are a overly attached sense to spiritual matters and close-mindedness. The light violet color eradicates the imbalances.

Meditating With Amethyst

How To Charge AmethystAmethyst brings a serene peaceful state over yourself when meditating as the Amethyst can activate the highest vibration in your Third Eye. The Amethyst Crystal is helps us surrender to a higher power, in order to branch out on our spiritual knowledge of the universe.

The first step in meditating with Amethyst Crystals is to hold some Crystals in your left hand to soak in energy from the Crystals.  These Crystals can also be placed in altars or… Used as objects for concentration by being calm and collected as well as focusing on the universe in its entirety.

Who Should Wear The Amethyst Crysal

It is recommended to diplomats and those who are in debates frequently. The Amethyst helps calm those who are hot-headed and… Gives those who are in debate a slight advantage in certain situations. It is also useful for those who want to quit their bad habits such as smoking or drugs… As it can help to curb the urge.

Placing an Amethyst in Bedroom

In the bedroom, the Amethyst is used as a spiritual guide that can draw out any negative energy and stimulate the third eye while awakening the stale energy in the room and transforming it into a place with a high vibration of energy.

This energy will convey into your relationship and help influence it for the better. One tip is to place the Amethyst crystal under the right side of your pillow (or tie a Amethyst to the bed frame leg) where you sleep to strengthen ties with your partner.

How To Charge Amethyst

Charging an Amethyst Crystal is easy… Like any Crystal, you’ll need to discharge all the negative energy that has been absorbed by your Amethyst. You can cleanse your Amethyst through a number of ways such as using water, sage smoke and even using a Singing Bowl.

To charge your Amethyst, you can place it under moonlight overnight or using the burial method. The burial methods requires you to bury your Amethyst in soil for at least 1 day. The energy from the Earth will charge up your Amethyst.