7 Law of Attraction Signs

By | October 2, 2017

Law of attraction signs may not be the most obvious sort of signs. They sometimes happen in subtle ways and you may not even realise that is the law of attraction at play. Law of attraction signs may happen only after some time has passed. You may need to take a step back and think back on all that you have asked from the universe, before you realise that law of attraction is working for you. However, when you do realise that it is working, the law of attraction signs will be the best sort of signs you ever receive.

7 law of attraction signs

In order to help people become more conscious of law of attraction signs, I condense in this article some of the most powerful signs I personally experienced through the practice of law of attraction.

Law of Attraction Signs #1 – Abundance

One of the key law of attraction sign is that many manifestations would be happening all at the same time. Small simple things start going right and things start going your way; think elevator door opening just as you reach the lift lobby or a table becomes available at the crowded cafe just as you enter!

These always happen when you are on the right vibration. You feel really good and happy and things that you’ve asked for previously will be happening without you realizing.

Law of Attraction Signs #2 – Happy and Sparkly

You will be so happy, satisfied and at peace with life. You will feel energized and full of life, and nothing can bring you down. Every day you will feel so motivated to do the things you always wanted to do, like you can conquer anything.

You may discover a newfound optimism that was not quite there before. Personally, I began to feel so confident that everything I wanted were within my reach. Even if I did not have them yet, I just felt so confident they would be in time to come. They were as good as being mine already.

You will feel yourself relaxed but certain that you would succeed, almost like you have already reached your goal. That is another law of attraction sign.

Law of Attraction Signs #3 – Synchronicity

You will begin to see more opportunities and people around you are aligned with you with your goals. For example, I manifested a trip to Barcelona once. People around me started talking about Barcelona too and before I knew it my friends and I began planning a trip there.

If you want to lose weight, you will see the synchronicity of the people around you also wanting to lose weight. Your friends and family may join the same gym and try to get fit. You will literally see your manifestations through the people around you as you are all aiming for the same goal.

The opportunities are usually quite obvious. You do not need to worry about missing the opportunities because they are designed for you to notice them. You will see your manifestations everywhere around you.

That is when you know you are on the way to achieving your own manifestation. That is a sign from the universe telling you that it has heard you and giving you that reassurance that your manifestation is coming.

Law of Attraction Signs #4 – Gratitude

You will be so grateful for what you have in your life now. Sometimes when I feel a manifestation coming into reality soon, I feel so grateful and so happy that I think, “I’m in such a good place right now, I don’t even need this thing” and then I let go, which is the most important part of the law of attraction.

By being truly thankful for everything and being contend with where you are and what you have in the present, that’s also the essence of knowing that your manifestation is coming to you.

By channeling the right energy, you’re feeling amazing, you’re feeling sparkling and full of adrenaline, you’ll feel so satisfied and so blessed that even if you don’t manage to achieve your manifestation, you’ll still be the happiest person in the world. It feels weird saying this, but that’s what you’ll feel-drugged up in love.

Law of Attraction Signs #5 – Forgotten about your manifestations

Personally, this is the most telling sign for me that I’m going to have a manifestation. You will get reminded that you’ve previously asked for that particular manifestation and that you’ve lost track or forgotten about it, which ties in with synchronicity as well. Before a big manifestation happens, I’m always reminded in little ways by the universe that I’ve for it and it just prompts me with these little signs as if to ask if I still want it, because if I do, it’s coming my way.

Back to that example of the Barcelona holiday, I didn’t choose the holiday myself, my friends picked it. Before the trip I just remember seeing Barcelona on TV, on Snapchat, and I would think ‘Oh I’ve always wanted to visit there, I remember it’. Even with houses, I didn’t want to look for houses but something told me I had to look for one and I found a perfect one.

You’ll always find these little reminders that pop up unexpectedly and then that’s when you remember, ‘oh yeah I’ve asked for this!’. At that point since you’ve forgotten about it, you’ve released the desire for wanting that manifestation, and when it crops up, that’s when you know it’s going to happen.

Law of Attraction Signs #6 – You’re tested

In any manifestation, you will be tested. You’ll be given a less than perfect substitute and tempted to take it instead of that perfect thing that you want. For example, in buying the house, I was tested with another property and given a choice whether I would pay a huge sum for a house that wasn’t my dream home.

It’s as if the universe is testing you to see how great is your desire for your goal, whether you’ll be tempted if a close substitute is placed right under your nose and is really easy for you to just accept right now, or will you say ‘No, something better is coming and I’m going to wait for it’. A tell-tale sign is that you will always feel a bit off, you will know that this is not it.

You definitely will be tested so you need to make it extremely clear that you want what you ask for and stick to your initial manifestation. I’m always thankful for these tests though, because it means that my manifestation must be real close.

Law of Attraction Signs #7 – Positive people surround you

Look at the people that you surround yourself with. If you’re feeling happy when you hang out with your friends, if you feel like suddenly you always want to meet up with these group of amazing people, the law of attraction is definitely working for you.

Like attracts like so when you surround yourself with happy positive people, you become happy and positive and just so excited about life as well. The law of attraction will naturally remove negative people from your life anyway so just let them go and don’t try to hang on to these bad company.

Additional tip #8 – It always happens unexpectedly

You will never know when your manifestation is going to happen so you need to release it and just focus on other things in your life. It’s only when your back is turned when it’s going to slowly creep up and you’ll just be so amazed that it happened. Don’t force it and be so desperate to grab on to it.

The universe will give you what you want on a silver platter, you just have to relax and chill and it will come, just remember to pray in gratitude. It’s really simple if you think about it like this, you just place your manifestation order and sit back and wait.

The universe waiter will come, just like how in a restaurant you know your waiter will come with your food if you ordered if you pay for your meal, your manifestation order will arrive for sure, you don’t have to keep bugging him every few minutes about when it will come because you know it will.