Bloodstone Healing Properties – Learn How It Can Boost Your Health

By | August 8, 2017

Bloodstone is a type of quartz called chalcedony and it comes in two varieties – plasma and heliotrope. Plasma comes in a dark and deep opaque shade of green; it is usually speckled with spots of red. Heliotrope on the other hand is translucent and has a reddish core; its name, like many stones, has Greek origins – helios means “sun” and trépein means “to turn”. It was named as such as its color looks like that of a sun setting at dusk. The stone itself got its name due to the red spots of iron oxide which look like blood spatters.

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Bloodstone Healing Properties #1 – Prevent Excessive Bleeding

The stone is known to exemplify justice. It is believed to have been formed during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, when his blood dripped on some jasper, another type of quartz gemstone. It is because of this that Christians strongly believe in its magical and spiritual powers. In ancient times, Christians used it to document the crucifixion of martyrs, therefore deeming it as the martyr’s stone. Back then, warriors also carried the stones around as amulets as they believed that it could prevent excessive bleeding or hemorrhages. Babylonians used the stone as a way to predict their futures or make prophecies. Ancient Egyptians called Bloodstone the “Mother Goddess” stone; this was believed to enhance their strength and make them invisible at well, helping them to defeat their adversaries.

Bloodstone can mainly be found in India. There are also deposits in other parts of the world such as Russia, Australia, Brazil, China, the United States and the Czech Republic. Due to the high demand for the stone, there are many counterfeit stones being sold on the market. To identify it, one just has to rub it against porcelain – if it leaves blood red marks, it is genuine Bloodstone. The stone is associated with the zodiac signs of Aries, Libra and Pisces, and is also the birthstone for March.

Bloodstone Healing Properties # 2 – Prevent Anemia and Improves Blood Circulation

As per its name, Bloodstone is believed to provide physical healing regarding blood problems. It helps to prevent anemia, nosebleeds, leukaemia, tumors, and improves blood circulation as well.It may also be used to enhance the body’s immune system and detoxify the blood, liver and kidneys, helping the body to release harmful toxins. It has also been used during birthing or pregnancy as it is believed to improve hormonal balance and prevent miscarriages. When giving birth, Bloodstone can be used to ease the process and allow the baby to come out effortlessly. On a similar note, it can also deter PMS symptoms and other menstrual problems. The stone can be crushed into powder, mixed with egg whites and honey then applied onto the troubled areas. In the past, it was also used in this form to take out the venom from deadly snakebites.

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Bloodstone Healing Properties # 3 – Boost Self-Esteem

Known to be a “stone of courage”, Bloodstone enhances one’s physical strength, boosts self-esteem and self-acceptance and reduces anxiety. It would be useful for those who are currently experiencing stressful and difficult times, such as those who are being bullied or those who have felt abandoned by their loved ones. It supplies emotional support, as well as more determination, which will aid in overcoming such circumstances. Additionally, they provide the wearer the willpower to make the right decisions which would provide long-term benefits, instead of a “shortcut” to their problems. More importantly, it helps to remove emotional and mental blockages which can set you back on your goals. Bloodstone can give you a renewed sense of energy that can overcome grief and other barriers and help pave the way to security, wealth and success.


Bloodstone Healing Properties # 4 – Spiritual Guidance

Many believe that the stone helps to provide spiritual guidance as well. This may be due to their vibration, which helps to develop the intuition. As it originated from the body of Christ, it is believed to ground Christians’ faith and belief by bringing out their true spirituality into their everyday lives. It allows them to become better practitioners of the faith and help spread the love and generosity of Christ. It also provides protection of the soul by increasing intuition, reducing confusion and defending against negative illusions and unwanted entities. One of its powerful uses is to be able to enter spiritual realms between worlds and communicating with one’s ancestors.

Bloodstone Healing Properties # 5 – An Aphrodisiac

Other than warding off evil and other negative entities, it has interesting uses as well. For instance, in ancient Indian societies, Bloodstone was used as an aphrodisiac intended to increase one’s sexual desire and passions. It was believed to symbolise trust and thus help to reduce tendencies to get jealous and possessive. In bed, it stimulated the imagination as well as enhanced patience. If you’re looking to have a good time with your man or your woman, this is the stone for you.

Overall, Bloodstone can either be worn as an amulet or pulverised and applied to affected areas. It can also be made into an elixir to maximise its blood-healing capabilities. It can be used by those going through tough times, by athletes, or by children, to provide a general protective aura around them.

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