Carnelian Stone Crystal Meaning – Carnelian Stone Crystal Healing

By | March 12, 2018

Known as a stone of strength, leadership, and spirit, the Carnelian has been a Crystal that has helped many throughout history. This includes Ancient Warriors that used to wear them around their necks for courage and power, allowing them to conquer their enemies. Egyptian architects wore it to show their rankings, it was a sign of being a successful builder.

Other uses of it includes helping shy speakers project their voice and become bolder. The Carnelian Stone gives people the confidence that they are lacking and help boost their motivation. This Crystal is also believed to be able to prevent illness, providing protection to those who come into contact with it.

The History of the Carnelian Crystal

The history Carnelian Crystal dates back to the 1800 BC, where it was first discovered during the Bronze Age. It’s name is derived from a Latin word which literally means red flesh. Some of the Carnelian Stones are red-flesh colored while some have a vibrant orange tone to it. It has a “glassy” feel to the touch and is often translucent.

The vibrant orange color of the Carnelian Stone brings out positive energy, lingering warmth and joy wherever it goes. Most prefer to wear it during the autumn season, complimenting the season’s color and reflecting its brilliance. These stones have been found in many parts of the world, including Slovakia, Iceland, and Peru, with the majority of them coming from India.

Carnelian Stone Crystal Meaning #1 – Confidence & Courage

A Carnelian Crystal has numerous uses, including its power to radiate positive energy to inspire courage and confidence. Many speakers and presenters wear it to help them calm down before a big speech. Some wear them everyday as it helps them in presenting themselves better. It gives the bearer the ability to talk to new people, reduce stuttering and help them become more engaged in conversations.

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Carnelian Stone Crystal Meaning #2 – Empowerment

The Crystal also brings out warmth and joy, due to its vibrant colors. It enhances concentration and empowers you to regain power and control of your inner thoughts. It grants you stamina and patience, allowing you to have strength and vigor to pursue what you set yourself out to do.

Carnelian Stone Crystal Meaning #3 – Improve Blood Flow

The Carnelian Stone is also known for it’s unlimited life force within. It helps to increase blood flow through our organs, body and tissue thereby increasing our metabolic rate. With increased blood flow, the vitamins, nutrients and minerals can also be more readily absorbed into our organs and tissue. This thus reduces the incidence of any deficiency in our body.

Carnelian Stone Crystal Meaning #4 – Rejuvenate Reproductive Organs

Ancient Egyptians use the Carnelian Crystal to help boost the health of their reproductive organs. Due to it’s ability to improve blood flow in our body, the Ancient Egyptians believe that by placing the Carnelian Crystal on our Sacral Chakra, it can help men and women who are facing fertility issues. For women who frequently face their monthly battles with menstrual cramps, can use the Carnelian Stone to reduce the pain of their cramps. This age old remedy is well kept within the Crystal Healing community.

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Carnelian Stone Crystal Meaning #5 – Overcoming Fear

Wearing a Carnelian Stone around your neck will result in the transference of it’s positive energy to you. It will help you with your creativity, giving you ample solutions to the problems that you may face in life. Overcoming one’s fear can be difficult so having the help of the Carnelian Stone will reduce the stress and anxiety within you.

Carnelian Stone Crystal Meaning #6 – Gratitude

One of the most important aspects of our lives is Love. The Carnelian Stone is able to increase our awareness for our love towards others. It encourages us to express our love towards our loved ones and allow us to appreciate them more.

Carnelian Stone Crystal Combination

Being in the Quartz family, you can combine the Carnelian Crystal with the Smokey Quartz Crystal to create an even stronger flow of energy. The Orange Carnelian goes terrifically well with a Green Calcite. They would be able to work together to produce positive physical energy for you. They can strengthen the organs in the area of our lower body within the Sacral Chakra, in particular, the gallbladder, kidney, and pancreas. If you wanted to enhance your creativity even further, combining the Carnelian Stone with Crystals with a yellow tone, such as an Amber or a Yellow Apatite.