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Crystal Grid – Energy Channeling & Energy Unifying

Crystals are powerful stones that date back up to more than 6000 years ago, used by multiple ancient civilisations such as the Japanese, Romans and Greek to enhance healing and fulfilment. They are long believed to possess metaphysical properties that can help us achieve harmony and peace. Crystals have a repeating chemical structures which are… Read More »

Chakra Breathing Techniques That Will Help Rebalance Your Energy

When our Chakra is out of balance or depleted of it’s energy, you tend to feel lethargic, emotionally unstable and are more susceptible to illnesses. One way to revitalize your body could be through Chakra breathing exercises. These Chakra breathing techniques that you’ll learn are also taught in Yoga practices and meditations. Prana – Vital… Read More »

7 Chakra Meaning – What Are Chakras And How Do They Affect Us

In any person’s body, there are over hundreds of Chakras. However, amongst the hundreds located at various points of a human’s body, there are 7 main Chakras that are the most significant and important. These main Chakras can affect our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional balance at varying degrees. Each of these 7 Chakra is unique. They… Read More »