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Sunstone Crystal Healing – Sunstone Crystal Meaning

The Sunstone Crystal as the name suggests, is a stone that looks like the sun. It has vibrant colors of gold and orange and sometimes even red or brown. The Sunstone has traces of Hematite and Goethite which makes the stone glimmer at various angles as it helps refract light. Most Sunstones are translucent but… Read More »

Chakra Crystal Pendulum – How It Works & Why You Need One!

What Is A Crystal Pendulum? Crystal pendulums are symmetrical, weighted objects that hangs from a fixed point. A pendulum’s main purpose is to help you, answer questions or aids you in decision making. They can also be used for healing purposes; dispelling negativity; enhancing inner growth as well as developing your sixth sense. Pendulum Can… Read More »

African Bloodstone Meaning | Bloodstone Magical Properties

African Bloodstone meaning if often misunderstood by many Crystal enthusiast… Due to it’s similar dark green color like the Green Jasper. Unlike the Green Jasper Crystal, the Bloodstone has magical properties which helps with our health and overall balance of our body. Bloodstone is a type of quartz called chalcedony and it comes in two… Read More »