Celestite Crystal Meaning – Find Spiritual Bliss, Purity & Balance

By | January 29, 2018

Has the phenomenal world of Crystals ever attracted you in some way? Perhaps something about these divine carvings of nature caught your attention, calling out at you to collect all the different types of Crystals?

There is a huge variety of Crystals and Stones, each and everyone of them holding unique properties. Apart from their gorgeous appearances, these gems have astonishing healing power. If you do not know where to begin in this large, but amazing world of crystals, here’s one of the many crystals that will not disappoint.

The Celestite.

Celestite Crystal Meaning # 1 : Spiritual Bliss

Celestite, or Celestine, is a strontium-containing dainty blue mineral. The crystals name, Celestite, comes from the same root as the word “celestial”, which means “pertaining to sky, or visible heaven beyond the earth’s atmosphere”.

Because of this, Celestite is heavily historically associated with the heavens, divinities and angels.

The beautiful colour, comparable to the pastel blue colour of the sky just before dusk, is an innocent shade of blue that will take your breath away. The colours of the stone varies depending on the mines which have unique colourations to their celestite production. This causes some of the stones to also seem white, yellow, golden or red, however blue is almost certainly the highest in rank in terms of spiritual meanings.

The stone is so beautiful to look at with its sweet and harmonious energy, yet it still packs a spiritual punch. Do not be fooled by the stone’s absolute beauty with its sweet and peaceful energy, it still is, surprisingly, spiritually powerful.

Where Can We Find The Celestite Crystal?

Celestite can be found all over the world, but big clusters of it form in Libya, Egypt, Peru, Britain and Poland. It is most frequently found inside geodes, occasionally close to clear quartz or amethyst.

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Celestite Crystal Meaning # 2 : Emotional Healing

Although it may seem like a sweet, gentle Crystal on the outside, Celestite does have a strong electrifying effect on spiritual and psychic gifts.

Celestite has strong intangible properties that compliment the development of the gift of prophecies as well as other psychic abilities. A collection of this mystical stone placed around your area can be excellent in aiding your emotional state, prompting feelings of calmness and uplift.

The stone supports mental clearness as it clears and sharpens the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind.

It is said that this blue stone is capable of summoning your guardian angel, resulting in its frequent use in angel magic nowadays. Once the individual is captivated by the Celestite stone, he/she will feel the mundaneness being taken away, touching on the power of the entire Universe’s love.

Celestite Crystal Meaning # 3: Recollection Of Dreams

Celestite also helps one recall their dreams, as well as the specific details of the dreams. Any information and messages conveyed during the dream state will be remembered with perfect clarity.

Celestite Crystal Meaning # 4 : Facilitates Deep Meditation

To all who practice meditation out there, try incorporating Celestite into your routine. It is a great facilitator for deep meditation states, calming the mind and opening it to opportunities for communication with the higher realms. This can assist you in the acknowledgement that everyone is part of the Divine Plan. You will be able to grasp the concept that everything is the way it is because of a purpose, and everything flows with the waters of life to carry you where you are set out to be.

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Celestite Crystal Meaning # 5 : Physical Healing

Celestite is amazing in its powers to ease physical pain and stress, particularly in countering diseases brought upon oneself from worry. It can be beneficial in the treatment of eye disorders, improving ones hearing range, treating digestive orders and for the removal of toxins from the body that causes pain. Relieving headaches, and overall tension in the body, is also an ability of the Celestite stone.

Celestite Crystal Meaning # 6 : Relaxation & Stress Relief

Due to its abilities for relaxation and stress relief, the Celestite stone is an impeccable crystal to carry for singers, actors or speakers as the energy helps reduce any form of stage fright or nervousness. Anyone who suffers from the fear of crowds or general public speaking may also notice benefits from the stone as it provides courage. The Crystal is also suitable for shy, demure children who are exploring the new, unfamiliar experiences around them.

Celestite Crystal Meaning # 7 : Inner Peace

Celestite also  has an energy that is simultaneously soothing and uplifting, providing you the sense that you are being protected by a loving caretaker.

Spiritually, Celestite gathers harmony and balance, assisting one in finding and maintaining their inner peace. The spiritual awareness one obtains from consistent use of mindful regard of the the stone can improve their self-confidence and bring about a generally more positive attitude.

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Celestite Crystal Meaning # 8 : Accessing The 8th Chakra

Celestite can grant you access to your higher transpersonal Chakras, which in turn opens up the Soul Star Chakra (also know as the eighth Chakra) from the Crown Chakra. This eighth Chakra is the beginning point of the Divine wisdom, and using this area can bring you forward to ascension and enlightenment.

All these higher Chakras play a part in bolstering the development of psychic gifts, such as psychic hearing, strong intuition and spiritualistic ability.

Celestite Crystal Meaning # 9 : Aids Communication

Apart from the 8th Chakra, Celestite also seems most beneficial towards the Throat Chakra, otherwise known as the 5th Chakra. This is so as Celestite is a communication stone, which aids the throat Chakra very nicely since it is a communication centre. Celestite works with centralising and straightening the dimensional energy centres with ethereal domain, encouraging the clearance and perfecting of all Chakras.

Now that we know of the truly empowering benefits of Celestite, you may wonder how on earth do you incorporate this into your lives?

Well simple, just carry the Celestite Crystal with you! You can either wear it as a bracelet or a necklace!

But if wearing jewelry is not your cup of tea, simply put a piece in your pocket and you will still reap the benefits of Celestite. Or alternatively, place a lovely Celestite Crystal Cluster in your home or bedroom, or wherever you spend the most of your time. The benefits of Celestite will still be evident.

However you wish to utilise this heavenly stone, you will sure be captivated by its benefits and capabilities. Buy your Celestite Crystal today!