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By | March 26, 2017

Want to learn how to clean crystals at home…?

Cleansing crystals is the most important step in maintaining your crystals. There are a couple of methods that I personally use to cleanse my crystals, but I would prefer using a singing bowl to cleanse my crystal as I have found this method to be more effective than the rest of the methods which I will be explaining in this blogpost.

Who Am I and What Is My Story?

Hi my name is Jesicca Hegarty and I am a Crystal lover and a energy practitioner. I hold a day job working as an Engineer at a Pharmaceutical plant. But my interest is clearly in alternative healing and I pen down my thoughts, experiences and knowledge that I have gathered on this blog.

Like yourself, I found the need to clean my Crystals when I felt it’s energy changed… You see… I wear a Rose Quartz Crystal bracelet around my hand most of the time, except when I have to enter the “Clean Room”when I am at work.

Working in a Pharmaceutical plant is no easy work, we have to put on our coveralls and face mask to make sure that don’t contaminate drugs that the company produces. And wearing any form of jewelry or watches within the “Clean Room” itself is not allowed. So whenever I have to enter the “Clean Room” I would need to take off my Rose Quartz bracelet and leave it on my desk.

Crystals Absorbs Energy From Their Surrounding Environment

So there was once, when I was back from my “Clean Room” duty, I saw that my colleague was trying on my Rose Quartz bracelet. I immediately knew that I have to cleanse the bracelet. This colleague of mine is always unhappy and negative about work… I’m sure you know… cause we always have someone who is like that at work.

After wearing my bracelet back on, I could almost sense the fiery and negative energy from the Crystal. As Crystal practitioners, we know that when someone else touches your Crystal, their energy gets transferred over to your Crystals.

Morale of the Story: Never Leave Your Crystals Unattended.

The Rose Quartz just didn’t feel like before, where it grants me with patience and soothing energy. I felt very impatient and just not in the right frame of mind…

So it is definitely important to cleanse your Crystal every 2 weeks to ensure that it doesn’t absorb and hold the negative energy from it’s surrounding environment…

In this blog post, I will share what I do and how to clean Crystals at home both energetically and physically…

Here Are Some Methods On How To Clean Crystals At Home (Energetically):

  1. Using Water to cleanse a Crystal.
  2. Using Salt-water to cleanse a Crystal.
  3. Smudge a Crystal with an Incense Stick.
  4. Cleansing Crystals with Sound via Singing Bowl.
  5. Using your own Breath for Crystal cleansing.

How To Clean Crystals At Home

Cleansing Crystals With Water

Crystals and Gemstones absorbs energy (both positive and negative energy) from their surroundings (be it from the environment, people and even animals).

So when you have just purchased a Crystal, it would be ideal to cleanse your Crystal first before using it. As it may contain the energetic imprint of anyone who have handled your crystal before.

Or… if someone has touched your Crystal before, it’ll definitely be a good idea to cleanse of their energy imprint on your Crystals…

Once you have cleansed your Crystal, your Crystal will be working at its highest level of vibration for its intended purpose. Be it having your Crystals worn as a jewelry or placed at home or the office, you’ll need to cleanse your Crystals at least once a week (at best effort basis) for it’s healing abilities to be effective.

However, if you are using your Crystals for healing purposes (be it physical or spiritual healing), your Crystals would need to be cleanses after every session or daily, for your Gemstone to work effectively.

You may ask, why is this so…?

Well, the reason is simple… your Crystal will absorb the negative vibration of the illness or emotional upset during the healing process. So cleansing your Crystal is a must, if not… your next healing session might not be as effective.

Cleansing Crystals With Water is the easiest technique out of all the Crystal Cleansing technique… but it is definitely not suitable for water soluble Crystals…

Type of Water: Spring Water, preferably containing some level of minerals in the water.

Qualities of the Cleanser: Spring water is a ritual purifier that naturally removes negativity and negative energies.

Crystals Which Are Not Suitable: Crystals and Gemstones which are either water-soluble or are crystals with physical properties being affected by water should avoid this methods of cleansing. Eg. Selenite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Turquoise, etc.

Step By Step for Cleansing Crystals With Water

Ideally, you should cleanse your Crystals with the purest spring water. You can purchase your bottled spring water or perhaps wash your Crystal under a waterfall. The main idea is to bring your Crystal as close to nature as possible. But if you’re like me and you want some convenience… just get some bottled spring water.

It is best to leave your Crystals in a bowl of Spring Water for at least 24 hours…

Without knowing the history of the Crystal, it is best to soak it in a bowl of Spring water for at least 24 hours. This would fully remove any trace of negative energy trapped within the Crystals. If you are in a hurry or feel uncomfortable soaking your Crystal overnight, hold your Crystal with both hands and place it under running stream water (or under running water at your kitchen sink if stream/river water is not available) for a few minutes.

As the running water flow past your Crystal, holding your Crystals allow your intentions to remove negativity or negative energy from your stone, bringing it back into its natural neural state.

Next, dry your Crystal thoroughly with a towel and you’re good to go…

Cleansing Crystals with Himalayan Salt

There are many opposing views when it comes to cleansing Crystals with salt-water. Some Crystal healers feel that this traditional technique of cleansing with salt-water is too harsh of a technique for the Crystals and do not recommend it.

While other Crystal healers who adopt a more scientific approach would highly recommend this technique as the idea is pretty much like charging a battery.

When a Crystal is being introduced into salt-water, ions from the salt-water provides electric charges to the Crystal. This effectively cleanse and recharge the Crystal’s natural energy.

Type of Water: Spring water with a pinch of  Himalayan salt.

Qualities of the Cleanser: Spring water is a ritual purifier that naturally removes negativity and negative energies, while salt is an ancient purifying ingredient with natural antiseptic properties.

Crystals that must avoid this method of cleansing: Crystals and Gemstones which are either water-soluble (Selenite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Turquoise, etc.) or are crystals with physical properties being affected by salt-water (Calcite, Carnelian, Labradorite, Opal, etc.) should avoid this methods of cleansing.

Step By Step for Cleansing Crystals With Salt Water

Salt treatment has been used for thousands of years as a natural purifier and for physical healing during sacred cleansing ceremonies. If you would like to try this method of cleansing, sprinkle a pinch of sea-salt into a bowl of spring water.

Swirl the bowl of water with a spoon until the salt is completely dissolved. This is important as undissolved salt granules may scratch a soft Crystal. With both hands, lower your Crystal into the bowl of salt-water with the intention to remove all negative energies from the Crystal.

Leave the Crystal in the bowl of salt-water for an hour before rinsing the Crystal with spring water and subsequently drying it with a towel. If you feel that this methods of cleansing does not work well with your Crystals, choose another methods which I teach in this blog post… 🙂

Cleansing Crystals With Sage Through Smudging

How To Clean Crystals At Home 1

Smudging is a traditional technique used by ancient Native American to clear spaces of unpleasant sensation, negative omens and negative energies. Smudge sticks are made from dried herbs which are being rolled together and when lit, it produces a strong cleansing smoke.

Sage herb is a powerful purifier and its smoke can effectively cleanse your Crystals by removing all negative energy which has been absorbed by the Crystal.

Different incense have different type of meanings but in general, as Energy Healers, we prefer to use Sage. The reason is because it is suitable for all Crystal types and it cleanses our Crystal really well…

Where can I buy some smudge sticks…?.

Type of Smudge Stick: Preferably using a Sage incense smudge stick. To decide which other incense to use, you can read the next section under “Types of Incenseand Their Meaning”.

Crystals that must avoid this method of cleansing: Nil. Safe for majority of the crystals.

Types of Incense and Their Meanings

Sage Incense

The Sage incense is the most common form of incense for Crystal cleansing and space clearing. It is used for protection against any form of negative Energy. As a ritual tool, it can help with promoting wisdom, clarity and attracting wealth and happiness towards you. The Sage incense is suitable for all kinds of Crystals.

Frankincense Incense

Similar to Sage, the Frankincense incense also helps to dispel negativity purifying Crystals. It can also be used to induce psychic vision and empower you with courage to move on with the next phase of life. The Frankincense Incense is suitable for Crystals which are Blue or Purple in color.

Cedar Incense

Apart for Crystal purification, it Cedar incense is commonly use to strengthen psychic abilities and imbue healing abilities to attract love and relationships for the bearer of the Crystal. This incense is suitable for Crystals which are Purple and Pink in color.

Palo Santo Wood Incense

The Palo Sato Wood Incense is also known as the “Holy Wood” incense. It is a natural aromatic incense which was initially used by the indigenous people of South America. It is used remedy to cleanse off evil spirits and misfortunes as well as used for personal growth. This incense is suitable for Crystals which are Red and Orange in color.

Moldavite Incense

The last incense that I will be covering is the Moldavite Incense. It is an incense used for personal healing and attracting abundance. Moldavite Incense puts you in a dreamy state and helps your manifest positive changes in your life. It is suitable for Crystals which are either Green and Yellow in color.

Step By Step for Cleansing Crystals With Sage

To cleanse your Crystals, place them in a bowl and light your smudge stick. Blow out the flames then waft the smoke from the smudge stick over your crystals.

As the smoke engulf your Crystals, it’ll remove all negativity and bring your crystals back to its original vibrational state. This method of cleansing also cleanses you and the surrounding room.

Cleansing Crystals with Sound via A Singing Bowl

How To Clean Crystals At Home 3

Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. There are two variations of it, which can either be made of Crystal or Metal.

The metal Singing Bowl is made using seven different type of metals. On the other hand, the Crystal singing bowl is made from the dust of quartz crystals.

Both variant are now commonly used by Therapists to raise energy levels. They are effective cleansers which can remove negative energy from the Crystal through the humming sound that they make when the mallet is struck and circled around the rim of the Singing Bowl.

Where can I buy a Singing Bowl…?

Type of Singing Bowl: Metal Nepalese, Tibetan or Crystal Singing Bowl.

Qualities of the Cleanser: Sound vibrations created by the Singing Bowl can dispel any negative energy absorbed by the Crystal.

Crystals that must avoid this method of cleansing: Pointed Crystals should avoid this method of cleansing. During this cleansing process, the Crystals may chip when they move around the bowl.

Step By Step for Cleansing Crystals With A Singing Bowl

Place your Crystals into your Singing Bowl, and strike the mallet on the Singing bowl. Strike the bowl at the 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock (in this sequence) position.

Subsequently, circle your mallet around the rim of your Singing Bowl until it produces a humming sound. As you move your mallet in faster circles, negative energy from the Crystals whirls out of the Crystal while positive energy gets pulled into the Crystal.

Once you feel that your Crystals are fully charged, slowly stop playing your Singing bowl and remove your Crystals from the bowl.

Cleansing Crystals With Your Own Breath

This method of cleansing your crystals by breath can only be a quick fix. It is not as effective as the rest of the methods which are being taught in this blog post. Cleansing crystals with your own breath is only ideal when you are away from home.

How To: Using your own breath

Qualities of the Cleanser: This method requires you to send your on intentions with your breath. This will help remove any negative energy trapped within your crystals.

Step By Step for Cleansing Crystals With Your Own Breath

This method of cleansing requires you to first take a few deep breaths to clear your mind. Pick up your crystals with both hands and focus on removing any negative energy present in your crystal. Whispering it under your breath “With all my might and determination, I’ll cleanse this crystal with one strong breath”. Breathe in deeply and exhale forcefully over it. Now visualise all the negative energy flowing out of your crystal. As it flows down onto the ground, it get absorbed by Mother Nature.

How To Clean Crystals At Home (Physically)

Well… I completely understand how you feel here. And lets be honest with ourselves, Crystals are dust magnets.. Especially for those Crystals which we leave around our house or office.

What about those that we wear on a regular basis or that those that we pick up during our meditation practice? Yup…definitely covered in all our fingerprints. Thus making them lose their shine and sparkles. So in this section, I will be sharing with your some tips to clean your Crystals in a safe and respectful way!

Cleaning Off Finger Prints

Personally the best way to clean off any fingerprints off your Crystal is to use a high quality microfibre bloth. You know… those kind of cloths that come with the glasses or camera that you buy? Yeah… that one.

Alternatively, you can also use those special cloths that are designed to clean your windows or mirrors. But remember to make sure those kind of cloth don’t have any added chemical present in them. Any added chemical may actually do more harm to your Crystal than what you think! So always better be safe!

Cleaning Very Brittle Crystal Clusters

When you’re cleaning Crystal Clusters, you’ll need to be extremely careful! In my experience handling them, they are known to be very fragile and brittle. If your Crystal is big enough, you can consider using a vacuum cleaner to vacuum out any dust on the Crystal. Or alternatively you can use a feather duster to gently brush the surface. Remember to make sure you don’t knock your Crystal with the pole in the middle section of the feather duster!

Charging Crystals Supermoon

How To Clean Crystals At Home 4

Although not an essential process for your Crystals, but you can recharge your Crystals first when you first purchase them.

But first let me dispel the myth that you can only “charge your Crystal under a Supermoon”… That is definitely not true because I have charged my Crystals under any moonlight and it works perfectly fine!

So how does charging a Crystal works…? Or… Why is it even necessary?

Well, this is to allow our Crystals to reset its basal energetic levels thus allowing them to work optimally in the near future future. The natural energy from the moon can help boost the Crystal’s own vibration. This would allow them to work at their highest level of efficiency.

Direction: Place under direct moonlight.

Qualities of the Cleanser: Both the sunlight and moonlight are natural energizers for crystals.

Caution:  A point to note is that never charge your Crystals under direct sunlight. Placing your Crystals under direct sunlight and moonlight is completely different. If you place your Crystals under direct sunlight, you will cause discolorations in your Crystals due to the UV light and may even cause your Crystals to crack due to the heat.

Step By Step for Charging Crystals Supermoon

To recharge your Crystals fully, they need to be left under moonlight for approximately 10 hours. For maximum efficiency, place your crystals outside in the open under direct moonlight.

Leave them out at night and retrieving them in the morning. For it to work best under moonlight, try to pick a date when there is full moon (although not necessary). This method is most suitable for all kind of stones, Crystals and Gemstones.


So there you have it… these are the tips and tricks on how to clean Crystals at home… By now, you should have learnt how to clean your Crystal both energetically and physically. Which ever method or techniques that you use, please be extra careful with your lovely Crystals! The last thing you want is to damage them! </3

Personally, I like to use a Singing Bowl to cleanse my Crystals… It is a non-invasive method and doesn’t not make my house smell like incense all the time. But of course, I still do use incense for Crystal cleansing, but I do it only on special occasion. Perhaps maybe only when I am going to use the incense for meditation or space clearing…

You can use any type of Singing Bowl, the tone and the pitch of the bowl doesn’t matter… most important is the intention that you are having for your Crystal. It may take a bit of practice to create that “humming” sound from a Singing Bowl, but just like a baby learning how to walk, you’ll get it in no time.

So let me know what you think…? What are your experiences with Singing Bowl…? Would definitely love to hear from you!