Connecting With Your Crystal & How To Use Them

By | January 3, 2018

Now you have found a Crystal that resonates with you, whats next?

Even though we already know that Crystals can help to improve our quality of life and that it brings us better opportunities in life, it is important to know how it works.

To be able to utilize your Crystal fully and making sure that it is working in your favor. You’ll first need to cleanse your Crystal to remove the bad energies that it has stored. Once that is done, you’ll need to learn how to connect with your Crystal.

Creating That Crystal Connection

Connecting with your Crystal allows you to be more in tune with its energy. It connects and aligns you with the celestial energies of the Crystal. When you have experimented enough, you’ll start to realize that the more connected you are with your Crystals, the more effectively the Crystal will work for you.

Connecting With Your Crystal # 1 – Heart Beat Synchronicity

Connecting with your crystal through sharing of a heart beat is one way of “getting in tuned” with your Crystal. As different Crystals are atomically different, each with its own unique energy, this thus results in emitting different frequencies of physical vibrations.

This makes it important for you to listen and spend some time with your Crystals to familiarized yourself with the subtle differences in their vibrations. This vibration is also sometimes known as the Crystal’s pulse or more commonly referred to as it’s heart beat.

connecting with crystal

Place The Crystal Close To Your Heart

The first step to stay in tuned with your Crystal’s pulse is to place the Crystal close to your own heart. Depending on the size of your Crystal, you may find yourself holding it close to your chest or even having your arms wrapped around the entirety of it.

After which, take your time to sync your heart beat with the pulse of the Crystal. Some may get in tuned faster than others. But speed is not the key in an effective connection, but rather the how familiar you are with your Crystal’s pulse and vice versa; how familiar is the crystal with your heart beat.

Only when you and your Crystal share a singular pulse rate, only then your energies are in sync with each other. Creating a harmonious and inseparable bond between you and your Crystal.

Once that bond is created, you will notice a heighten sense of well being and a much more relaxed state of mind. However, never ever feel pressured to rush into familiarizing with your Crystal. You need to learn to be patient and enjoy the process as it comes!

Connecting With Your Crystal # 2 – Creating An Electro-Magnetic Pathway

Connecting With Your Crystal

Another method to connecting with your Crystal involves creating an energetic pathway to allow flow of energy through both your body and the Crystal. In order to do so, we need to create something called an Electro-Magnetic Circuit.

This Electro-Magnetic Circuit allows energy to travel in a close-ended loop, allowing the energy to flow from your body through the Crystal and back to your body. This helps to create synchronicity and establishes trust with your Crystal.

To create an Electro-Magnetic circuit with your Crystal, you’ll need to first hold your Crystal with both hands; one hand on each end of the Crystal. This creates an energy loop which forms a continuous energy pathway between you and the Crystal.

If you have a single pointed end Crystal, be sure to face the pointed end towards your non-dominant hand.

Generate energy by keeping your mind focused on creating an impulse which runs from your dominant hand, to the other hand, through your body and back to your dominant hand.

Many get stuck trying to feel and receive the energy coming from the dominant hand through their Crystal. When your focus is on receiving energy, you end up disrupting the flow of energy. My suggestion is to keep your focus on pushing the energy through your Crystal via your dominant hand.

Once you start to feel the tingling sensation (some people actually feels the pulse of energy) on your non-dominant hand, that means the energy is already travelling through you and the Crystal.

This completes the circuit and hence, puts you in tune with your crystal. Do note that this can be done with Crystals of all shapes and sizes and that there is no hard and fast rule on the positioning of the Crystal points. As a rule of the thumb, face the pointed end of the Crystal towards the non-dominant hand.

As with all learning, everything takes time. If you don’t feel the energy just yet, don’t feel disappointed and pressured. You can’t rush creating a connection with your Crystal. Take your time to master the circular flow of energy throughout the Electro-Magnetic circuit.

Once you have understood the concept of being aligned and connected with your Crystal, you can then begin to tap into it’s positive energies and take your healing to the next level.

We are often plagued with daily problems such as stress (both emotionally and financially), health issues and strained relationships. It is only natural that we feel down and negative during our darkest hours. There will be times where we want to be left alone and perhaps hide in our own shell.

This is when Crystal Healing can help.

Crystals help to alleviate our negative thoughts and restore that feeling of bliss and overall well-being. It has helped many to find love, regain their health and even get them ahead in their careers.

Crystals emits vibrational frequencies which thus act as a reference point for our bodies. When we bring our body close to their vibrational frequency field, the “off-balance” frequency of our body starts to align with the Crystal bringing it back to it’s natural state.

In Crystal Healing, we are essentially allowing our body to heal with the help of the natural world using ancient healing techniques.

So now that you have learnt how connecting with your Crystals works, its like to learn how you can tap on your Crystal’s positive energy.

Connecting With Your Crystal # 3 – Crystal Gazing

A particular exercise I often practice is Crystal Gazing. This technique allow you to connect with your Crystals while allowing you to tap onto it’s positive energy. When done long enough, Crystals sometimes allow you to see flashes of vision which would occur in your future. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, these vision that you develop are very vivid – Something like Déjà vu.

crystal gazing

How Do We Practice Crystal Gazing?

My number one tip to practicing Crystal Gazing would be first to relax your eyes and mind before starting. Once you’re ready, stare intently into the Crystal. Shift your focus back and forth until it feels comfortable rest.

While still staring into the Crystal, you should notice a shimmering white light or what some people call Sparkles. The Sparkles Effect is observed when the energy of the Crystal can be seen visually from the naked eye. This is the spot where you should focus your eyes on, so that you can tap on its energy.

Immersing yourself into it, stay clam and let the Crystal energy flow through you. Let your wild thoughts fall behind. Slow down till you find a sense of clarity in your mind.

When your mind drifts while gazing at the Crystal, seek answers from the Crystal. Seek it’s help to radiate your troubles away. Feel it’s positive energy and let the energy seep into your body.

If you have problems or troubles in your life, be fully aware of it. Now that you are able to confront the problem with such clarity, visualize a moment in your life where that problem no longer exist.

Make sure your visualization is detailed and clear. Because only when you are aware of what your desired outcome, then you are able to heal.

With your new found clarity, your thoughts and intentions will be fully understood by your Crystal. This creates an emotional connection between you and your Crystal. It will then be able to bring you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Treat your Crystal with respect, and you’ll be able to find more opportunities in life.