Crystal Grid – Energy Channeling & Energy Unifying

By | December 10, 2017

Crystals are powerful stones that date back up to more than 6000 years ago, used by multiple ancient civilisations such as the Japanese, Romans and Greek to enhance healing and fulfilment. They are long believed to possess metaphysical properties that can help us achieve harmony and peace. Crystals have a repeating chemical structures which are said to give them a type of memory, allowing them to absorb and carry energies. Your connection with a crystal can be instant, holding the crystal; it is able to remember your love, and then transfer it to any environment it is place in. The process works the other way round as well, positive energy possessed by the crystals can influence you to feel the positive energy flow through your body.

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Crystal Grid Vs. Individual Crystal

What is the difference between crystal grids and individual crystals? Crystal grids are able to unify the energies given out by the healing stones and therefore create a more powerful impact and are able to manifest results much faster. The geometric relationship a crystal grid possesses works together to convert positive energy to our area of need. Our ancestors has been creating grids since the start of time, it is convenient, powerful and brings positivity into our lives.

For wealth and prosperity, orange & yellow crystals should be chosen. What about fame and social life? Use red. Relationships are linked to earth/pink toned crystals while health and family are green. For career, choose crystals of a dark blue tone whereas for wisdom, blue-green crystals are the best choice. If you like to learn more, do read up my article on Crystals and Their Meanings. This should give you a better understanding on how to identify a crystal’s healing ability based on their physical characteristic.

Adam The Crystal Grid Maker

What is a better way to learn how to make a Crystal Grid than to be taught by the Crystal Grid Maker himself? If you’re new to Crystal Healing, you probably haven’t heard about Adam. At a young age of 7 years old, he has a very unique gift. He could sense Crystal energies without being taught. In the video above, you can see him explain the details of his grid, the rationale behind how he made the Grid and how a Crystal Grid is suppose to work.

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Starter Pack To Build A Crystal Grid

To make a Crysal Grid, there are a few things that you’ll need:

  1. Crystal Grid Template

    Of course, the most ideal Crystal Grid is the one that is built based on your own intuition. But if you’re just starting out and would like to be hand held, I have prepared one for your. Click HERE to download your free Crystal Grid Template now.

    2. Lead Crystal

    As for your Lead Crystal, you’ll have to choose the Crystal based on your healing intent. Ideally, these Lead Crystals should be larger than the rest of the connecting Crystals. As they are the ones which lead the other Crystals, to bring alignment of your intent with the universe. As a guide, you can choose these Crystals as Lead Crystals based on your healing intent.

  • Protection: Black Tourmaline
  • Relationship: Rose Quartz
  • Prosperity & Abundance: Citrine
  • Physical Well-Being: Emerald
  • Emotional Well-Being: Amethyst Geode

    3. Connecting Crystals – The Energy Links

    Personally, for the connecting Crystals, I use skinny Lemurian Crystals or Clear Quartz. I feel that clear Crystals tends to make the intent of the Lead Crystals clearer, thus making the Grid more effective and powerful. If you are using my beginner’s Crystal Grid Template, you’ll only need 6 of the connecting Crystals, that should set you back approximately $6-$9.

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9 Steps To Creating Your Own Crystal Grid

Step 1: Determine Your Intention

Before setting up your grid, you have to know what area you want support in. Any goals, intentions or desire that you want the grid to help you achieve. It is important that you have a focus, so that your needs and feelings are amplified. When disrupted, your emotions or fear can alter the desired outcome so determining your intention is the very first step.

Step 2: Select A Size

A small grid can be just as powerful as a larger one; the stones are able to expand their positive energy by having a focal point. However, a big grid may be selected to feel more of its vibrations

Step 3: Decide Your Location

Choosing a place of convenience for your Crystals is important; we want a place where others will not move or touch our Grids. This is our own personal meditation space and any disruption to it will alter our desire outcome and intention.

When others move our crystals from our Crystal Grid, the vibrational energy links between the Crystals may be misaligned or disrupted. This greatly reduces the power of the Crystal Grids. Or worse still, negative energies from others may be transferred to our Crystals, which in turns back fires our original intentions.

Step 4: Space Clearing

Purifying the our work space is a very important step. We want to ensure we remove all negative energy lingering in that area before building any Crystal Grids. Space clearing is easy and it can be done via smoking of Sage incense (or any other kind of incense) or via sound clearing with a Singing Bowl.

Step 5: Creating Your Unique Ambiance

The type of ambiance that you choose to create will help you find the peace and serenity that you desire. Adding candles, music and incense are all simple ways that will help create the right mood.

Step 6: Choose Your Lead Crystal

There are many different types of crystals you can choose from, based on your current situation and needs. The lead Crystal is the main Crystal of your Grid. For example, Citrine Crystals are often used if you are looking to bring abundance and prosperity into your lives. It helps you with your financial problems and brings new opportunities to you. Whereas if you are looking for a cure for love and healthy relationships, the Rose Quartz is for you. For women who seek to improve their fertility and to balance out their hormones and monthly cycles, the Moonstone Crystal is for you.

Hence, it is important for you to choose the right Lead Crystal. The one you so desire, the one where you would like to channel and amplify it’s natural healing ability.

Step 7: Crystal Placement

Follow your gut instinct and guidance to determine where you want your Crystals to be placed. Some Crystals will be placed pointing inwards to receive energy. Whereas some will be placed in the same direction to heighten their energetic flow. There isn’t a right or wrong way in this building process. So long as you do it based on your own intuition and “how right” it feels to you, the Grid will work to your advantage and help to achieve your intentions.

Step 8: Meditating & Activating Crystal Grid

Sit beside your Crystal Grid, be very silent and feel the subtle vibrational energies from your Grid. Visualize the energy links that the crystals are emitting. As the master of the Grid, channel the energy from the other Crystals towards your Lead Crystal. Visualize that accumulated energy from the other Crystals charges up your Lead Crystals while amplifying it’s own energy. Now imagine that the energy from the Lead Crystal is so strong that it’s energy is being transmitted up into the air. Like a bright light shining out perpendicularly of your Lead Crystal.

Focus on the energy emitted by the Lead Crystal. Make sure it does not get too over-powering. Attempt to tame the energy if it gets too strong. Take deep breaths while trying to control the energy. You’ll feel a sense of renewed confidence, when you are doing it right. That is when you’ll know that your intentions and the universe is in alignment.

Step 9: Listen To Your Heart

Last but not least, listen. Listen to your surroundings, listen to your internal mind and listen to any feeling that comes to you. With a quiet mind, the ideas and visions that appear before you will be there with much clarity. Feel the energy of the universe become one with you, feel empowered and complete. Show gratitude and be very grateful, regardless of your current circumstances.

How To Use The Crystal Grid Template

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After you have downloaded the Crystal Grid Template, place the Crystals on their respective area and follow the 9 steps stated above. You’ll be able to feel the amplified energy in no time! 🙂