12 Crystal Healing Stone That You Need To Know

By | March 27, 2017

Crystal Healing Stone have been used for healing since the ancient Egyptian times. While they are not intended as a substitution for conventional medicines, crystals can be used for self-healing and to boost the positive effect of conventional medicine and treatments.

It is common that crystal healers would normally have twelve sets of crystals. These crystals are categorised by their colours and are used for different type of healing purposes due to their difference in healing abilities.

Before using any crystal for healing, always ask that the healing arch-Angels, Raphael, Ariel, Zadkiel and Gabriel to send their blessings through the crystals. After the healing session, cleanse the crystal by washing them under running water. Alternatively, you can consider spiralling the smoke of a floral or tree incense stick over them. Remember to thank the Angels.

crystal healing stones

I have complied a list of the twelve different coloured crystal groups and their natural healing abilities below:

Crystal Healing Stone #1 : Sparkling White

Healing Ability: Overall General Health; Integration of Mind, Body and Soul; Acute Pain Relief; Cleansing mind of ill thoughts and negativity.

Gemstones and Crystals: Aragonite, Clear Crystal Quartz, Opal Aura, White Sapphire, White Topaz and Zircon.

Crystal Healing Stone #2 : Cloudy White

Healing Ability: Hormonal Disorders, Breast or Womb Problems, Fertility, Depression and Exhaustion.

Gemstones and Crystals: Calcite, Howlite, Milky Opal, Pearl, Selenite and Snow Quartz.

Crystal Healing Stone #3 : Red

Healing Ability: Helps to stimulate the entire “Qi” or energy in the body’s system; Raise Low Blood Pressure; Improve Blood Circulation; Helps to improve fertility and reduce impotency.

Gemstones and Crystals: Blood Agate, Bloodstone, Fire Opal, Garnet, Jasper, Red Tiger’s Eye and Ruby.

Crystal Healing Stone #4 : Orange

Healing Ability: Small Intestine; Spleen; Gallbladder; Kidneys; Menstruation and Menopause; Arthritis and Rheumatism; Food-Disorder Behaviour.

Gemstones and Crystals: Amber, Beryl, Carnelian, Celestine, Moonkaite and Sunstone.

Crystal Healing Stone #5 : Yellow

Healing Ability: Stomach and Liver Related Issues; Food Allergies; Digestion Issues; Blood Sugar; Memory and Concentration; Smoking; Jaundice; Eczema and Skin Allergies.

Gemstones and Crystals: Honey Calcite, Chrysoberyl, Citrine, Lemon Chryoprase, Rutilated Quartz and Topaz.

Crystal Healing Stone #6 : Green

Healing Ability: Heart; Lungs; Respiratory System; Bronchitis; Pneumonia; Fever and Asthma.

Gemstones and Crystals: Amazonite, Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Fluorite, Jade and Moss Agate.

Crystal Healing Stone #7 : Blue

Healing Ability: Thyroid Gland, Inflammation of the Skin; Childhood Rashes; Bruises and Burns; Communication Difficulties and Speech Disorders.

Gemstones and Crystals: Angelite, Aqua Aura, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Quartz, Cobalt Aura, Iolite, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire.

Crystal Healing Stone #8 : Purple

Healing Ability: Headaches and Migraines; Sinusitis; Hyperactivity (ADHD); Psychological disorder.

Gemstones and Crystals: Amethyst, Ametrine, Charoite Lepidolite, Sodalite and Sugilite.

Crystal Healing Stone #9 : Pink

Healing Ability: Stress-Induced Illnesses; Female Hormonal Issues; Sleep Disorders and Nightmares.

Gemstones and Crystals: Coral, Kunzite, Mangano, Rose Quartz and Tourmaline.

Crystal Healing Stone #10 : Brown

Healing Ability: Lower Limbs (Feet and Leg); Bowel; Large Intestine; Degenerative Diseases such as Dementia.

Gemstones and Crystals: Desert Rose, Petrified Wood, Fossils, Leopardskin Jasper, Smoky Quartz and Tiger’s Eye.

Crystal Healing Stone #11 : Gray

Healing Ability: Wounds and Burns; Anxiety; Persistent Pain.

Gemstones and Crystals: Apache Tear (Transparent Obsidian), Labradorite, Meteorite and Silvery Hematite.

Crystal Healing Stone #12 : Black

Healing Ability: Constipation; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Depression.

Gemstones and Crystals: Black Coral, Clack Opal, Black Pearl, Obsidian, Onyx, Tektite and Snowflake Onyx.

So there you have it, the only twelve sets of crystal healing stones that you’ll need to know. If you have not tried crystal healing before, it is an excellent guide for you to explore the wonders of crystal healing. Choose what seems like the most suitable crystal for the healing needed. Alternatively, you could allow your hand to guide you over the twelve sets of crystal collections to select the right crystal as crystal healing is all about feeling, no hard and fast rules. The crystal chosen could be different from what you would have chosen logically as there could be some underlying factors that is not known to you yet.

Take for example, if you have had migraine, which would normally be healed using a purple crystal, yet a yellow crystal is being chosen without looking. This could mean that the source of the headaches could be a food allergy.

How Does The Crystal Healing Process Work?

In a sitting position, pick up the chosen crystal and hold it in your open upped hands and close your eyes. As you hold the gemstone, imagine the crystal absorbing your pain, fear or sickness. Take deep breath during this self healing process and feel the stone getting heavier as it absorbs your discomfort. Once you feel that it is too heavy or that the gemstone is already full, open your eyes. With both hands, place it in a charm bag. To cleanse the crystal and prepare it for the next healing session, wash the crystal under running water or if it is a water-soluble crystal, smoke floral or tree incense in a counterclockwise fashion over it and place it under moonlight or sunlight (non-direct). You may need to do this multiple times if a condition is ongoing.

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