Crystal Meditation – Crystal Healing for Stress Relief

By | August 13, 2017

The thing about stress is that it is a double edged sword. It plays the “Good Guy” when it motivates us and pushes us to do better. But what happens when we experience too much stress? That’s a whole different story. I am sure we all know that stress is inevitable in this fast-paced 21st century. But does that mean that nothing can be done? Probably not. There are many ways in which we can alleviate our stress – But for today’s focus, its CRYSTAL MEDITATION.


“We Are Constantly Suppressing Our Symptoms Of Stress.”

The way we suppress stress is that we normalize our symptoms of stress – anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, headaches and many more. We brush these physical issues and mental burdens aside, considering them as merely passing and temporary. Despite the help of science and technological advancement, many turn to the ancient art of crystal meditation. Why is it so? Well because it is simple, natural and most importantly it can be practiced anywhere.

Crystal Meditation (Which is a form of crystal healing) has had its significant place in history in various ranges of diverse cultures. From the Native American Hopi tribes to the ancient Chinese dynasties. Crystal Meditation have been known to soothe the mind, body and spirit, breaking the cyclical handcuffs of stress and its destructive effects. Crystals aid in tackling the root of the problem. They are effective natural remedies that helps to surround the bearer with positive healing energy.

How To Perform Crystal Meditation ?

Performing Crystals Healing or Crystal Meditation can be a fairly intuitive one. Well you see, different parts of our body naturally have different energy centers – What most Yogi or energy worker call Chakra. As a general guideline on performing any Crystal Meditation, begin by placing Clear Quartz Crystals around your body –  Creating an Energy Grid. By surrounding yourself with healing energy emitted by Clear Quartz crystals, it will help to cleanse your Chakra, removing any negative aura. Of course, you may use other kind of crystals. But personally, I prefer Clear Crystal Quartz because it has worked well for both my clients and myself.

You are not required to use the big chunks of Clear Quartz. But in fact, getting the small ones, which are cheap and readily available is good enough. I got mine from Exquisite Crystals, which are value for the quality they give. You may want to check out my Crystal Buyers Guide and why I always get my crystals get my crystal from them.

Crystal Shards Vs. Big Chunks

So if you are using the small Clear Crystal Shards, circle them around you during your Crystal Meditation practice. But if you are using the bigger pieces of Clear Crystal Quartz, I suggest only using 5 pieces and arrange them in a pentagonal fashion around you. Do not that the pointed end should be directed towards you. The reason why most Crystal Meditation practioners normally use 5 crystals is because it is believe that the number 5 represents abundance in a Chinese dialect.

Next, you’ll need to determine which lead Crystal you’ll need to use and which Chakra to work on. For stresses relating to:

  1. Mental Stress: For the mental stresses, we would need to work on our Third Eye Chakra. Simply hold a Turquoise Crystal near the Third Eye Chakra and close your eyes while you meditate.
  2. Emotional Stress: To combat Emotional stresses, place a Rose Quartz near your Heart Chakra (Located near the center of your Chest)
  3. Work Related or Financial Stress: To reduce work related or financial stress, place a Chrysanthmum Stone on your Root Chakra (Located at your lower abdomen).

So What Is It That Makes These Crystals So Special….

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is a crystal with beautiful shades of pink. It is used to alleviate emotional stresses and re-ignite deteriorating relationships. Disharmony at your Heart Chakra destabilizes your mood and emotional being.  This pink crystal is most appropriate for those struggling to maintain their relationships with your friends, family and love ones. The Rose Quartz symbolizes everlasting love and harmony. A perfect answer to your emotional dilemma. It encourages the bearer to expand their hearts, allowing them to embrace and share their love with others. Another key aspect for strong friendships and relationships is forgiveness. The Rose Quartz helps the bearer to forgive others as well as themselves. If you’re seeking love, harmony and peace, look no further. The Rose Quartz is the crystal for you.


amazonite crystalIf you are suffer from anxiety, consider using the Amazonite Crystal. This particular crystal has an exceptional periwinkle hue that is soothing and calming. It represents communication and clarity, the two areas in which will calm your nerves when you’re feeling overwhelmed. The Amazonite Crystal has a great affinity with the Third Eye Chakra, which alleviates anger while intensifying tranquility. If you need help with expressing your true self and to free yourself from the judgment of other people, this crystal can help you speak your mind and overcome your fear of being in the spotlight. Public speaking and peer judgment? Those obstacles can be nothing to you with the help of this crystal.

Chrysanthemum Stone

chrysanthemum stoneThe Chrysanthemum Stone is one crystal with great historical significance. The Chrysanthemum Stone, also known as “Flower Stone” symbolizes happiness and hope. It is the official symbol of the Chinese Imperial family, and has been known as the “Stone of Wealth and Honor”. The crystal’s aesthetic of the contrasting white and black contributes to its ability to evoke a calm energy that encourages personal reflection and appreciation of each moment in time. It also enhances the user’s compatibility and interaction with other people, allowing for the renewal and strengthening of relationships. Wearing the Chrysanthemum Stone will allow you to embrace any negativity and transmute them to positive energy. This will keep you grounded, giving you the support that you need.

The Last Step Of the Puzzle…

So the last step of the puzzle is really to employ Chakra Breathing Techniques to help rejuvenate your energy centres. But of course, that is another story for another day.


So there you have it… That is how I use Crystal Meditation to relieve myself from the day to day stresses.

Keep Calm and Meditate On!