Type of Crystals And Their Meanings

By | March 22, 2017

I guess you stumbled upon  this page because you want to learn more about the types of Crystals and their meanings.

You see, the different physical characteristic  of each Crystal give rise to their own unique properties of each Crystal. To keep things simple, you’ll be learning the following in this short blog post:

  1. Crystal Shape Meaning: How the shape of the crystal can affect it’s crystal meaning.
  2. Types of Crystals And Their Meanings: Different forms of crystals (eg. be it being fossilized or volcanic) have different type of healing abilities.
  3. Elemental Type of the Crystals: There are 4 elemental type of Crystals (Air, Earth, Water & Fire)
  4. Crystal Colors Meanings: The colors of the crystal also plays an active role in altering the crystal’s natural healing ability.

Crystals And Their Meaning

To have a good understanding of crystals and their meanings, you first need to know how are they being categorized.

Physical Characteristics And The Crystal’s Meaning

Crystals are commonly categorized in three ways: Crystal Shape, Type of Crystals and Crystal Color. If you are uncertain of the type of Crystals that you encounter, the Crystal color or the crystal shape can be used to determine the healing properties of the Crystal.

Determine The Healing Nature of Your Crystals Through Touch

Another quick tip to determine the healing nature of your Crystals would be to physically feel the Crystals.

By holding the Crystals between your cupped hands and allowing images and impressions to float through your mind, your strong sense of intuition would be able to tell you how to best use the Crystals.

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Crystals And Their Meaning

Crystal Shape Meaning

The first step to understanding Crystals and their meanings is to learn about their shape. As a modern guide for Crystal enthusiast, we normally classify crystals into seven basic Crystal shapes:

  1. Rounded crystals are ideal for every purpose as it offers endless flow of energies.
  2. Pointed crystals used mainly for directing energies. You can draw positive healing energies towards you by pointing the crystals inwards towards you. Vice versa, you can shield yourself against pain and negativity by pointing the crystals outwards.
  3. Oval shaped crystals attract love and fertility. It also brings abundance and happiness to families and releases or emits healing powers slowly.
  4. Square or Rectangular cut crystals are used to promote stability and support in workplace or at homes; they absorb harm and negative energies. If you are using them for protection, it is a must to cleanse and recharge them regularly.
  5. Wand-Like crystals offers long-term success and prosperity. It is also commonly used to protect against ill-wishers.
  6. Spherical crystals help to energize and purify any room or work space. It also helps to attract prosperity luck, health and joy in your life.
  7. Pyramidal crystals are natural transmitters of healing and psychic powers which not only helps to calm the soul but also brings harmony in your life.

Types of Crystals And Their Meanings

The types and forms of crystals determines their healing abilities. Currently, there are only six type of crystals:

  1. Quartz crystals are the most common type of crystal found on earth. It energizes and evokes changes in a person and the intensity of its power depends on how sparkling the crystal is.
  2. Jasper crystals encourage growth and bring power.
  3. Agate crystals promote stability and offers protection in your life.
  4. Fossilized crystals lower your energy level but bring about wisdom and compassion.
  5. Volcanic crystals reduce inertia and bring about fierce protection.
  6. Geode crystals, which are crystals embedded in a rock matrix, heals negative energies from the earth and remove spirits. It’s main healing ability to encourage and nurture the development of hidden talents in you.

Elemental Type Of Crystals

There are 4 different elemental type of Crystals and each has it own healing abilities. Just like in Fengshui, it is important to keep the energy of your home or your work place balanced.

Having different elemental Crystal mix will help you achieve an overall balance effect.

  1. Earth Element Crystal: Cultivates logical thinking and systematic approaches. Suitable for Government officials and accountants.
  2. Air Element Crystal: Cultivates adaptability and versatility in your life. Suitable for sales people and young doctors or dentist who needs more credibility.
  3. Fire Element Crystal: Invokes creativity . Suitable for people in performing arts and chefs.
  4. Water Element Crystal: Cultivate intuitive understanding and helps you empathize with others. Suitable for social workers.

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Crystal Colors Meaning

When accessing the color of your Crystals, you should consider their shade of the color, whether if it is clear, sparkling or cloudy.

Crystals which come in red, orange or yellow are naturally warm while others which are in green, blue or purple are naturally softer and calmer.

To verify this logic, you can hold a fiery red stone in one palm and a softer blue stone in another, almost immediately; you would be able to feel the differences.

Fast flow of fiery energy flows through the red stone while gentle flow of calmness seep through the blue stone.

I have also experimented this test with a number of my blind clients and they were able to differentiate the type of Crystals that they were holding solely based on feel and intuition.

By actively practicing, you’ll be able to develop the art of Crystal recognition through the sense of touch and this will allow you to instinctively feel the programmed messages within different Crystals.

I have compiled a list of Crystal colors meaning below which can be use as a quick guide when you run into “trouble”.

The Complete Crystal Colors Guide

Bright White or Sparkling

These crystals are often used as a substitute for other color crystals in healing. Sparkling white colored crystals are often called stones of creativity or innovation which brings about clarity of the mind and inspires the spirit. It also breaks a run of bad luck and nurtures talent.

Dull White or Cloud

White cloudy crystals are often wish granting stones which fulfills your dreams and wants. It offers protection against negativity and helps in restoring hope. It also helps in improving fertility with higher chance of pregnancy.


Red crystals are crystals of courage, strength and determination. It also ignites or reignites your passion and brings you success in competitions.


Orange crystals are the crystals of confidence and self-esteem which helps to strengthen your identity and creates abundance in your life.


Yellow crystals are the stones of financial acumen which encourages money-making ventures and brings prosperity into your life. If you need protection against people who are out to deceive, this is the stone for you.


Green crystals are the crystals of growth which gives you the strength to strive and grow in every aspect of life. If you are a professional gambler and you’ll need to carry this for additional luck during your rounds at the casino.


Blue crystals are the gemstones to go for if you need luck in your career or employment. It helps you when you are seeking for a new job or employment and opening up leadership opportunities for you.


Purple crystals are the crystals of peacemaking. It helps to sooth tension among friends and family members and also helps to improve your communications among your friends and colleagues. Protection against misunderstandings is it’s core ability.


Pink crystals are the stones of love and passion; it encourages love and happy relationships and promotes fidelity and commitment in your relationship. It also has the ability to mend broken hearts and nurture new romance.


Brown crystals are the stones of practicability and stability. Gemstones which falls under this shade of color offers you the strength to make sound and logical decisions. It also helps with the accumulation and preservation of wealth and is a stone suitable for self-employed or business owners.


Grey crystals are the stones of adaptability. It helps with the neutralizing of unfriendly energies and shields you from psychic attacks.


Black crystals are the stone of protection, which aids in blocking negative energies and harmful forces. It brings closure to endings and lead to new beginnings, gives you courage and strength to work within limitations and restrictions, which is also an ideal Crystal for you if you feel that you are at rock bottom of your current situation.

This is just a general guide on what the physical appearance of your Crystal says about it’s properties and abilities, the best gauge is still to follow your intuition as it tells you what kind of energy each Crystal is emitting.

Learning about Crystals and their meanings is not a easy task, it is a broad topic and only through reading and experiencing it first hand on your own, will allow you to understand the better and to use them more efficiently.

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