Crystals For Career – The Top 5 Gemstones For Career Luck – Never Miss A Promotion Again

By | March 29, 2017

Feeling terrible at work but yet you’re hesitant to move to a new job? Could it be a job fit issue? Learn about the top five crystals for career success and never worry about losing a job again.

Regardless whether you are an executive who is trying very hard to rise up the ranks or business manager who is looking to take on more responsibility or is just someone who is looking to climb the corporate ladder, you’ll need that added advantage over your colleagues. Believe it or not, many who were once in your position and are now CEOs of big MNCs, also made used of crystal energies to get them ahead in their career. In this blog post, I’ll be revealing the top five crystals for career success that you can employ for a successful year ahead.

The top five crystals for career success are:

  1. Bloodstone Crystals that will help you succeed in an over-competitive environment.
  2. Green Chrysoprase that will help boost your confidence during business meetings.
  3. Fluorite that will help you with your creative juice.
  4. Lapis Lazuli that will help you advance further in your career by climbing the corporate ladder.
  5. Black Obsidian that will repel any negative energy directed at you by your colleagues.

Crystals For Career

Crystals For Career Success #1 : Bloodstone Crystal

bloodstoneBloodstone, being the crystal of the sun, is dark green in color with red or orange spots and sometimes has some white markings. It empowers you to stand up against individuals or teams who seek to intimidate you, persist politely until you get what you want, no matter what are the odds against you. It is also protective in nature which allows you to succeed in over-competitive environment or hit unrealistic targets set by your managers. Place your Bloodstone Gemstone in a glass dish of loose change and allow natural light or have a spotlight to shine on it to attract wealth towards you.

Stimulate Your Root Chakra To Feel More Grounded

When you lack support or feel that you are not rooted in your existence, or that when your instincts are down, you lack energy and strength on your Root Chakra. To feel more grounded to earth, you’ll need to work on your Root Chakra, which is the first energy centre using your Bloodstone crystal.

The Root Chakra is also the area of self-preservation, which is associated with our instincts to stay away from danger. In order to stimulate energy flow into the centre, and to remove any blockages, lie on your back in a quiet room. Picking up your Bloodstone Crystal, place it on your lower pelvis (where your Root Chakra is located), as you tune in into its energetic vibrations. Hold the crystal for at least 5 minutes as the vibrational energy cleanses your Root Chakra.

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Bloodstone Description: A type of green Jasper that contains red spots of iron oxide.

Bloodstone Healing Properties: A grounding and protective stone that increases courage and strengthens the exhausted mind.

Bloodstone Health Benefits: Helps to strengthen blood circulation, correct iron deficiencies, detoxify liver, kidney, intestine and spleen.

Crystal Placement: Held over the lower pelvis to boost the Root Chakra.

Alternative Crystal with Similar Abilities: Smoky Quartz, Agate and Onyx.

Crystals For Career Success #2 : Green Chrysoprase

ChrysopraseGreen Chrysoprase, being the gemstone of Venus, is mint green in colour and is commonly known as the stone of opportunity. It helps to create opportunity in your life specially pertaining to gaining employment or starting up new businesses. Rub a Green Chrysoprase Gemstone over the envelope of any application or letters you send out relating to employment, money or business. You can also hold the crystal over the computer mouse before hitting the “Apply” button online for a new job application.

Green Chrysoprase is also a wonderful crystal that can increase mental powers by improving your perceptive skills. Its natural abilities for assisting in analysis were well known in Ancient China where Scryers would gaze into the crystal to attempt to discover future trends and prediction.



Confidence Enhancer – One Of The MUST HAVE Crystals For Career Success

If your work or job nature involves around a lot of regular business meeting which requires you to make a lot of successful presentation, Green Chrysoprase can give you the confidence to carry yourself well. Keep it with you to improve your business acumen and it will keep you “on your toes” so that you are always ready to answer any tricky questions.

Just 10 minutes before any meeting or important presentation, pick up your Green Chrysoprae and hold it tight with both hands. Tune in deep into the crystal’s energetic vibration as you feel a strong sense of courage and self-respect overwhelm you. Feel the soothing green colour calming your nerves as it stabilizes your heart beat. Ask the crystal for its help to help your speak more eloquently and fluently. Let it work on increasing your confidence and lead your meeting to success. Place the Green Chrysoprase in your pocket and enter the meeting with a relaxed smile.

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Green Chrysoprase Description: Jade green colour with brown patches.

Green Chrysoprase Healing Properties: Helps to boost ego and self-confidence.

Green Chrysoprase Health Benefits:  Relieves depression, increases fertility and alleviate skin diseases.

Crystal Placement: Place it in your pocket or hold it in your hand.

Alternative Crystal with Similar Abilities: Green Agate, Carnelian and Tigers Eye.

Crystals For Career Success #3 : Fluorite

FluoriteFluorite Crystals are the Gemstones of Neptune, being purple in colour, it has the natural ability to calm and destress. If you work requires you to hit sales targets or if you are an entrepreneur or are in a role where the nature of your job is very stressful, keeping a Fluorite Crystal with you is important. It not only destresses you, but it also helps you to stay focus on your goal and propel you further in your career without having to feel burnt out. Out of all the crystals for career success, this is my favourite crystal.

Stimulate Your Creativity With Fluorite

As a powerful cleanser of the environment, the purple fluorite also works on the mind, stimulating mental powers while regulating thought patterns and revealing new creative ideas. It is an ideal crystal that can help you with brainstorming sessions by generating new ideas for your work or business. So when you are running out of ideas and creativity is diminishing, pick up your crystal and hold it in both hands. Closing both your eyes, and slowly tune in into the vibrational energies of the crystal. Feel how the stone is clearing and energizing your mind.

With full conviction, whisper words of affirmation (such as “My mind is brimming with interesting ideas”) to your crystal at least 20 times. Let your crystal work with you mentally, cementing your thoughts and affirmations in your subconscious mind. As you open your eyes, you’ll feel thoughts from new approaches and angles flow through your mind.

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Fluorite Description: Clear transparent purple, a rougher cut may come in cubic or octahedral and slightly more opaque.

Fluorite Healing Properties: It helps you to focus on the things that matters and enhances your ability to come up with abstract ideas and expands your creativity.

Fluorite Health Benefits: Reduces dental disease, relieves pneumonia, helps with iral infection and strengthens teeth and bone health.

Crystal Placement: Place it by your desk, near a computer or hold it in your hands.

Alternative Crystal with Similar Abilities: Bloodstone, Citrine and Aventurine.

Crystals For Career Success #4 : Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuliLapis Lazuli is a spiritual crystal that also opens up your intuition and psychic abilities. Known as the “eye of wisdom”, it activates the Third Eye Chakra, a place of inner learning and personal development. The healing power of Lapis Lazuli has been well documented since 3,000 years ago in ancient Egyptian papyri. Ancient Egyptians have long understood the protective power of the stone and used the stone to create a vivid blue eye powder through grinding and crushing, to guard against the evil eye.

Improves Mental Clarity And Objectivity

Gemstone Lapis Lazuli is the stone of Jupiter and is blue in colour with tiny gold flakes embedded in the stone. When placed around your home, it encourages family loyalty and inspires trust for others. When it is worn as Jewellery or carried around in your pocket, it encourages steady career advancement. It is also a stone associated with wealth and property accumulation. Being the stone of wisdom, it can also be use when seeking justice in unfair situations. Mental clarity and objectivity will come to you when you hold the crystal in your hand. It gives you the necessary focus and concentration needed when working on a project.

Using the Lapis Lazuli stone can focus your attention and give you easier access to your inner wisdom. To get the crystal to work with you, hold the crystal with both your hand. Connect to its psychic emanation. Ask for its help to stimulate your productivity and amplify your thoughts. Feel the crystal fire up your mental concentration.

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Lapis Lazuli Description: Blue with gold flakes or white flakes (calcite).

Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties: Helps to stimulate the mind, bring objectivity and mental clarity into your life.

Lapis Lazuli Health Benefits: Relieves pain, calms fever, treats muscular pain and stimulates the endocrine system.

Crystal Placement: Place it on your desk, or carry it around with you. You can either place it in your pocket or wear it as a bracelet.

Alternative Crystal with Similar Abilities: Calcite or Fluorite.

Crystals For Career Success #5 : Obsidian 

ObsidianThe Obsidian Crystal is the stone of Mars. It is a black volcanic rock that helps you run everything smoothly. It acts as an element of protection that protects you against people who wants to take advantage of you. It can also be used as fierce defence against aggressive people or when claiming compensation from big corporate companies. The unique energetic vibration from the Obsidian helps you to cope with difficult times and blocks any unwanted negative energetic field around you. It is a potent stone to use at work when you need to repel and deflect any unpleasant gossips from your colleagues.

Repel Any Negativity With Obsidian

Since many offices today are open-concept floor plan, it is inevitable that you will be influenced by energies of people sitting close to you. To repel any negativity, hold your Obsidian Crystal for a few minutes and feel its reassuring aura. Whisper under your breath and ask it to create a protective barrier around you. This prevents that your energy field is not depleted by any malicious talk or action. Place the crystal on your desk and face it towards the people with the most negative attitudes. Always cleanse your crystal regularly for it to work at its most optimal level.

Obsidian – The Emotional Quencher

When you have problems overcoming your mistakes, Obsidian can help too. When emotions relating to past events require releasing from your subconscious mind, wear a Snowflake Obsidian on the ring finger. In ancient times, Obsidian rings were considered to be sacred and magical such that ancient Gods and Goddess wore them. To invite some magic in your life and increase your energetic flow, wear the ring on your ring finger. Mentally run through these events (which have been holding you back), soon you find yourself being released from your past.

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Obsidian Description: Pure black in colour or black mottled with grey or white patches.

Obsidian Healing Properties: Absorbs and releases all negativity and mental stresses which harmonizes your mind, body and soul.

Obsidian Health Benefits: Aids stomach digestion and alleviate joint pain and helps with arthritis.

Crystal Placement: Place on your work desk or worn as a ring.

Alternative Crystal with Similar Abilities: Peridot or Rhodonite.

So this is it, these are the five most common crystals that people use to create success in their career. Regardless which crystal you choose or employ, always remember, believing that the crystals will work for you is a must. Give it time and let it adjust to your natural frequency. Soon, everything will pan out nicely.

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