Crystals For Fertility – Prepare Yourself For Childbirth & Motherhood

By | November 13, 2017

Crystals have been used for a long time for it’s healing properties as they are able to bring calm and relaxation into our lives. Each individual crystal has different arrangement of their molecules, which gives them their own special properties and individual healing energy. There have been records of crystals being used in ancient times; for example, the Ancient Egyptians used stones such as Amber and Turquoise as jewelry designed for protection and health.

Whereas the Greeks used to wear an amethyst amulet to prevent drunkenness and they would rub it over a soldier’s body using hematite before battle as they believed that could make a solider invulnerable. In religions such as the Buddhist and Hindu, they use crystals for meditation and mental well being, in relations to the seven chakras. Different crystals have their own individual properties; we have to choose the correct one that is suitable for our situation.

There are many different types of fertility problems; women can experience ovulation problems when eggs don’t mature in the ovaries or when a mature egg isn’t released. Men, on the other hand, could be experiencing low sperm count which means there’s a lesser chance of a sperm reaching the egg.

Although it might not be well known, Crystals can be used to improve fertility. Throughout the whole pregnancy process, we are able to benefit from the positive energy crystals give out and bring life into the world.

Bringing life into this world is one of the most rewarding and precious moment someone can experience, however many suffer from problems when trying to conceive. Healing crystals are something that more and more people are turning to to improve their fertility.

But we still have to remember, the crystals are not some magical stone that can automatically help with your pregnancy, we still have to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Reducing alcohol and drug use, eating healthier and exercising more frequently would all help with the pregnancy process.

As most crystals are able to absorb our negative energy and release positive energy, so it is important to cleanse our crystals frequently.

Rinsing it over cold water will help get rid of the negative energy absorbed by the crystal. Crystals not only will help women in their fertility, men are also able to benefit from them. The crystals help to create an energetic balance in our daily system, which can help with pregnancy and fertility.
There are many different types of crystals, each with different special properties.

Crystals For Fertility #1 – Rose Quartz

One of the most popular ones is the Rose Quartz. In the color pink, it is associated with a mother’s love and heart. It helps parents reduce the stress of conceiving and fertility, while at the same time bringing calm and joy to their lives. It is connected to the Heart Chakra, bringing love and forgiveness and get rids of hypertension and stress.

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Wearing a Rose Quartz is simple as it can be turned into a ring, necklace or earring with goes well with any outfit. By placing you in a relaxed mood, it helps you to regulate and balance out your female hormones which could potentially be an issue during pregnancy.

Crystals For Fertility #2 – Amber

Amber Crystal

Another crystal that can be used is Amber, a warm orange stone that is able to cleanse our energy field and physical body. Amber crystal help us regain energy when we are overly depleted or overwhelmed. Connected to the Crown Chakra, it helps us to be more aware of our sixth sense. Most people wear this around their necks as it makes a beautiful necklace and it acts as a barrier of protection.

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When you are pregnant with a child, your body is often depleted of it’s energy. Wearing an Amber crystal helps to rejuvenate your body and protects your vulnerable body against negative energy.

Crystals For Fertility #3 – Aquamarine

Aquamarine Crystal

Aquamarine is one of my favorite crystals due to its beautiful light blue color. This crystal is meant to uplift our spirits and clear our minds so that we can make well-informed decisions. Not only that, it helps rejuvenate our physical body, in particular with our thyroid, spleen and kidneys. Its most important ability is that it is able to neutralize toxins in our bodies. Which is definitely required during the course of our pregnancy.

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Because being pregnant results in hormonal imbalances in our body, we tend to feel insecure and helpless at times. Wearing a Aquamarine crystal will help us to build self-confidence and positive body image of our selves. It teaches us that we are worth much more than what we think we are. And that we should love ourselves more.

Crystals For Fertility #4 – Chrysoprase


A crystal commonly used by both men and women is the Chrysoprase. The Chrysoprase promotes love for one another and allows the energies of
partners to be brought into hormonal balance. This is able to increase fertility, childbirth and prevent bleeding disorders.

It can also help eliminate our inner fears and give us the courage to face challenges in our lives. The Chrysoprase can be worn as a ring, for both men and women. Wearing the Chrysoprase crystal will allow us to experience an energetic boost in our energy level, allow us to feel healthier & stronger and also happier.

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Buy a pair of Chrysoprase for a couple will allows their spirits and mind to synergize and synchronize.

Crystals For Fertility #5 – Moonstone 


Moonstone is one of the most beautiful and useful crystals for fertility. Women often use it, as it is known to heal and balance the female hormones and cycles.

Not only it would help with fertility preconception, it is able to provide a positive and healing energy throughout the whole pregnancy process. The Moonstone can be worn as any kind of jewelry, rings, earrings, bracelets, and so on, as it blends with everyday wear while standing out and looking beautiful by itself.

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It is important to stay positive throughout the whole 9 months of pregnancy. It will teach your baby how to lead a positive life right from the start. Wearing or meditating with a Moonstone can certainly help.

Apart from wearing these crystals, rubbing them on your stomach for fifteen minutes each day would also help. When meditating with crystals, hold the crystal and try to visualize your child inside you, the healthy pregnancy and beautiful child that you’ll give birth to.

The Rose Quartz can also be used to charge water (Creating a Crystal Elixir), which can then be drunk by your partner and yourself. Do not do this with the other crystals as they contain other chemical contents. Instead, place them beside your water as the energies they give off is strong enough to charge the water.

The most important thing to remember is to relax, when we’re too stressed and obsessed. We tend to face problems with fertility and the pregnancy when we are stressed. Meditation can calm us down, clear our minds and bring positivity into our lives.