Crystals For New Beginnings – Are You Looking A Way To Move On From The Past?

By | May 27, 2017

Do you feel that your past or your past mistakes are dragging you down? Fear not because Crystals for new beginnings can help.

To fully move on from our past, we’ll need to have self-love and learn to walk away from guilt. Sometime, we tend to be very critical towards ourselves. I can totally understand that feeling….

We judge ourselves for not being able to achieve certain things in life or that we blame ourselves for certain actions that we have done which led us to failure…

In this article, you’ll learn how Crystals can guide you towards loving yourself more and to prepare for a fresh start in life.

Who Am I & Whats My Story…?

Hi there, my name is Jessica Hegarty and I am a Crystal healing practitioner. I started out this blog to share my experiences and my knowledge on Crystals.

Even though there are many conflicting ideas out there, I try my best to document what I was taught and what gave me positive results…

So how I got to learn about Crystals was probably like yours… I was on a journey to self-healing and wanted to experience something different.

Just like you, I have had many hurdles in life… Fell out of love, lost my job, parents got divorced, and many other obstacles…

So… I dare say that I completely understand how you feel. Especially when you feel hopeless, challenged and cant wait for new beginnings…

Regardless how you are feeling right now or what kind of mess you are in right now… Stay strong and sit tight. Life ain’t a bed of roses but guess what… Crystals will help you accept new challenges and grant you the ability to move on…

Trust their energies and have faith in the process, I am sure if it works for me, it will probably work for you too… 🙂

What Are The Crystals For New Beginnings?

1. Pink Tourmaline and their Ability to Encourage Self Love.
2. Seeking Forgiveness with Rhodochrosite.
3. Releasing your Sorrows with Spirit Quartz
4. Walking away from Guilt with Peridot
5. Amplifying Confidence with Chrysocolla.

Crystals For New Beginnings

Crystals For New Beginnings # 1 – Pink Tourmaline

Crystals For New Beginnings 1Tourmalines are precious crystals that are purplish pink in color with bands of grey or frosty white.

According to ancient Egyptian legend, Tourmaline travelled along a rainbow to collect its beautiful mix of colors on its way from the earth’s crust to the sun.

When you hold a Tourmaline crystal under the light, you’ll notice that it is transparent from the side but yet opaque from either end. The Pink Tourmaline is an inspiring crystal that attracts love and friendship.

You may find it easy to communicate with someone but may also tend to hang onto criticisms received from parents or friends and you’ll see yourself as imperfect and unworthy.

If what I just described sounds like you, FRET NOT! Pink Tourmaline teaches you that you’ll need to love yourself first, before others will truly love you!

How Does It Work?

To love yourself more, you’ll need to reprogram the self-criticism that is a result of your subconscious mind. This will allow you to give and receive love freely.

When you are holding the Pink Tourmaline, the goddess of love, in your hands, it is hard not to love yourself more. Stand yourself in front of a large mirror, hold the Pink Tourmaline close to your heart and look at yourself in the mirror.

Reassure yourself “I love myself for who I am”. Feel the deep warm feeling of love resonate out from your crystal, melting any destructive feeling held in your subconscious mind and open your heart to love.

Practice his affirmation daily, until you see positive changes in your life. Always cleanse your crystal after each use to remove any negative emotions captured by your crystal.

Where can I find a Pink Tourmaline…?.

Pink Tourmaline FAQ

Description: Natural Pink tourmaline is a purplish pink crystal with frosted band of white/grey.
Healing Properties: Pink Tourmaline is a protective stone which inspires, promotes self-confidence and balances your Chakras. It also brings peace and relaxation into your life.
Health Benefits: It balances your endocrine system and aids sleep disorder. It helps to treat the heart and the lungs and improves all skin conditions.
Crystal Placement: Hold it near your chest, at the Heart Chakra.
Alternative Crystal: Rose Quartz (Helps to facilitate inner healing and self love) or Rhodonite (Helps to convert self-criticism into self love) or Magnesite (Opens up the heart Chakra to promote self love and acceptance).

Crystals For New Beginnings # 2 – Rhodochrosite

Crystals For New Beginnings 2There are times where we often blame ourselves for the setback we have in life.

Instead of beating ourselves up and telling ourselves what we should have done and what we shouldn’t have done, we should pick ourselves up and move on.

We need to let go of things that we can’t control and to do that, we need to forgive ourselves for the past mistake and never look back.

The good news is that Rhodochrosite can help. It is a wonderful crystal that can prevent repeated upsets from resurfacing. It also heals all emotional scars and helps you to move on positively.

Holding past resentments isn’t healthy as in time to come, they will cause physical illness if not released.

You’ll need to learn how to forgive your ex-lovers for letting you down, past friends for not supporting you enough or your parents for being overcritical.

I understand, sometimes it is hard to forgive, but try starting the healing process and allow yourself to live more fully in the present.

How Does It Work?

For a start, you can work on one resentment at a time as you might find it too overwhelming to deal with all of them at once. Close your eyes and hold your crystal close to your heart Chakra while you lie flat on the ground.

Now, visualize the person you want to forgive to be in front of you. Imagine good things happening to them and send them the healing vibrations from your crystal to them. Slowly, you’ll start to feel your resentment towards them fade.

Where can I find a Rhodochrosite Crystal…?

Rhodochrosite Crystal FAQ

Description: Rhodochrosite is a pink colored crystal banded with different shades of pink.
Healing Abilities: It helps to encourage positive changes, inspire forgiveness and heals all emotional wounds.
Health Benefits: Rhodochrosite is especially good for people with asthma and respiratory problems. It also helps to stabilize your blood pressure and relieves migraines.
Crystal Placement: Hold it near your Heart Chakra, close to your chest.
Alternative Crystal: Pink Calcite (Helps you to move on from a sad episode or situation), Chrysoprase (Helps to promote compassion and acceptance towards others) or Celestite (Helps to resolve internal conflict, bringing you inner peace).

Crystals For New Beginnings # 3 – Spirit Quartz

Crystals For New Beginnings 3In life, we tend to be held back by our negative emotions which lead us to make unhealthy decisions.

Hence, it is always important to have an outlet to free yourself from all emotional woes and that is where the Spirit Quartz can help.

The Spirit Quartz is a balancing crystal that gives the bearer strength in times of extreme emotional stress.

As a releaser of emotional pain, the Spirit Quartz get rids of past emotional scars that is stopping your from enjoying life and living in the moment.

It is a supportive stone that pushes you forward to express your pain and remorse.

How Does It Work?

To release yourself from emotional trauma, sit in a quiet room holding your Spirit Quartz Crystal. As you close your eyes and focus on your problems, slowly feel the wise vibration from your crystal.

Now ask the stone for help to release this trauma, heal your pain and learn a lesson from it. Now see these images fade as you gain strength to move on from this episode. Cleanse your crystal well after each use.

Where can I find a Spirit Quartz…?

Spirit Quartz FAQ

Description: The Spirit Quartz is an orange colour crystals with a very spiky finish.
Healing Properties of the Spirit Quartz: The Spirit Quartz helps to eliminate grief and encourage happiness and abundance. It releases you from past trauma and promotes self love.
Health Benefits: The Spirit Quartz heals all ulcers and strength the teeth and bones.
Crystal Placement: Hold the Spirit Quartz with both hands and place it on our lap.
Alternative Crystal: Pink Tourmaline (Helps you to relieves emotional pain and cleanses destructive emotions) and Chrysocolla (Helps to release you from emotional stresses).

Crystals For New Beginnings # 4 – Peridot

Crystals For New Beginnings 4Peridot is a delicate, transparent crystal which comes in varying shades of green. It is most commonly found as an olive-green crystal.

Back in Roman times, medicines were drunk from goblets which were decorated with Peridot crystals as it was believed that the Peridot crystal would increase the potency of the medicine.

As a potent emotion cleanser, Peridot crystals help to clear the mind and help you walk away from the feeling of guilt that has been choking you.

So this stone will be useful for you if you have any hidden guilt which has been lingering in your subconscious mind.

This crystal clears away guilt and teaches you that hanging on to old emotion is counterproductive in every aspect in your life.

How Does It Work?

To heal your soul and release your inner guilt, sit in a quiet room while holding your Peridot crystal in your hand. Observe the beautiful green color that helps you with your emotional healing and gentle regrowth.

As you close your eyes, imagine yourself sitting in a peaceful grass field. Using your subconscious mind, ask your crystal to release the guilt that still affects you.

Slowly feel the cleansing vibrations of your Peridot remove this sense of guilt, allowing you to move on from your mistake. Now slowly come back into the room and remember to cleanse your crystal after every use.

Where can I find a Peridot Crystal…?

Peridot Crystal FAQ

Description: Peridot, also commonly known as Chrysolite, is an olive-green colored crystal.
Healing Properties: Peridot helps to increase intuition and reduce stress and negativity.
Health Benefits: Peridot boosts your metabolism, aids digestion and helps to improve skin texture.
Crystal Placement: Hold crystal in both hands.
Alternative Crystal: Sodalite and Chiastolite (Both help you to let go of your fears and guilt)

Crystals For New Beginnings # 5 – Chrysocolla

Crystals For New Beginnings 5As a stone of peace and wisdom, Chrysocolla not only helps to remove negative emotions but also helps to promote inner knowledge and psychic vision when used on the Third Eye Chakra.

Using Chrysocolla helps to correct any subconscious imbalances or negative thoughts that we have been harboring.

We are often critical towards ourselves when we make a mistake and neglect praising ourselves when we have done well. This vicious cycle can be very damaging to our own self-esteem.

How Does It Work?

Working with Chrysocolla crystal can help you improve your self-image and self confidence.

Holding your Chrysocolla crystal in your hand and turn it over a few times as you let your body warmth activate the crystal. Feel the vibrational energy from the crystal flow through your hands into your body.

Lie flat down, close your eyes and place the Chrysocolla crystal on our Throat Chakra (located at the middle of your throat) for about 10 minutes.

Focus on letting go of things and events which have been holding you back. Visualize yourself as a happy and positive person and feel the vibration of the crystal working together with you.

Repeat this ritual daily until you feel a positive change in your life.

Where can I find a Chrysocolla Crystal…?

Chrysocolla Crystal FAQ

Description: Chrysocolla is a greenish-blue turquoise crystal.
Healing Propertiers: Chrysocolla helps in raising self awareness and builds up your confidence level.
Health Benefits: Chrysocolla reduces period cramps and premenstrual tensions, an ideal stone for the ladies. It also aids digestion and soothes arthritic conditions.
Crystal Placement: Place crystal near the throat.
Alternative Crystal: Tiger Eye (Helps you to realize self-worth), Garnet (Helps to increase self-confidence) and Agate (Helps to build self-confidence and bring about self-acceptance).


So there you have it, these are the 5 Crystals for new beginnings… If you’re someone who have difficulty moving on from your past because of guilt and remorse, I suggest you get either a Peridot or a Spirit Quartz Crystals. But if you’re someone who has emotional baggages, I suggest that you get either a Pink Tourmaline or a Rhodochrosite. However, if you are someone who needs that extra push to overcome fear and take the next step, I suggest getting a Chrysocolla Crystal.

So that is all from me 🙂 I really hope I have helped you in some way or another and most importantly I wish you all the best and hope everything turns out well for you…