Does The Law Of Attraction Work? – A Simple But Powerful Theory That Changes Lives

By | June 11, 2017

You stumbled upon this article because you’re probably wondering… “Does The Law Of Attraction Work?”

According to the Law of Attraction, we actually have the power to attract the things that we want into our lives. Even the most difficult goals that we set for ourselves up for can be achieved. Yes, a winding road to success is never easy and we could be held back by obstacles and setbacks along our way. However, that doesn’t mean that it will stop us completely from achieving our dreams. Our minds have the ability and power to push us towards our goal.

Law If Attraction

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

The Law of Attraction uses the power of the mind to influence our actions and make an impact in our lives. Simply put, if your mind and body is heavily focused on negativity, your life will always be dark and gloomy. You’ll be stuck feeling sorry for yourself and thinking about past mistakes and this would prevent you from stepping forward to achieve your dreams.

We are all humans, we do have our down moments at time. But if you prioritize your focus on positivity, your life will instantaneously become colourful. You will feel happier and more hopeful, despite knowing that there will be challenges along the way. The down moments will not have any effect as the positivity is able to overcome it.

As our thoughts affects our lives unknowingly, it is important that we know and understand where our focus lies. You have the freedom to shape and control your own future.

There are so many of us who are oblivious to the Law of Attraction and how it can help us change the way we live. Without embracing the Law of Attraction, you’ll tend to leave your thoughts unchecked; attracting unwanted emotions in your life. We are responsible in bringing both the positive and negative influences into our lives. On how many occasions have we acted without thinking because we follow our emotions too much? What about the times when we have not acted or taken steps towards our goal because of fear that we may cross the line or because of our limiting beliefs?

“Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us” – Earl Nightingale

Negativity can hinder you from getting the things you want in your life. By putting yourself down and never believing in yourself, you will never be close to your goals. Negative thoughts is a hurdle that you need to overcome.

You can transform your life instantaneously by changing the way you think and staying positive. It is definitely not easy for you to change your mindset immediately but you got to start small. Get into the habit of praising yourself everyday and filling yourself up with confidence. The positivity will empower and influence you to have a positive outlook towards life. You might not see the results from Day 1 but as the days pass, you will watch your life transform. If you are wondering does the Law Of Attraction work if you do not change your mindset, the answer is no! Let u break it down for you on how to use the Law Of Attraction.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction And Bring Results Into Your Life?

To practice the Law of Attraction, you don’t need an hour of meditation to bring you into the state of consciousness. In fact, it can be practiced at any time of the day.

Law Of Attraction Step #1: Be Aware Of Your Thoughts

You can start by being aware of your own thoughts. Upon realising where your thoughts takes you to, it is critical to understand how you see your life as an individual. The most important part about this step is to acknowledge the good and the bad. Start by filtering out all the negative thoughts which are harmful to you. These negative thoughts drains you and wears you out. They prevent you from taking the leap of faith and bars your from progressing further in life. Remember, don’t let practicality be a disguise as fear.

Retain those positive thoughts as they are your ammunition to bring you through the tough times. Use positive affirmations such as “I can fall down seven times but I’ll stand up on the eighth” to sail yourself through difficult situations. Personally, I make it a point to bring myself into the “Zone” every morning after I rise from bed. It is like a morning ritual where I state my intentions clearly and reassure myself that good things happen to those who go out there and seek for it. There are a lot of success stories out there by celebrities who have experienced the power of the Law of Attraction. The whole concept about the Law of Attraction was first shared in 2006, where Rhonda Bryne wrote the book called “The Secret”. The main take away from her book “The Secret” is to always think positive.

Law Of Attraction Step #2: Take Deep Breaths And Think Positive

Whenever you feel that negativity is creeping in, take as many deep breaths as you need before transiting your thought towards positive things such as success and happiness. This is an essential tool for me as it helps to recalibrate my thoughts and emotions. It calms my soul and allows me to reflect on things which are critical, that can help me move forward.

Practicing the Law Of Attraction can be really easy. When you truly understand that you are in control and free to take charge of your life, you’ll be able to free yourself from the vicious cycle of negativity.

Law Of Attraction Step #3: Believe In The Universe

I cannot stress enough how important this step is. But for the Law Of Attraction to work, you’ll need to believe in the universe. The universe hears your thoughts, your things and your feelings. By believing that the universe hears you and your intentions, the universe will provide. Because there is abundance in the universe.

So Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

So if you are still wondering does the Law Of Attraction work, the answer is YES! Of course it works! It has worked for me and it also has worked for several other celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Will Smith and many others. But most importantly, it will work for you.

The Law of Attraction is really a powerful tool which we should incorporate into our daily lives. Once you understand how does the law of attraction work, you’ll be able to practice it in no time. The only challenge you’ll have at the beginning is that you’ll need to shift your perspective and your views on things to a more positive one. Thinking positively teaches you to be a little more optimistic and ambitious. It brings you one step closer to achieving your dreams as you’ll be spending more time thinking about ways to achieve your goals.

We always have the misconception that success only comes to those who are intelligent, beautiful or rich(those who are born with a golden spoon). But by adopting a change in mind set and applying the Law of Attraction, success will find it’s way to you regardless of your current circumstances.

It is only normal and natural for you to over-think and develop doubts when a problem arises. The process to achieve your dreams can be daunting and there are times where you will doubt your own strengths and abilities. There will be people who will want to pull you down and there will be times when things are not all rosy for you. However, you should learn to trust your own instincts and follow your gut as you go along. By trusting and believing in yourself, you are already one step ahead.

The universe is a beautiful place. It hears what you say and returns it back to you. If you submerge yourself with positivity, your life will be so much better than before. It really is mind over body.