Earth Energy Healing – Heal Your Soul And Balance Your Chakras

By | May 13, 2017

What is Earth Energy Healing? And why you should know how it works?

Earth is one of the important five elements that helped created our physical body. The Earth’s energy helps to ground us and keep us connected to the universe. It also plays an important role in aiding our self-healing process.

It is a spiritual energy that flow through the earth. And we receive this energy through direct contact with our skin.

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So How Does Earth Energy Healing Works?

As we go into a meditative state, with calm and pure intensions, spiritual energy from the Earth flows towards our body. Once the Earth’s energy enters our body, it flows through various energy points, also known as Chakras, which charges the body and brings the body back to balance.

For most of us, the reason why our Chakras are out of balance is because we have become so disconnected from the Earth’s energy. This is due to our modern lifestyles. Instead of walking the Earth barefooted, we now wear shoes with rubber soles. And worse still, our bodies’ natural frequency and rhythms has been disrupted by the use of technologies. Think about how all the Wifi signals and electrical signals from our gadgets that are affecting our body without a trace.

Unbalanced Chakra Increases Susceptibility To Illnesses

What most of us don’t realize is that when the body’s energy is out of balance, we tend to be more susceptible to illnesses and unhappy or unsatisfied with ourselves. Diseases and illnesses manifest when the body’s energy centres are blocked or are deficient. But the good news is, there is more than one way to recharge or unblock the body’s energy Chakras.

It can be done via Crystal Healing, Earth Energy Healing, Sound Bowl Healing and many other methods.  When the Earth’s Energy flows through our body, we will be able to experience a sense of balance and well-being. This experience is what most self-healing experts call Grounding.

Earth Energy Healing helps us to restore and ease the flow of energy through our body. This thus enables us to heal ourselves. The Earth’s energy which is generated by the planet is full and rich, and it’s vibrational energy will help you feel grounded and fulfilled.

Morning Rituals To Receive More Earth Healing Energy

To receive the Earth’s Energy, you’ll need to incorporate some form of spiritual practice into your day-to-day life. Here are steps which you can include in your morning rituals to invite more of the Earth’s Energy into your life:

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  1. Greet the Earth daily with love and compassion. Express your gratitude towards the universe with each passing day.
  2. Sit or stand barefoot while you meditate in an open field. When you are barefooted, the efficacy of the Earth’s Energy flowing into your body is much higher.
  3. Crystal Meditation: Holding a Clear Crystal Quartz Cluster while you meditate. This method of Earth Energy Healing is preferred as the subtle healing energy from a crystal is much more pronounced and direct as compared to Earth’s healing energy. Not many of us have the luxury of time to meditate in the open field barefooted for extended period of time. With our busy work schedule and life’s commitment, it is almost impossible to set aside time and energy for our daily self-healing sessions. But the good news is that we can use crystal meditation as a substitute to clear our negative energies and bring our Chakra energy centres back to balance. This method of healing is regarded as a subset of Earth Energy Healing. This is because, crystals possesses the natural vibrational energies of Mother Earth as they were initially from the ground. They were formed through the coagulation of minerals which were under intense heat and pressure from Mother Earth. I use a Clear Crystal Quartz Cluster for this form of self-healing as I find it most effective at elevating our basal Chakra energy. And also because it works well for most people, as compared to other crystals. You see, each and every one of us is unique and have different basal Chakra energy levels. One may be slightly more deficient at one of the Chakra energy centres as compared to the others. Clear Crystal Quartz being a universal crystal for self-healing can help raise the energy at all the Chakras to acceptable levels. Thus making it an idea crystal for generic self-healing.Preparation For Crystal Meditation.

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My Ten Minutes Earth Energy Healing Exercise

  1. Find a quiet room which is softly illuminated. I normally choose the same room for my meditation sessions as it’ll help in bringing me into a meditative state at a faster pace.
  2. Select your Clear Crystal Quartz and hold it gently in the palms of both your hands. (I prefer a cluster, as it will be able to sit nicely on the palm of my hand.)
  3. Remember to cleanse your crystal before each use and recharge them overnight under moonlight.
  4. Once seated in a comfortable position, begin breathing in a rhythmic fashion. Start by breathing deeply through the nose. Hold your breath for 5 seconds before slowly exhaling through your mouth. As you continue this breathing technique, visualize white light entering your body through your nose. This white light travels down your windpipes and fills your lungs with warm and sparkling sensation.
  5. Exhale slowly and visualize the stress and negative energy leaving your body through your mouth.
  6. As you continue with your breathing, chant under your breath and repeat the following affirmations. (I am patient and I am healthy; Positive thoughts bring me a positive life; Let there be light shining from this crystal, cleanse me and rejuvenate me.)
  7. As you verbalize your intentions and affirmations, it instils into your conscious mind.
  8. When you are ready to return to your reality, slowly count backwards from ten to one. As the count of one, open your eyes and take deep breaths.
  9. Now cleanse your crystal, before using it for the next healing session.

Meditation is a useful exercise that helps you to release any form of stress or pain that you are experiencing. If you need to release any negative energy which is causing all your pain and suffering, you’ll need your mind to focus on it.

Alpha Brain Waves And The Earth’s Energy

Being in a deep, relaxed and yet meditative state changes the electrical activity of the brain cells, which enhances the Alpha Waves of the brain. As a result the Alpha Waves of the brain become in-sync with the natural vibrational frequency of the Earth’s energy. When measured on an Electroencephalography (EEG), these Alpha Waves signal from the brain are at a frequency of 7.83Hz.

Since the frequency of your brain wave will be in complete sync with Mother Earth or any natural crystal, your body will undergo a deep state of healing via meditation. During this process of Earth Energy Healing, our mind relaxes and opens. The vibrational energy from Mother Earth or a crystal helps to calm the nerves and rejuvenates the body’s Chakra energy centers.

The main benefits of Earth Energy Healing are that this form of self-healing can help you tackle common illnesses and relief you from joint pain or aches from other parts of your body. It also helps in improving the overall blood circulation of the body. Since the Earth’s energy which is made up of natural and subtle electrical signals, it is also able to stimulate the skin cells and knocks off any free radical out of the skin cells which results in an anti-aging effect, allowing the body to repair naturally.

Therefore, to remain in the pink of health, it is advisable that we start reconnecting with nature’s energy. This will help us to offset and counteract the ill effects of our modern lifestyle.