Best Essential Oil for Spider Veins on Legs [NATURAL TREATMENT]

By | April 7, 2018

Are your looking for Essential Oil for Spider Veins on legs? Yes… I know right, they can look pretty nasty ūüôĀ

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jessica Hegarty and I am a naturopath! Basically a person who believes in natural and non-invasive treatments. I am a Engineer by training and am currently working in a Pharmacautical major.

What an irony right..? Whats a naturopath working in a Pharmaceutical plant? Haha!

Well, I truly believe that our body has it’s own ability to heal, when given the right conditions and nutrients it needs. But of course, if you are really sick, please get medical attention!

So today I am going to be talking about what kind of Essential Oils I use to lighten and reduce the spider-like veins on my legs. Yikes!

After 6 Months I Decided To Lose The Jeans And Embrace The Shorts

I completely understand how you feel.

I know what it feels like to be conscious about how my legs were displayed in public. In fact, I was never comfortable being in my own skin.

I had stretch marks and these web-like veins on my thighs.

The only saving grace is that these spider veins or what they call varicose veins are not life threatening.

The bad news is that of course… they look very unaesthetic.

So my story is really very similar to most of you… I was looking for a natural way to self-medicate.

But of course I did a bit of research at the library, spent quite a bit of time at bookstores and even had numerous chats with the local pharmacist.

The key ingredient for Essential Oil for spider veins is actually the Cypress Essential Oil…

I read that Cypress Essential Oil is the main ingredient that could lighten or make these spider veins less obvious.

But before I dive straight into the types of Cypress oil that is currently available in the market, let me give you some background and understanding on what these spider veins are.

So you’ll know what I mean…

In layman terms, Spider veins are also known as Thread veins.

Essential Oil for Spider Veins on Legs

Scientifically, they are called Varicose vein.

Spider veins or Varicose veins are very thin veins (usually blue, red or purple in color) that are visible just under the epidermis cell layer.

The epidermis refers to our top most layer of our skin. Depending on the shade of your skin color, they can vary in visibility.

If you’re a lady with fair skin, you definitely want to get rid of them.

The good news is that they‚Äôre not life threatening… BUT, these veins do ruin the aesthetic aspect of the legs. For some unfortunate ones, yes… they can appear on our faces too ūüôĀ

These are two of the most common areas where the Spider veins appear.

Women above age 40 tends to have higher incidence of getting them. However, younger women can get them too.

So… What Are the Causes to These Spider Veins?

The science behind it is that it is due to the poor blood circulation around your body.

You see.. we have vast network of blood capillaries and veins just underneath our skin. They communicate with the bigger veins and arteries that transport blood back to the heart.

At times, the blood has problems leaving these capillaries and moving back to the heart. This is when it gets trapped within the veins, forming swollen spider-web-like veins.

Here are Some Factors Which Could Influence the Appearance of Spider Veins:

  • Occupation Hazard: If your work requires you to sit or stand long hours, you are at increased risk of developing these Spider veins.
  • When You Are Pregnant:¬†When you are pregnant, your body tends to be under a lot of stress. And these could lead to over producing and circulation of hormones which could result in development of these Spider veins.
  • Excessive Weight Gain: If you put on too much weight in a very short time span, your body weight will be¬†putting a lot of pressure on your legs. These would result in overall poor blood circulation on your legs. Additional layer of fats would also exhaust your veins, resulting in development of these Spider veins.
  • Genetic Make Up:¬†Genetic makeup could also predispose people to development of these Spider veins at a very young age.
  • Poor Diet:¬†Poor eating habits would introduce unnecessary chemicals (such as preservatives and additives) into our body. This could result in blockages in our veins, impairment of oxygen take up by our arteries which leads to development of these Spider veins.
  • Leading a Non-Active Lifestyle:¬†Leading a sedentary lifestyle would lead to poor blood circulation around your body. This increases the incidence of Spider veins development.

What Are These Essential Oil for Spider Veins on Legs And How Do They Work?

To prevent Spider veins from developing or to prevent them from worsening, we require the blood in our body to run through our arteries and veins efficiently and smoothly.

We also need to make sure the blood circulation is recurring and sometimes… we may need some form of blood circulation stimulant.

This is when Essential Oils come in handy.

Essential oils are basically very concentrated plant extract or essences.

They’re consist of many tiny volatile oil molecules that act together synergistically.

The chemical make up of Essential oils is a factor or many. They can be affected by their natural geographical area in which the plant grows. Or through the way they are handled or processed.

These factors eventually influence the properties of the Essential oils.

The best essential oils for spider veins on legs should minimally have anti-inflammatory and phlebotonic properties.

Phlebotonic Properties: The Essential oil should have the ability to strengthen our vein walls while maintaining the elasticity of the wall. The strengthening effect of the oil should not cause the vein walls to be stiff and rigid.

Cell Stimulant: The Essential oil should have the ability to boost the activity of all organs which includes the brain, heart and right down to the cell level.

What other properties should these Essential Oils for Spider Veins on Legs have?

Anti-Coagulant: Essential oils used for these Varicose veins should have anti-coagulant properties which can help prevent the formation of blood clots in the veins. These clots can potentially endanger your life if they are formed at or near the heart.

Tonicity: This refers to the ability of the Essential oil to improve our mood and also the circulation of our blood and activity of other organs.

Lipolytic Properties:  This is the most important healing effect that is require for Essential oil remedy for Varicose veins. It helps our body to dissolve cholesterol deposits on the arteries. Thus, a lipolytic essential oil helps with overall body blood circulation.

When combined together, these effects helps to improve your body’s overall blood circulation.

Apart from making your blood circulation more fluid, they can also prevent your blood from clotting while strengthening your veins and arteries.

What this also mean is that these essential oils can not only help you with your circulatory but it also helps to maintain your lymphatic systems.

Essential oils can not only prevent but also improve the visibility aspect of these Spider veins. When used regularly, they can also prevent it from worsening.

Techniques on How to Use Essential Oil as Treatment for Spider Veins

Hot or Cold Compression Technique: After adding a few drops of  Essential oil on a napkin, dip the towel in hot or cold water (based on your preference), place on the Spider veins and bandage the area for at least 15 minutes.

Creating a Water Bath: After adding a few drops of essential oils into your water bath, soak the affected area into the water bath for 10 minutes.

Using It as a Massage oil: You can apply the Essential oils directly on your skin after dilution with carrier oil. However, this is not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Secret Ingredient to Get Rid of Spider Veins

Well… the secret ingredient is no secret. Cypress Essential oil is the key ingredient which helps in the lightening of¬† these Spider veins.

Botanical Name of Cypress Oil: Cupressus Sempervirens.

Any Cypress Essential oils have been proven aid in the treatment of Spider veins. It is now a home remedy which naturopaths tout.

Cypress Essential oil helps to promote blood circulation naturally, strengthen vein walls and prevents blood clots.

Cypress oil has a soothing effects on your skin and it helps with blood circulation. Cypress oil also strengthens the veins and keeps them firm but elastic.

It also improves the overall lymphatic system, by loosening the cholesterol deposits. This is the reason why many naturopaths regards it as the best Essential oil for Spider veins.

Why I Like It:

  • Cypress Essential oil has phlebotonic effects. What it means is that it strengthens the vein walls and primes the veins to face eventual circulatory problems.
  • As a lipolytic Essential oil, it is a good decongestant of the blood vessels and the overall lymphatic system.
  • The Cypress Essential oil also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. This means that they are able to protect the veins and blood from infection and inflammation.
  • Cypress Essential oil can also help regulate excessive sweating.
  • It is also useful to calm coughs and hemorrhoids and balancing out the overall nervous system.
  • It has a sweet pleasant smell and Cypress oil itself is able to make nice smelling Essential oil blends too.

Why Some Don’t Like It:

  • The Cypress oil has estrogen-like properties. This can be very helpful for women undergoing menopause. But this also mean that if you‚Äôre on hormone-dependent treatments, you must avoid using Cypress oil.
  • Some variant of Cypress oil may be toxic, so you’ll need to make sure you are buying oil processed from the thesempervirens¬†species.
  • If you are asthmatic or prone to epilepsy, you should not use it. Unless you have gotten a doctor‚Äôs approval.

My Review on the Essential Oil for Spider Veins on Legs

When I was starting out on my quest to find a solution for the Spider veins on my leg, I really wanted to know what sets apart one Essential oil Company over another.

And most importantly, which ones would be the best Essential oil that helps to clear the Spider veins on my right thigh!

First of all, this is by no means an exhaustive list. I will only be reviewing 3 Essential Oil for Spider veins on legs because by the time on my third bottle, the Spider veins were almost non-existent.

Unfortunately, I don’t have progress pictures of my thighs. But you have my assurance that these Essential oil do work to some extend. But individual results do vary.

Here‚Äôs what I¬†have found during my journey so far…

Best Essential Oil for Spider Veins # 1 : Spark Natural’s Cypress Essential Oil

Well… to be very honest, Spark Natural’s Cypress Essential oil is the first oil I tried using for my Spider veins.

The main reason I wanted to give it a go is because I wanted to see instantaneous results. I mean… the higher the dose of Cypress oil, means faster results right?

I am afraid I have got to burst your bubble. It isn’t suppose to work this way.

What I found out after all my experimenting is that results will come if you are persistent in your application and with a mild dosage… meaning to say, you have got to do some form of dilution with a carrier oil.

I like it that Spark Naturals’ Cypress Essential oil is 100% pure and because of their exclusive agreement with distillers and cold press houses, they are able to produce their oil cheaply.

They come in 2 different sizes, the 5ml one cost $5.99 whereas the 15ml one cost $13.95. At that price point, it is the cheapest you can find in the market.

Where Can I Find Spark Natural Cypress Oil?

What I Dislike About Spark’s Natural Cypress Oil

Well… I think this Essential oil is definitely not for beginners or someone who is new to Essential oils.

Just thinking out loud. Personally, I don’t like to do my own oil pairing and creating my own concoction of Essential oil is really not my thing.

I use the direct application method and apply the Essential oil directly on my skin. I found that using pure Cypress oil leaves me with some form of itch. So it is not something that I would recommend applying direct.

But if you are looking to use other methods such as water bath or the compression technique, this is something that you could try?

Or if you’re an expert in oil pairing (Diluting the pure Cypress oil with a carrier oil), this might be something for you.

Let me know if you get good results, would love to keep my readers updated too!


Pure Cypress Essential Oil


It is best to dilute Spark Naturals Cypress Essential oil with any Carrier 0il of your choice. This will help you with any skin sensitivity issues.

Aromatic Description

Clean woody smell but slightly spicy. Personally, I find the scent a little overpowering for me because it is a pure Cypress Essential oil.

Best Essential Oil for Spider Veins #2 : Ajara’s Well Rooted Blend

Ajara Well Rooted Blend of Essential oil is the second oil that I tried.

Comparing to Spark Natural’s Cypress Essential oil, the Ajara’s Well Rooted Essential oil is an oil blend. This means that it not only contains the active ingredient (Cypress Oil) but it also has other Essential oil which has other healing properties.

If you have a sensitive skin and don’t want to take on the risk of creating of your own blend of Essential oil, then I would suggest trying Ajara’s Well Rooted Blend.

What I really like about this blend of Essential oil is that it has a very sweet and well blended smell to it. The concoction is just right and sets your mind in a relaxed state.

Where Can I Find Ajara’s Well Rooted Blend?

I feel pretty much sedated after every use. So… don’t use it while you’re at work!¬†Personally, I only use it right before I go to bed.

In my experience, Ajara’s Well Rooted blend does help with the lightening of my Spider veins. But the effect is slow and takes a while for results to show.

I believe the reason is because Ajara’s Well Rooted blend is an oil blend created for the specific use¬† to help with mood balancing.¬†The intended purpose for this oil blend is not for the removal of Spider veins.

I just used it because I wanted an oil blend which contains Cypress oil – just wanted to see how effective is the Cypress oil if it is being used as an oil blend.

Ajara’s Well Rooted blend only comes in 1 size. A 10ml vial would cost you $20.


  • Ginger Essential Oil:The Ginger Essential oil has a fiery and spicy undertone which helps to rejuvenate your olfactory senses.
  • Benzoin¬†Essential Oil:¬†This Essential oil helps to creates a sense of euphoria.
  • Rose Geranium Oil:¬†The Rose Geranium Essential oil is an aromatic blend of rose and citrus oil. This blend of oil is known for its fragrance and sense-soothing properties. This is the ingredient that helps to balance out your mood, keeping you in a deep relaxed state.
  • Cypress¬†Essential Oil:¬†Main active ingredient to help lighten your Spider veins.
  • Laurel Leaf¬†Essential Oil:¬†The Laurel Essential oil is an ultra-potent oil commonly used in aromatherapy to help promote a healthy lymphatic system.


Dilution of Ajara’s Well Rooted Essential oil is not required. You can use the direct application method or any of the other methods stated above.

Best Essential Oil for Spider Veins #3 : Dharmaceutical Varicose Vein Treatment Blend

I stumbled upon Dharmaceutical Varicose Vein oil blend when I was trying to search for an Essential oil which is made specifically for Spider veins.

To be honest, at a steep price point of $36.28 for just 10ml, it kinda put me off initially.

I mean who would pay so much for just one tiny bottle! Haha. But in the end, I gave in.

Bought it online and it was delivered to my door step in a week. When I first received the Essential oil, I was pretty skeptical…

It came in a minimalistic packaging. Just a simply branded UV resistant glass bottle without much thought put into the design of the packaging of their bottle.

I remember thinking… “If they are charging so much but not putting much effort into their packaging, their oil blend, better be good…”

I tried it for a week, and guess what… there was really a difference! I saw that my Spider veins were disappearing from the surface of my skin.

Where Can I Buy Dhamraceutical Varicose Veins Essential Blend?

In comparison to the ones that I tried earlier, Dharmaceutical Varicose Vein blend is definitely the best Essential oil for Spider Veins in terms of it’s effectiveness.

On a closer look at their ingredients, they didn’t have anything special. But I guess what made the difference was they don’t use any¬†additives nor synthetic fragrances nor fillers. According to their¬† labels, it says that they are also paraben free.

Paraben are chemical molecules that could mimic the activity of hormone estrogen in our body’s cell. This estrogenic activity could potentially lead to breast cancer.


Therapeutic grade Essential oils of cypress, juniper, geranium, lemon, peppermint.


Personally, I dilute Dhamaceutical Varicose Vein blend in an unscented, organic carrier oil (I usually use Jojoba). The mixing ratio that I use is 10 drops of Dhamaceutical oil to every 20 ml of carrier oil.

According to the label, it also states that it is also suitable for women who are under going pregnancy or menopause.

So Which is The Best Essential Oil For Spider Veins on Legs?

 Spark Natural Cypress OilAjara Well Rooted BlendDharmaceutical Varicose Vein Blend
Cost per 10ml$9.30$20$36.28
Aromatic ScentSpicy smell on it's own.Sweet and Well blended.Sweet smelling.
Ease of UseRequire a carrier oil.No carrier oil needed.May require a carrier oil.
Reaction with SkinMay cause itching if you have sensitive skin.Feels good and light.Feels good and light.
EffectivenessAverage effectiveness. Average effectiveness. Very Effective for Spider veins.


Personally, if you are on a tight budget, I suggest getting Spark Natural Cypress oil together with another carrier oil (If you want the cheapest one, you can get the grapeseed oil at around $10).The total cost should still be less than the other two in this review.

If you want something really effective and cost isn’t really an issue to you, I suggest getting Dharmaceutical Varicose Vein blend. It worked for me, so I am pretty sure it should work for you too.

But if you want something that is multi-purpose, you can consider Ajara’s Well Rooted blend because it also has a deep relaxation effect. Which you can use it when you are feeling stressed or depressed.

I hope you have enjoyed my review. If you have any questions or would like to share your review on any of the above Essential oil, let me know. ūüôā Cheers!