Exquisite Crystals Review – Best Place to Buy Crystals Online

Are you looking to buy Crystals but you’re on a shoe-string budget? Exquisite Crystals is definitely the BEST place to buy Crystals online!

Are You Having Problems Finding A TRUST WORTHY Crystal Shop?

My name is Jessica Hegarty and I am a Crystal Fanatic.

Yes… just like you, I am attracted to not only the beauty of Crystals but also the positive energies that they emit.

The funny thing is… just like everyone, I wanted to start out with only 1 Crystal. But now… I have an entire desk filled with Crystals.

So trust me when I say I understand how you feel!

Initially, I wasn’t even sure if buying Crystals online was even a good idea. I heard stories and I read reviews. Most Crystals that are sold online are usually either poor quality or knock-offs from China.

But after I bought my first Crystal from ExquisiteCrystals.Com, my whole perspective about shopping online for Crystals changed!

How? And why?

Ever gotten yourself ripped off at your local crystal store?

They charge you at exorbitant prices in return for “good quality” Crystals. In actual fact, you are just paying them for their service, covering them for their rental cost and probably paying some middleman fee priced into the crystals that you purchase.

Now imagine trimming off all the unnecessary additional cost, what do you get? You get solid quality Crystals at a BANG-FOR-YOUR-BUCK.

A solid price point and quality is what I look for in a Crystal. And ExquisiteCrystals.Com just have that.


Meet The Man Behind ExquisiteCrystals.Com

ExquisitecCystals.com started off it’s operations online in 1999 as a work of love by John Van Rees Sr. as one of the few crystal websites at that time. With almost 20 years of experience, John and his team have developed a magnificent array of network for Crystal sources both world wide and domestic.

ExquisiteCrystals.com is essentially a small family business with only a father, son and a freight forwarder. So you are definitely guaranteed personal care every time you place an order. Because their company’s structure is so lean, you’re definitely getting the cheapest price for the quality of the Crystals you are getting. If you are intending to buy a Crystal, do support them!




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Far too many crystal lovers have been cheated of their money online by shady business practices. In my experience, crystals which have been sold by the Chinese or Thai sellers have been misrepresenting their products. In addition, it has been reported that there have been numerous supposed USA sellers who are merely drop-shipping companies from China or Thailand. To make things worse, there are some USA sellers who merely buy cheap junk from fraudulent Thailand or China sellers and resell them at a higher profit margin, without having a clue what they are selling.

On the other hand, buying crystals from Exquisite Crystals wont give you this problem. They are our trusted dealer in the crystal community and have been in business since 1999. They have my full support and I recommend them based on the quality of their crystals, prompt response and commitment to service standards.

Don’t have to buy crystals in bulk to get reasonable price

Unlike other online platforms, which require you buy your crystals in bulk to get decent discounts, Exquisite Crystals don’t require you to do that. The price that you pay for your crystals are reasonable for their quality and infact, we think that they are a value buy, value-for-money!

Genuine Vs Fake Crystals

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Also, you won’t have an issue of buying a fake crystal as Exquisite Crystals only sell genuine ones.

What most of fraudulent dealers sell are glass crystals in disguise of quartz crystals.

One of the telltale signs of fake “glass” crystals would be the tiny air bubbles that are usually present in a glass crystal but never in genuine quartz.

Wide Variety of Crystals

The choices at ExquisiteCrystals.Com are amazing. For the same type of Crystals, you can get them in many different forms. Be it you want it raw or tumbled, or even the size of the Crystals, you’ll definitely find something you want. Apart from that, the Crystal stocks on ExquisiteCrystals.Com is much more plentiful especially because the are a Crystal Wholesaler!

No Crowds

If you are like me and you hate crowds when you’re shopping, then buying Crystals on ExquisiteCrystals.Com is for you. Especially during festive seasons, they can be such a huge headache. I mean, the usual Crystal Shops are already packed enough, if there is a crowd, I definitely don’t want to go in.

Less Compulsive Buying

Often times when I am out shopping for Crystals, I end up buying other Crystals compulsively. Crystals that I don’t think I really need. I mean, who stops at just one Crystal right?!? HAHA. But this always happen because of the shop keepers who pressure us or use their upselling skills to compel us to make more of these purchases. At times, we even compromise on our choices because of the lack of choices in these Crystal shops.

Free & Fast Postage Service

With a minimum of $35 spent at Exquisite Crystal, you’ll get free postal service. This gives plus points to Exquisite Crystals because most of the Crystal Shops out there still charge you by the weight of your crystal regardless the amount spent. Their shipping service that they use is also very fast. Received my Crystals within a week! But of course, the further away you are from the US the longer it takes. Some of my fellow Crystal Healing friends who live in Asia got their Crystals within 2 weeks!

Response Time & Before/After Service

As shoppers online, the most important thing on our checklist before we purchase anything online is that we must trust and know who we are buying from. I think those who have bought Crystals from ExquisiteCrystals.Com before would agree with me that John Van Rees Sr. and his team gives customers the assurance that they need. They are quick to respond on any inquiry whether is it before or after your purchase.

Picture Vs Reality

I think one of the most important considerations that we have when we purchase a crystal online is whether the crystal looks as good as what it is online. Be rest assured that at Exquisite Crystals, what you see is what you’ll get. However, that being said, some of their crystal only has 1 in stock. So while stock last, get your crystals now!



Trust Worthy With A Show Room

Apart from having an online presence, ExquisiteCrystals.Com also has a physical show room. This goes to show how much John Van Rees Sr. and his team believe in their work. Doing what they love and loving what they do. Alot of these behind the scenes work have been done by them to keep the Crystal Healing community from thriving. Support the man, John Van Rees Sr. and his dreams of keeping the Crystal Healing community alive! His physical show room is located at the Historic Dental Surgeon’s Office at the Fort Vancouver National Trust, 619 Barnes Street, Vancouver, WA 98661. (It is located directly across the street from the Post Hospital)

Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back

Exquisite Crystals have a 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee, which is ideal for Crystal lovers.

This is a 100% No-Risk Promise, so order your Crystals right now with more confidence! Definitely the BEST place to buy Crystals online!


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