Fluorite Stone Benefits | Green Fluorite Metaphysical Properties

By | February 16, 2018

Are you looking to find out what are the Fluorite stone benefits? Or more specifically, what are the green Fluorite Metaphysical properties?

The green fluorite is the most common kind of Fluorite, it is the impurities which are present in the Fluorite stone that gives it a different color. Every Fluorite is unique and every color on the Fluorite gives it a different meaning and healing property…

Who Am I & What Is My Story?

Green Fluorite Metaphysical PropertiesHi my name is Jessica Hegarty and I am a Crystal Healer and an Energy worker. I hold a day job as a Process Engineer with a Pharmaceutical major, but have a keen interest in Crystals.

I started this blog with the idea of sharing my knowledge and experience on Crystals. Just like yourself, I started out learning about Crystals while I was on a path to self-healing and soul searching.

In past, where information wasn’t as transparent, we had to attend conventions and rely on seminars to learn about Crystals and how it works. I remember getting my hands on my first handbook by Judy Hall. Seems like it was just yesterday… I hope by penning down my thoughts and experiences, it will help grow the Crystal community.

Fluorite Appearance & Characteristics

Green Fluorite Metaphysical PropertiesFluorspar, derived from the the Latin word, “fluo”, meaning flow, is the less commonly known as of the otherwise famous crystal, Fluorite.

A transparent or translucent Crystals, with calcium floride as the primary material, is acknowledged as the most colorful mineral in the world. It’s definitely in countless of ‘must-haves’ lists of crystal lovers and collectors. This is heavily attributed to the fact that the crystal is extremely luminous and beautiful. The soft and glassy appearance has a such a vibrancy that makes it hard not to stare.

Fluorite forms and exists in an array of hues, typically purple, green, yellow, blue, and in pure form – colorless, though specimens of pink, red, white, brown and black also occur. Impurities, which are exposed to radiation, and voids in the color centers determines Fluorite’s color and helps give it the wonderful luminous quality everyone admires.

Fluorite Crystal Meaning – Various Colors

The Fluorite Crystal forms in many different colours, its variety diverging in many directions, and while each manifests its abilities in different ways, all serve the mental body, brain and energetic levels of being.

The black fluorite is a great astral cleaner, which clears negativity from the aura and astral areas, which is effective in eliminating nightmares.

Green fluorite crystals promote healings in all areas of your life, such as self love, creativity and even physical problems like heart issues. Whatever the colour is, Fluorite does bring about an abundance of benefits for your life and your inner self.

Fluorite Stone Benefits # 1 – Grounding & Harmonizing

The Crystal is used to ground and harmonise spiritual energy, which helps you know when there are external forces trying to control or manipulate you. It can dramatically shut down all sorts of mental or physics manipulation, of any kind. This makes it extremely helpful for those surrounded by hostile or opposing forces at work, or anywhere for that matter.

Even in personal relationships, be with with your co-workers or your spouse, this mighty Crystal can ward off the energies that pose as a threat to your precious relationships. Fluorite does this by promoting stability in relationships… Often at times aiding you to find a common interest or purpose with your partner, friend or family member.

This is made possible as Fluorite absorbs negative energy from your surroundings and environment, which is why its effective in Aura and Chakra cleansing. However, due to its powerful absorption abilities, Fluorite should be cleansed often.

Fluorite Stone Benefits #2 – Helps With Prioritizing & Mental Clarity

Fluorite Stone Benefits

If you’re looking to be a more organised person, Fluorite can help you with just that. Whether you’re someone with a high rank, a junior executive or an entrepreneur running your own business, the crystal is extremely useful. Fluorite heightens your mental abilities which goes hand in hand for aiding in rapid organisation and for processing information.

Mental clarity and stability can become one of your traits and characteristics when you’re in a chaotic situation because of what Fluorite brings to the table. It’s an overall wonderful lucky charm that will help make things easier for you in the financial and career fronts!

Fluorite Stone Benefits #3 – Helps With Learning & Memory

Fluorite is amazing for students as well, or those who are still learning, be it in a school system or self directed learning. This is even applicable for those with specific goals and aspirations. Fluorite clears the fogginess of your mental state, and rid of your confusion and conflicting ideas.

Late night thoughts causing you restless sleep will be a thing of the past… As the Fluorite hushes worried thoughts and any form of anxiety you may possess. Rest assure your examination or test preparations will be a breeze as the colorful crystal is perfect for increasing thoughts and concentration. An excellent study tool it is, Fluorite makes absorbing new information and memorizing much simpler. Not to worry as you are more capable to retain the new knowledge you’ve gained. When used regularly, Fluorite is a breeding ground for your intelligence… And its even believed to increase the I.Q of its user.

Fluorite Stone Benefits #4 – Emotional Tranquility

Fluorite Stone BenefitsEarlier we’ve discussed how Fluorite benefits both physical and spiritual aspects of your life. But what exactly are the benefits brought forth from this magnificent creation of nature? We’re going to touch on the physical aspects of the benefits of Fluorite. Fluorite is amazing at purifying your body, dispensing anything away that is hindering your body’s natural functionality.

It promotes calmness and relaxation, which makes it capable of reliving all your tensions and anxieties. Fluorite can help when your throat is being problematic, such as when you have a sore throat or a cough. It can ease the pain and greases the wheels towards a quicker recovery.

Fluorite Stone Benefits #5 – Rebalance Bodily Functions

Intestinal problems can also be helped by Fluorite. If stomach aches pay you frequent visits, and their buddies like constipation and bloating knock on your door regularly… Fluorite can act as a mighty bouncer that will keep them from coming back.

Other problems can also be warded off such as fungal infections. Fluorite is great for the eyes, ears, nose, bones, teeth, brain and even for treating conditions like blood pressure. Basically, Fluorite is a great all rounder preventive measure of diseases and illnesses.

Fluorite Stone Benefits #6 – Heighten Intuition

Spiritually, Fluorite is a multi-dimensional Crystal manifesting the highest aspect of the mind. It can heighten your intuitive powers, and bring realization to the purity and completeness of the universe, understanding how everything is the way it is. Fluorite allows you to be at peace with yourself while still ensuring and keeping your uniqueness and singular expression.

Allow yourself, with the help of Fluorite, to explore the inner self temple, where all of your knowledge, philosophy, intelligence is carefully contained. You will be able to align with the very source of our being and to stay, with as much acknowledgement as possible, attuned to the Divine Will while still behaving and functioning on the physical plane.

How To Use Fluorite Crystals?

Fluorite Stone Benefits

It is fairly simple to integrate the use of Fluorite into your daily life. While meditating, place the Crystal in the palm of your hand, and feel its calming energy envelope you in peace. You can also put on the Crystal in the form of jewelery to keep Fluorite’s energy close to your vibrational fields.

Pendants are the best form of jewelery you can wear your Fluorite crystal as it provides a good connection between the Crystals energies with your Chakras. For a peace of mind during bed time, place a Fluorite Crystal beneath your pillow. This can help heal your night time terrors and sleep paralysis, as well as preventing unwanted out of body trips.

Wherever you are, with whoever you may be with… Fluorite is sure to be the best companion every step of the way. Like a guide dog to the visually disabled or like a hearing aid to the hearing-impaired… Fluorite is sure to provide assistance that you may have you thinking “Where has this been all my life?”.