Healing Crystals For Skin Problems – Avoid Dry Skin, Eczema, Acne & Rosacea

By | May 21, 2017

Suffering from skin problems and sick and tired of trying over the counter skin care products, or even oral medications that end up worsening your skin conditions? Using healing crystals for skin problems could have beneficial effects in alleviating them and improving your overall skin condition and health. Crystal healing for the skin has been used since ancient times and today, skincare brands are incorporating elements of crystals and gemstones into new lines of skincare products and even celebrities use crystals in their skincare routines for a natural, non-invasive way to achieve beautiful and healthy skin.


Healing Crystals For Skin Problems # 1 – Dry Skin : Moonstone & Sapphire

MoonstoneIf you battle with dry skin or suffer from dry patches on your skin occasionally, using crystals can help to restore the balance and bring out your skin’s natural ability to hydrate itself.

The Moonstone supports our supraphysical aura, which is essential for the overall health of the body. As we grow old, this aura wears out and our skin in turn loses hydration and elasticity. Moonstone helps to replenish this aura and its energy will hydrate it. Essentially, your skin would be rejuvenated and protected against degeneration. It will therefore help with not just aging skin but also dehydrated skin that result from aging.

Sapphire is another healing crystal for skin problems that you can consider incorporating into your beauty regime. A water stone that is calming by nature, it can be used to soothe and deeply hydrate the skin.

Of course, if your skin is dehydrated, it is also very likely a sign of dehydration from within. Load up on water and drink up! You can incorporate crystals into your daily dose of water. Check out the different VitaJuwel Crystal Elixir concoctions to boost the benefits of water that you drink daily.

Healing Crystals For Skin Problems # 2 –  Eczema : Agate & Hiddenite

AgateIf you have been suffering from eczema and tired of using harsh steroids on your skin, try using crystals to complement your eczema treatment.

The Agate helps with cellular repair and is an especially soothing stone. It is especially good for eczema that are itchy and flaky. If you have been scratching your skin and there are some bleeding spots, the Agate is great for enhancing the healing process as it helps to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

Hiddenite is an extremely calming stone and is beneficial for stress relief. It is a healing stone for stress-triggered illness and will be useful for eczema is triggered by stress as it helps to reduce the stress and anxiety experienced and heals the skin to a calmed and balanced state.

Healing Crystals For Skin Problems # 3 –  Acne : Ruby & Amethyst

GarnetHaving an acne breakout? Acne breakout could mean a buildup of toxins in the body, hence causing it to erupt on your skin. Afterall, our skin is the biggest organ that helps us flush out toxins. Crystals are useful to help promote the skin and body’s ability at removing toxins.

Ruby is a great gemstone that is high in energy. It has been used to promote blood circulation and healing in the body. By enhancing blood circulation and healing ability in our bodies, the body is able to flush out the toxins in our skin and greatly improve acne breakouts and inflammation on the skin.

Amethyst is another great gemstone that has been used for de-stressing and detoxification. Amethyst has been known to help with the circulatory system of the body and it also enhances cell regeneration. Use amethyst to detoxify and repair the skin to recover from a nasty bout of acne breakout.

Healing Crystals For Skin Problems # 3 – Oily Skin : Amazonite & Jade

Oily skin can be really annoying especially if you are out and about and by the end of the day, you find your face an oil slick with smudged makeup. Using gemstones Bowenite Jadecan help to balance out the excessive oil production, which can sometimes be caused by dry skin.

Amazonite is a water elemental gemstone and we have seen it being incorporated heavily into many skincare products. Chinese are especially fond of using Amazonite powder for beauty regime. Amazonite represents purity and wisdom. It has calming properties and will help in bringing down excessive oil production while moisturizing the skin.

Much like the Calcite, Jade is used extensively as a gemstone for beautiful skin. It is one of the few rare stone that does not require cleansing from other people’s energy fields. Its aura will always remain clean. It is an extremely calm and soothing stone and will help to reduce nervousness. It will help to calm the skin and promote healing.

Healing Crystals For Skin Problems # 3 – Rosacea : Fluorite & Calcite

Rosacea is another common skin problem that is unsightly and annoying. If you have rosacea, try using crystals to soothe the skin whenever the symptoms flare up. Blue stones that emit cooling energies can help with rosacea. Rosacea is often associated with anxiety, and tends to flare up when a person feels anxious or nervous. Fluorite is an excellent stone that is used for anxiety problem. It has a calming and cooling energy and can help to dissipate anxious feelings and is soothing for the skin.

As rosacea is a form of skin inflammation, using Calcite is helpful to alleviate the inflammation and heal the skin. Choose blue Calcite stones, which have a more soothing and calming energy to treat rosacea.


How To Use These Healing Crystals For Skin Problems?

Our recommendation as to how you can use these healing crystals for your skin problems is to use tumbled stones as they have smooth and cool surfaces which makes them easy to hold and more efficient and soothing the skin, particularly for conditions like acne, eczema which often mean skin is irritated or inflamed.

Before you begin, it is important to start with cleansed stones, and then set your intention into the stone by holding it in front of your mouth with both hands and in a few simple sentences, gently speak to the crystal your intentions in the process that will come after, which is to use the healing crystal for your skin.

After you have set the intention, hold the stone a comfortable distance from the affected area of the skin, and in clockwise direction, slowly circle it around the area and imagine the stone emitting a soothing light and energy, projecting into your skin, and imagine your skin being repaired and soothed through the process. Do this for several minutes. Repeat this process daily; remember to cleanse the stone after each healing cycle until your skin has improved.