Home Protection Crystals – Tips To Protect Your Home

By | June 17, 2017

Home Protection Crystals

Why do we need to use Home Protection Crystals?

Home protection crystals- why do we need to use them? A house is called a Home because it offers the people living in it a feeling of security, safety and comfort. It is a place where family members interact with one another and loving, happy memories are created. A home can be one’s safe haven and nurture feelings of love. It could also be a place that breeds animosity and feelings of frustration if the energies in it are negative. Imagine if you have had a bad day at work and you go home at the end of the day bringing along these negative energies. It would affect the frequencies at home. Sometimes, even visitors to your home carry with them energies that can influence the frequencies in your home. These in turn affect the people living in the house.

It is important to maintain healthy and happy frequencies at home. This is so that it can continue to be a safe haven, and a place to restore happy and positive energies to your bodies even after a bad day. Fights and disputes at home will also be fleeting and never linger for longer than they should.

Start off by cleansing your home

As with any type of crystal healing, it is essential to start off with a cleansed space. We recommend using sage to cleanse the spaces in your home. There is no fixed way how you can or should do this. Do it however you feel like but we recommend using sage on your home room by room. We like to start from the centre of the room and slowly move outward to any opening such as the door or a window. Start from the smaller rooms and leave the main hall to the last. As you sage your home, imagine negative energy being dispelled and ‘chased’ out of the house.

Crystals for home protection

After your home has been cleansed, you are ready to place crystals in your home! You can use crystals in your home for many purposes; in this article, we will talk about which crystals to use to protect your home. Protective crystals can be used to keep out negative energies and bad intentions. In addition, they can offer your home protection against geopathic stress and EMFs.

black tourmalineA highly protective crystal is indisputably the Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a very protective and grounding stone. It offers the user protection against almost all forms of negative energies, including EMFs. A good way to use the black tourmaline in the home is to place it at the entrances to your home. For example, by the doorways  or windows are strategic places to  prevent external negativity from entering. You can also choose to place one in each room to dispel any negative energy present in that room.

Angelite is another fantastic crystal for home protection. This crystal fosters closer connection to the spiritual realm and draws an angelic protection over the home. Imagine a cloak-like shield over the home keeping it safe and peaceful. Angelite is extremely powerful in protecting not just the home but also the people living in there. It attaches to those every member living in the house. It continues to protect you even when you step outside the premise of the house. Angelic protection is direct and strong and best placed at a high and bright (or open) spot in the home. It is also best to place Angelite in a central spot in the home. If that is challenging, you can put on in the centre of every room. You can also place Angelite atop a window or a door frame.

Between the two crystals, you can think of black tourmaline as the warrior and Angelite as the guardian angel. One defends the home and dispels negativity, allowing more positive energy to enter. The other is like a guardian angel keeping the home safe.

AngeliteApart from just protecting the home from negative frequencies, it is important to introduce positive energies into the home. Selenite is a fantastic stone to use hand in hand with the black tourmaline and Angelite for home protection. It is an angelic stone which is great for unblocking stale energies within a space and improving the circulation of energies in your home. It is also a stone which promotes calmness and peace in the area. Apart from the beneficial properties Selenite has for your home, it is also a great stone to use together with other crystals as Selenite is an energy magnifier and can amplify the energies of other crystals it is placed with. This means that by placing a Selenite beside a Black tourmaline or Angelite, it enhances the protective qualities of these crystals. Beyond placing Selenite with protective crystals to magnify their qualities, Selenite can be used in crystal grids or in fact placed together with any crystals which qualities you wish to enhance to create a better environment for your home.

It is important to set your intention before placing your home protection crystals. After cleansing your home and identifying which crystals to be placed at which part of your home, hold the crystal in your hand and set an intention upon it before placing it at the selected spot in your home.

Maintaining Your Home Protection Crystals

First, it is important to keep the area in your home where the crystals are placed clean to ensure the crystals work well. Personally, I like to place them in an open area by windows or doors where there is energy flow to enhance the energy of the crystals and I ensure that the area is kept clean and free of dust. It is also essential to cleanse your home protection crystals regularly to remove the negative energies and adjust them back to their vibrational levels, so that they work at their optimum level and continue to offer blessings for your home and protect it.

We recommend cleansing your home protection crystals at least once a month. You can cleanse your crystals more often if necessary, for example when you have had a group of guests over or after a dispute concluded in your home. Once you have cleansed your home protection crystals, set an intention upon it again, before placing it back to the spot in your home.