How Crystal Healing Works – Crystal Healing For Beginners

By | March 26, 2017

What exactly is it about crystals that make them so appealing and why do they harness the magical powers that make them healing? Now you must be wondering, how crystal healing works?

We all came into this journey of crystal healing in different ways. You might have been attracted to how pretty the crystals look when you casually walked into a crystal shop and instantly felt attracted to that pretty pink piece of Rose Quartz, or drawn to the gentle aura of the Blue Lace Agate. Or may have been gifted a piece of crystal by a family member or friend who wanted to introduce a meaningful representation into your life, and you found that it resonated with you, just a little too much to be ignored; you then embarked on a crystal journey and not looked back since.

Or you could be at this page, reading this, because you are just started on your crystal journey and eager to learn more about this wonderful mystery that you are so attracted to, specifically, how crystal healing works?

how crystal healing works


How Are Crystals Formed?

Now, what are crystals and what exactly about crystals make them beneficial? In laymen explanation, crystal is a broad term used to describe any solid with an ordered internal structure. They are formed in nature when liquids are cooled and solidify. What gives different crystals their colour, shape and appearance, are determined by the conditions they grow in. Temperature, elements of the liquid, pressure etc., all play a part. It is also good to note that the kind of crystals we use for crystal healing, are formed over many years in nature and their use go a long way back in history and have been experimented for thousands of years before us. Ancient Greeks wear amethyst as an amulet and Chinese use jade in medicines.

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Energetic Vibrations of Crystals

I like to think of the formation of crystals as a collusion of energies in the environment over a long period of time. Everything around us is a product of energy and different forms of matter vibrate at different frequencies. The same goes for the human body, and of crystals.

Because the conditions which different crystals are formed are unique, crystals also vibrate at different frequencies depending on their matter, thickness, colour etc. All of these are a product of the energies in the environment when they were formed.

The human body is also made of energy; as the Chinese belief of the Yin and the Yang energies goes. When there is an imbalance of energies in our bodies, physiological or emotional symptoms manifest; a headache, dry skin, moodiness, anger… you name it. These symptoms give off vibrations of their own as well.

Fundamentals of How Crystal Healing Works

The fundamental is that crystal, and the energies it brings, are healing, and can restore our bodies to optimum functioning levels by bringing balance. Crystals have a high and precise rate of vibration- which is why they are used extensively in modern technology (think your LCD screens on your smartphones and computers), and they can interact with energy fields around them. Crystals can therefore pick up vibrations from the human body’s chakras (or energy centers) to help flush out negativity.

I believe when I find myself attracted to a particular crystal, it is more than the physical appearance of the crystal I am attracted to, but the vibration that it is giving out which is attracting my own frequency. That said, crystal healing is all about knowing what stone resonates at the correct frequency for what you hope to achieve.

It can be used for protection, emotional healing, love , career and even used to enhance your spirituality.

Different people and different layers of their sub-consciousness have different vibrational frequencies depending on their state of health, emotions and feelings. Through resonance, crystals can restore equilibrium to us, physically, emotionally and mentally, bringing them back to a natural healthy state. Different crystals are used for different purposes as each crystal has its own base resonance frequency. In the practice of crystal healing, it is important to know what crystals to use for what purpose, as well as how to maintain and care for your crystals after use.

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How Crystal Healing Works?

Crystal healing in theory is about placing them in your hand or on our body’s chakras, to allow the crystals to transmit its energy, to calm, comfort or revitalize the human body, mind and soul. But crystal works beyond physical contact. Crystal healing works at a distance too. Subtle electromagnetic current passes between a crystal and a person even when they are not in physical contact. What allow such transmission of energies, even without contact, lies in the consciousness and intention of the person. Try looking at your crystal and begin to feel the effect it has on you.

My Personal Experience

My own crystal journey started when I purchased my first crystal. It was a time in my life where I felt I was not making any progress at work and I wanted something to help boost my confidence to have a breakthrough in my career. I knew a friend had recently purchased some crystals to help boost her confidence and improve her communication. Having my interest piqued, I walked into a crystal store and started looking around by myself.

I found myself attracted to a bracelet with red beautiful crystal beads. The store owner then explain to me what does that crystal symbolizes. I later found out that it was the red tiger eye crystal, also known as the Dragon’s eye. The Red Tiger Eye brings energies of vitality and vibrance, giving its user strength and willpower. It also has the properties of the Tiger Eye, which boosts confidence and enhances good luck. I knew then, that it was exactly what I needed.

Pick The Right Crystals To Stay In Balance

With that, I hope whoever is reading this will understand that everything is energy. Manifestations is a result of the vibrational frequency. The human body is no exception. Crystals generate, store and radiate energy. It is like an information system that runs on vibrations. Find the right crystal with the right information system and the body will be brought back into balance. This happened because you utilize the energetic forces that the crystals possess. Crystal healing can work through physical contact by placing crystals on the body’s energy centers, or at a distance, powered by intention and consciousness.

So there you have it, this is how crystal healing works. If you would like to learn more about crystal healing, do check out our other articles. I hope you can find something that helps you. Welcome onboard to the journey of crystal healing and the HeySoulCrystals community.