Aura Cleansing And Chakra Balancing Exercises For Beginners

By | March 26, 2018

Are you trying to learn some Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing exercises…? There are a couple of ways in which you can heal your Chakras, but not many will teach you.

Who Am I And Whats My Story?

Hi there, my name is Jessica Hegarty and I am a Crystal enthusiast and an energy practitioner. I am an Engineer by training and current work at a Pharmaceutical plant. I started this blog to pen down my thoughts and experiences as an energy healer and practitioner…

Just like yourself, I came to know of Chakras and Auras during my pursuit for self-healing…

I remember back then, I felt really imbalance all over… I was really needy when I was with my friends… and held many grudges with the people at work. A new guy was coming into my life… but I was just not ready for any commitment.. I mean, he was great but I just couldn’t bring myself to take the next step…

How It All Began..?

I spoke to a few friends who were also energy practitioners and they told me that perhaps… my heart Chakra was being blocked… and that was an “AH HAH” moment for me…

I went back home, did all the research I needed to do… and tried to self-diagnosed a little… and I kinda figured out that the symptoms for my blocked heart Chakra matches how I actually feel…

As a rule of the thumb, if you feel irritable at certain areas of your body or that the energy around your body is stale & weak or even stiffness is muscle. That probably means that the Chakra closes to the affected area is out of balance…

If you are new and not sure what Chakras are, you can read this blogpost which I have written. It explains to you clearly what are the 7 Chakras are and how they affect us…

There are 3 main Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing exercises:

  1. Using Crystals.
  2. Chakra Breathing Techniques, which is commonly used in Yoga practice.
  3. Earth Energy Healing; Using the Earth’s Energy for Chakra Balancing.

How To Heal Your Chakras Method 1: Using Crystals

It has been long known that the power of crystals can be used to balance and heal your Chakra. The use of Chakras to balance one’s emotional and personal well-being rose rapidly during the 1950s to around 2008.

Chakras are energy wheels located at several important points of your body that are inline with your spine. Each Chakra location harbors spiritual power.

These energy wheels helps to regulate different processes that occurs in your body. Some of which are the regulation of the immune system, organ functions and emotions.

Chakras location starts from the base of your spine all the way to the crown of your head. Depending on the flow of energy through these energy wheels, they can be open, closed, overactive or underactive.

There are a total of 7 main Chakras out of over a hundred in every human body. Four of them are located in the upper body which has control over our mental properties. Three others are located in the lower body and these three has control over the instinctual properties.

Aura Cleansing And Chakra Balancing Exercises # 1 – Using Crystals

The 7 main Chakras in every human body are known as the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. The first Chakra starts from the base of the spine upwards towards the crown of your head where the 7th Chakra is at.

“The respective Crystals for each Chakra should match the color of the Chakra.”

Various colors of the Crystals have their own different set of frequencies and wavelengths; they therefore produce vibrations unique to their specific hues. As such, every Chakra point must have the same corresponding frequency and wavelength as the color of the stone to prompt effective healing and an overall harmonious flow of energy in your Chakra system.

Different Chakra Crystals Have Different Sets of Frequencies and Wavelengths

This results in a balance in your Chakra, providing your body with advantages such as the overall feeling of well-being, increased vitality, rejuvenation and a more relaxed and calm demeanor.

aura cleansing and chakra balancing exercises 18

The stress and frustrations of daily life can be draining and thus taking a toll on your Chakras, causing fluctuations in your Chakra energies which disrupt the harmonious flow required for your well-being.

An under active Chakra results in various issues, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. This is where the Chakra Healing stones come into play.

These sets of Crystals, when used properly, can be used to alleviate these ailments and restore your body back to a healthy state. And even bring you to a state of peace. Both emotionally and spiritually.

Heal Root Chakra – Red Colored Crystals

The first Chakras, which is also known as the Root Chakra, can be located at the base of the spine and it is best represented by the color red.

The Root Chakra, being the point where your energy is mustered, can be identified as under active when you experience problems such a depression, anxiety, low blood pressure or digestive issues.

As expected, the suggested Crystals for the Root Chakra are preferably those that comes in Red.

Crystals such as the Rhodochrosite, help create strength and courage. Another option is the Bloodstone, Dark Green in hue with red spots, which boots self-esteem and repels negativity. Both of these crystals are often used for cleansing and activation of the Root Chakra.

Heal Sacral Chakra – Orange Colored Crystals

The second Chakra, also known as the Sacral Chakra, is located at the lower abdomen area. The Sacral Chakra, when under active, will arise to problems such as a feeling of isolation, lack of emotions and a block in creativity, closing the doors of opportunities.

To alleviate these issues, crystals such as the Carnelian, a orange colored Crystals is used for its amplifying properties. Moonstones that are slightly yellow or gold are unique due to their connection to the moon which makes them excellent in activating your Sacral Chakra.

aura cleansing and chakra balancing exercises 17

Heal Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow Colored Crystals

Next, the Solar Plexus Chakra which is the third Chakra located along the spine. It can be located behind the belly button and this energy wheel is best represented by the color yellow.

An under active Solar Plexus Chakra can be recognised when one has low energy, lack of confidence and often lethargic or aggressive.

Crystals such as Yellow Opal, can provide mental rejuvenation and renewed confidence. While Yellow Tourmaline Crystals are effective in detoxifying your body and thus aiding in the balance of your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Heal Heart Chakra – Pink & Green Colored Crystals

The fourth Chakra which is also known as the Heart Chakra and it is located at the center of the chest. The colors that best represents the Heart Chakra are pink or green.

The Heart Chakra, when under active, causes heart conditions, lung issues and also problems concerning blood circulation.

Popular stones used to counter these problems are the Rose Quartz, a pinkish hued crystal, which directly targets alleviating heart conditions and also allow better sleep.

The Calcite works well too by absorbing the negative energies and also improving your body’s immune system. These stones allow a overall calmer emotions and increased vitality.

Heal Throat Chakra – Blue Colored Crystals

The fifth Chakra would be the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra is slightly above the collar bone where the throat is located at.

The color that best represents this Chakra is blue. The Throat Chakra is known to be under active when one is faced with mouth or throat illnesses such as thyroid.

It also hinders ones ability in decision making and suppresses your sense of empathy.

In cases as such, stones such as the Blue Quartz, is often used as a way to soothe these illnesses and also improves your communication ability.

The Aquamarine, light green-blue in colour, gives you a higher tolerance level, removes doubts and fears and brings out compassion.

Heal Third Eye Chakra – Purple Colored Crystals

Next in line would be the Third Eye Chakra which is the sixth Chakra amongst the 7 main Chakras. This energy wheel is located slightly above and between the eye brows.

Purple connects the best with this Chakra. The under active Third Eye Chakra will cause frequent headaches and migraines or difficulty in your concentration. Sinus problems are also associated with the under active Third Eye Chakra.

These conditions can be remedied with stones like Amethyst, a purple crystal that gives wisdom and protection from harmful and negative forces.

The Moldavite Crystal, dark green in color, improves ones ability to remember dreams and the clarity of the dream itself. It also clears negativity, making it popular in balancing the Third Eye Chakra.

aura cleansing and chakra balancing exercises 16

Heal Crown Chakra – White & Violet Colored Crystals

Lastly, let’s not forget the Crown Chakra. This is the 7th main Chakra in the human body. It lies at the top of the head and it connects with the colors white and violet.

The Crown Chakra, when under active will result in close mindedness and an cynicism towards sacred beliefs.

These may be re-balanced using Clear Quartz which gives better spiritual awareness and amplifies your psychic energy. It is also effective is promoting hair and fingernail growth.

Diamonds, while being a rarer stone, is effective in elevating emotional burdens and allows you to tap into divine energies, giving you vision of truth and clarity.

Chakra Healing Crystal Set – For Ease & Convenience

Instead of buying each and every individual Crystal for Chakra Healing, why not get a Chakra Healing Crystal Set? It makes more sense because it is cheaper!

The only downside is that you cant do your own customization. Personally I got my own Chakra Healing Crystal set from ExquisiteCrystals, you can check it out over HERE.

I fully support them because of their service, affordability and the quality of their Crystals. You can read my review on Exquisite Crystals and decide if they are worth your support 🙂

What is a Chakra Healing Crystal Set & Whats Their Role?

Chakra Healing Crystal set are a set of different colored healing Crystals with each Crystal targeted at healing a specific Chakra point.

Most Chakra Crystal sets have 7 stones intended balancing 7 main Chakra points.

These Crystals are usually placed around your own personal space. It could be almost anywhere from places such as your living room to right beside your pillow while you are taking a rest.

It is also possible to wear multiple Crystals as a form of jewelry such as necklaces or rings.

Crystal Laying Technique For Chakra Healing

However, a more effective method of “Laying on of Crystals” is commonly used by Crystal Healers. This is where the Chakra Crystals are placed on the body’s energy centers (while lying down of course!) for a period of time. This encourages the healing of that specific Chakra point.

Lay The Crystals Starting From The Root Chakra To The Crown Chakra

For a well balanced Chakra flow, the Crystals are placed, starting from the Root Chakra, and subsequently moving upwards, ending at the Crown Chakra. The pointed tips of the Crystal should be directed towards the crown while lying down.

This allows the energy to be directed throughout the body starting from the bottom, upwards towards your head. This is by the the one best Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing exercises I have experienced so far… It is quick and easy remedy for any blocked or unbalanced Chakra…

Rinse Your Chakra Healing Crystals Under Cool Water

To begin, rinse the Chakra Healing Crystal you are using under cool water. Then, lay down with the front side of your body facing upwards.

Ensure that you are in a comfortable position where the necessary places like your head or back are well cushioned or supported.

Close Your Eyes And Enter Into An Undisturbed State Of Mind

Close your eyes and allow your body and mind to enter an undisturbed area. Be conscious of your environment and how you are feeling during the course of your meditation.

If you start to lose your direction during your meditation, it is okay to open your eyes and reconnect your bodily sensations to your environment again.

Always manifest positive thinking during the unblocking session.

Unblocking The Root Chakra

The Rhodochrosite Crystal can be used for the process of unblocking your Root Chakra. Shift the focal point of your body to the area around the lowest part of your spine where the crystal is located.

Place focus on Root Chakra, feel and imagine a bright red light emitting out of the Crystal and ask yourself how you would like it to affect your life.

Contract your perineum as you inhale and relax it as you exhale. You could also imagine a closed red flower at the Root Chakra and slowly allow it to bloom according to the pace of your meditation.

Unblocking The Sacral Chakra

Place the Carnelian Crystal at the area below your navel where your lower abdomen is. Other alternatives to the Carnelian Crystal would be the Orange Sunstone or the Tiger’s Eye crystal.

Place focus on the Sacral Chakra and imagine a bright Orange light shine through the Crystal. Feel it’s energy bringing your Sacral Chakra back to balance.

Form your hands into the shape of a circle and place it in a relaxed position on your body. Allow your positive thoughts to flow until your Sacral Chakra being cleansed of the blockage.

Unblocking The Solar Plexus Chakra

Place a Yellow Opal Crystal slightly above your belly button at your Solar Plexus Chakra. Alternative to the Yellow Aventurine, you can use Yellow Opal or Yellow Moonstone.

Bring your palms together with your thumbs overlapping each other. While resting them on your body in a relaxed position.

Place focus on the Solar Plexus Chakra, asking yourself how you would like it to affect your life. Feel the vibrational energy from the Crystal seep into your under active Solar Plexus Chakra.

Unblocking The Heart Chakra

At the Heart Chakra, located in the middle of your chest, place a Rose Quartz. Other stones such as the Moldavite or Danburite can be used too depending on your preference.

Place both your hands beside you while adopting a Gyan Mudra. (Can be done by allowing your index finger and thumb to meet.)

Unblocking the Throat Chakra

At the Throat Chakra, located above your collar bone and below your chin, place a Blue Quartz. You may use also use the Kyanite or Tanzanite Crystal instead.

Interlock your fingers while your thumb press against each other and rest it comfortably on our body.

Unblocking The Third Eye Chakra

At the Third Eye Chakra, place a Sodalite Crystal between and slightly above your eyebrows. A Lapis Lazuli can be used too.

Roll your fingers towards your palm and tuck your thumb inwards.

Allow the area between the knuckles and mid-fingers to touch. Lay it comfortably on your body until you feel unblocked.

Unblocking The Crown Chakra

As the energy wheel for the Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head, place an Amethyst slightly above the top of your head. However, ensure a strong Root Chakra foundation before proceeding.

Other Crystals that you can use are the Clear Quartz and Petalite.

Interlock your fingers while allowing your pinky fingers to standout and meet. Organize your thoughts and focus on allowing a bright white light shine through the top of your head.

Time Line Required For The Chakra Healing Process Using Crystals

Noticed that there wasn’t any guidelines on the time required for unblocking each and every Chakra? The reason is simple, each and everyone of us is unique.

We are our own barometer.

You’ll know when you’re ready to move to the next Chakra.

Once you have completed your session of unblocking your Chakras, rinse your crystals in cool water or smudge them.

Then, place them at an area with ample sunlight/moonlight to allow them to re-charge for your next Chakra unblocking session.

I have also written an article on various methods to cleanse your Crystals, if you would like to read more, do read it HERE.

You Are Not Required To Attempt All 7 Chakra In One Sitting

Attempt step 1 to 7 in one sitting is not necessary. Progressively working towards step 7 over a period of time or in different sessions will not reduce it’s effectiveness.

If you are going for a longer session, remember to pause and rehydrate. When all the Chakras are unblocked, the spiritual power that flows through the Chakras would level out and become balanced.

Aura Cleansing And Chakra Balancing Exercises #2: Chakra Breathing Techniques

Another way to revitalize your body’s Chakra Energy Centers is through Chakra breathing exercises. These Chakra breathing techniques that you’ll learn are also taught in Yoga practices and meditations.

Prana – Vital Life Force

The Sanskrit word Pranayama refers to the art of regulated breathing which is the source of our vital life force – Prana.

Understanding pranayama is the most important concept in practicing yoga, meditation or any form of self-healing.

For practitioners who are able to regulate their breathing are able to promote physical and mental wellbeing – revitalizing their soul and re-energizing their body.

Pranayama Breathing A Form of Regulated Breathing For Chakra Healing

Pranayama breathing techniques are also often used to induce stress relief and relaxation.

There is a common perception that there are only two stages to breathing, which is inhaling and exhaling. However in pranayama teaching, the retention of breath (Kumbhaka) is very important as breathing is a process of taking in vital energy and removing waste products from our mind and body.

Pranayama – Deep Slow Breathing

Pranayama breathing techniques consist of four different steps:

  1. Inhalation (Puraka): This is the first stage of breathing where fresh air is being brought into the lungs. Delivering vital life-forces, prana, into your body.
  2. Breath Retention (Kumbhaka): After inhalation, pranayama teachings require you to retain the air in the lungs for a period of time before proceeding to exhalation. This breath retention should be effortless and natural just like how you would hold your breath.
  3. Exhalation (Rechaka): In this stage of exhalation, air is expulse out of your body in a smooth and relaxing way.
  4. Pause After Exhalation (Kumbhaka): Pause after exhalation, before inhaling and entering into a new breath cycle.

Regular pranayama practice can benefit practitioners both physically and emotionally.

Deep slow breathing is a sure cure against tension, aches and pains as it relaxes your body and restores your Chakra energy level.

Slow conscious breathing also helps practitioners find peace, promote feelings of calmness and reduce anxiety levels in difficult times.

Pranayama A.K.A Chakra Breathing Technique Gets You The Best Out of Each Breath

Everyone can breathe but most people don’t realize that they are not getting their best out of each breath resulting in less-optimal health over the long term. However, it is never too late to learn the art of breathing.

For beginners, it is highly recommended that you practice daily. The more time you spend practicing, the more you reap out of it.

Pranayama Everywhere & Everyday But Never on a Full Stomach

Early morning pranayama practice is the best but never do it on a full stomach. However, it is not recommended to practice it too close to bedtime as this breathing exercise can be too exhilarating.

Pranayama can be practiced anywhere, as long as you are able to find yourself a quiet corner. Once you are more proficient, you’ll be able to practice pranayama anywhere you go.

Finding calmness through pranayama is an enriching experience and it can the way you perceive life.

Pranayama Postures

aura cleansing and chakra balancing exercises 10There are many pranayama postures which require certain seated Yoga poses, asanas, and hand gestures, mudras.

As a beginner, it is acceptable to be seated in a comfortable position. The most common kind of posture used to practice pranayama is the Seated Yoga Pose – Sukhasana.

Always remember that pranayama is more than just breathing. It is breathing with greater consciousness to invite the flow of prana into your whole being.

There are many different types of Chakra breathing techniques that you can employ to nurture you back to optimum health.

They come in different variation, seating position, hand gestures and mantras. Experiment with the different types of Chakra breathing techniques and find one that is works well with you.

Full Yogic Breathing – Chakra Breathing Techniques #1

In order to achieve full yogic breathing, you need to learn to breathe with your diaphragm and intercostal muscles in your chest.

Inhale slowly until your stomach is full and your chest rise with air. Next, exhale slowly, emptying the air from your upper chest area first and followed by the air from your stomach.

Through this process of exhalation, you’ll first be able to see your chest fall and subsequently feel that concave feeling in your stomach.

This is considered to be one full round of yogic breathing. Repeat for another 10 rounds.

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma Viloma) – Chakra Breathing Techniques #2

Anuloma Viloma is a breathing technique where you are required to inhale through one nostril, retain your breath and exhale it through the other nostrils.

The right nostrils links to the path of the Nadi (Energy Channel) called Pingala which activates the left side of the brain while the left nostrils links to the mirroring path of the Nadi called Ida which activates the right side of the brain.

The air passages of your nostrils are linked to your brain functions.

In pranayama teachings, this exercise produces optimum function of both sides of the brains which helps with creativity and logical thinking. As a result, this leads to a balance between a person’s creative and logical thinking.

Many practitioners consider this to be the best technique for calming the mind and the nervous system. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times to reap the full benefits.

Skull Shining (Kapalabhati) – Chakrea Breathing Techniques #3

Kapalabhati is a powerful breathing exercise which not only help you with detoxification, it also bring balance into your life.

The Sankrit phrase, Kapalabhati, when translated refers to a “shining forehead” which is used as an indicator to determine the health of a practitioner.

Adopt A Comfortable Position While Keeping Your Spine Erect

To get started, sit comfortably with your spine erect. Place one hand on your knees with palms open facing the sky and the other hand on your abdomen.

Take a deep breath in and slow exhale. As you exhale, empty your stomach and pull your navel towards your spine while keeping your hand on your stomach to feel the contraction of the abdominal muscles.

Instead of forcing a muscle contraction, do it to the best of your ability and make sure you feel comfortable.

As you release the contraction of your abdominal muscles, air starts flowing into your lungs. Take 20 of such breaths to complete one round of Kapalabhati. Take a short break before continuing for another one or two round.

Skull shining breathing technique is:

  • Effective against weight loss as it increases your metabolic rate.
  • Helps to clear the path of Nadis (Energy Channels).
  • Improves blood circulation around the body and add radiance to the face.
  • Results in a firmer midsection.

However, avoid skull shining breathing technique when:

  • You have a slip disc.
  • You have undergone any abdominal surgery before.
  • During or shortly after pregnancy.
  • You have hypertension or heart problems.

Aura Cleansing And Chakra Balancing Exercises #3: Earth Energy Healing

What is Earth Energy Healing? And why you should know how it works?

Earth is one of the important five elements that helped created our physical body. The Earth’s energy helps to ground us and keep us connected to the universe. It also plays an important role in aiding our self-healing process. The Earth’s energy is a spiritual energy that flow through the earth. And we receive this energy through direct contact with our skin.

So How Does Earth Energy Healing Works?

As we go into a meditative state, with calm and pure intensions, spiritual energy from the Earth flows towards our body.

Once the Earth’s energy enters our body, it flows through various energy points, also known as Chakras, which charges the body and brings the body back to balance.

For most of us, the reason why our Chakras are out of balance is because we have become so disconnected from the Earth’s energy.

This is due to our modern lifestyles. Instead of walking the Earth barefooted, we now wear shoes with rubber soles.

And worse still, our bodies’ natural frequency and rhythms has been disrupted by the use of technologies. Think about how all the Wifi signals and electrical signals from our gadgets that are affecting our body without a trace.

Earth Energy Healing will help us to restore and ease the flow of energy through our body.

This thus enables us to heal ourselves.

The Earth’s energy which is generated by the planet is full and rich, and it’s vibrational energy will help you feel grounded and fulfilled.

Morning Rituals To Receive More Earth Healing Energy

To receive the Earth’s Energy, you’ll need to incorporate some form of spiritual practice into your day-to-day life. Here are steps which you can include in your morning rituals to invite more of the Earth’s Energy into your life:

1. Greet the Earth daily with love and compassion.

Express your gratitude towards the universe with each passing day.

2. Sit or stand barefoot while you meditate in an open field.

When you are barefooted, the efficacy of the Earth’s Energy flowing into your body is much higher.

3. Meditate With Your Crystal.

aura cleansing and chakra balancing exercises 8

Holding a Clear Crystal Quartz Cluster while you meditate. This method of Earth Energy Healing is preferred as the subtle healing energy from a crystal is much more pronounced and direct as compared to Earth’s healing energy.

Not many of us have the luxury of time to meditate in the open field barefooted for extended period of time.

With our busy work schedule and life’s commitment, it is almost impossible to set aside time and energy for our daily self-healing sessions.

But the good news is that we can use Crystal Meditation as a substitute to clear our negative energies and bring our Chakra energy centres back to balance.

Crystal Healing Is Regarded As Earth Energy Healing

This method of healing is regarded as a subset of Earth Energy Healing. This is because, crystals possesses the natural vibrational energies of Mother Earth as they were initially from the ground.

They were formed through the coagulation of minerals which were under intense heat and pressure from Mother Earth.

I use a Clear Crystal Quartz Cluster for this form of self-healing as I find it most effective at elevating our basal Chakra energy.

And also because it works well for most people, as compared to other crystals. You see, each and every one of us is unique and have different basal Chakra energy levels.

One may be slightly more deficient at one of the Chakra energy centres as compared to the others.

Clear Crystal Quartz being a universal crystal for self-healing can help raise the energy at all the Chakras to acceptable levels.

Thus making it an idea crystal for generic self-healing.

Where canI buy a Clear Crystal Quartz…?

My Ten Minutes Earth Energy Healing Exercise

1. Find a quiet room which is softly illuminated.

I normally choose the same room for my meditation sessions as it’ll help in bringing me into a meditative state at a faster pace.

2. Hold a Clear Crystal Quartz.

Select your Clear Crystal Quartz and hold it gently in the palms of both your hands. (I prefer a cluster, as it will be able to sit nicely on the palm of my hand.)

3. Cleanse and charge your Crystals the night before.

Remember to cleanse your crystal before each use and recharge them overnight under moonlight.

4. Breathing in a rhythmic fashion.

Once seated in a comfortable position, begin breathing in a rhythmic fashion. Start by breathing deeply through the nose. Hold your breath for 5 seconds before slowly exhaling through your mouth.

As you continue this breathing technique, visualize white light entering your body through your nose. This white light travels down your windpipes and fills your lungs with warm and sparkling sensation.

5. Breathing and visualization.

Exhale slowly and visualize the stress and negative energy leaving your body through your mouth.

6. Chanting under your breath.

As you continue with your breathing, chant under your breath and repeat the following affirmations. (I am patient and I am healthy; Positive thoughts bring me a positive life; Let there be light shining from this crystal, cleanse me and rejuvenate me.)

7. Affirmations.

As you verbalize your intentions and affirmations, it instils into your conscious mind. When you are ready to return to your reality, slowly count backwards from ten to one.

As the count of one, open your eyes and take deep breaths.

Now cleanse your crystal, before using it for the next healing session.

Meditation is a useful exercise that helps you to release any form of stress or pain that you are experiencing.

If you need to release any negative energy which is causing all your pain and suffering, you’ll need your mind to focus on it.

Alpha Brain Waves And The Earth’s Energy

Being in a deep, relaxed and yet meditative state changes the electrical activity of the brain cells, which enhances the Alpha Waves of the brain.

As a result the Alpha Waves of the brain become in-sync with the natural vibrational frequency of the Earth’s energy.

When measured on an Electroencephalography (EEG), these Alpha Waves signal from the brain are at a frequency of 7.83Hz.

Since the frequency of your brain wave will be in complete sync with Mother Earth or any natural crystal, your body will undergo a deep state of healing via meditation.

During this process of Earth Energy Healing, our mind relaxes and opens. The vibrational energy from Mother Earth or a crystal helps to calm the nerves and rejuvenates the body’s Chakra energy centers.

The main benefits of Earth Energy Healing are that this form of self-healing can help you tackle common illnesses and relief you from joint pain or aches from other parts of your body.

It also helps in improving the overall blood circulation of the body. Since the Earth’s energy which is made up of natural and subtle electrical signals, it is also able to stimulate the skin cells and knocks off any free radical out of the skin cells which results in an anti-aging effect, allowing the body to repair naturally.

Therefore, to remain in the pink of health, it is advisable that we start reconnecting with nature’s energy.

This will help us to offset and counteract the ill effects of our modern lifestyle.

Energy, is what the universe is made of, everything from this earth we call home to our own bodies, is made of energy.


So those are the 3 Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing exercises…Personally, I prefer using Crystals to help me with my Chakra balancing… Maybe I am just being biased because my background is in Crystal heaing… But I find using Crystals to be really effective. I can almost feel the change after my Crystal therapy! 🙂

But which ever methods you choose, I am pretty sure you would want to know why it is important to have a balanced Chakra… Am I right?

You see, an unbalanced Chakra system affects the 3 vital aspects of your functioning abilities. They are the physical, mental and emotion state of your mind. As well as the parts of your body with relevance to the location where the Chakra resides at.

Having a balanced Chakra system grants you the ability to speed up your healing processes. It helps your to heal mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The desire to live life to the fullest and achieving your goals would also become increasingly apparent.

In the course of this, you could also experience the capacity of being able to live and feel the presence of activities occurring in the present extensively.

Your weaknesses would become your strengths. And it will trounce your lack of enthusiasm.

With a balanced Chakra system, you will realize that you will be able to tap into your internal stability. Become more confident and comfortable when encountered with an unforeseen circumstances.

You will also be able to manifest the things that you want in life better. And most importantly, realizing self-worth.

The choices you make in your day-to-day activities would also be expressed clearer and in turn boosts personal relationships with the ones you love.

You’ll radiate self-confidence and better receive and express yourself.

In addition, you’ll also go easy on loving and forgiving those around you. The strength and health of your immune system would be improved and so will your instincts.

Expressing your emotions would never seem this easy, clear and healthy.

Not forgetting one of the most attractive benefits: You will be able to take pleasure in utilizing the clarity of a focused mind.

Lastly, you will experience an improvement in the expression of what your heart feels and what your mind is thinking.

These benefits can be tapped into by anyone who wants to. With control and understanding over the functions of your Chakras, you’ll be able to welcome more happiness and togetherness of your mind and body into your life effortlessly!

So what are you waiting for? Start balancing your Chakra today!