Instant Manifestation Technique – Manifest Your Dreams With 4 Neat Tricks

By | July 21, 2017

If you have heard about manifestation technique, you probably know what the Law of Attraction is about. The Law of Attraction is an idea where you will become who your thoughts project yourself to be. (If you haven’t heard about the Law of Attraction, I suggest you read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne.) For instance, if your mind harbors positive thinking, you’ll start to pull positive opportunities and experiences towards yourself. On the contrary, negative thinking will only bring about negative experiences. Recognize that you have the power over yourself. So stop limiting yourself. When you think negatively, you just shut off the world and limit the options that you see. If you are thinking positively, it broadens your sense of possibility, that things can happen. It may happen. So the question is, how do you think more positively?

So here is the deal. I be sharing with you not 1 but 4 different manifestation techniques that I use to attract hope, love and health into my life. It has successfully helped me to get out of difficult situations in my life. So here is a list of the manifestation technique that will be discussed in this blog post today:

  1. Meditation
  2. Visualization
    • Multi-Perspective Visualization
    • Multi-Sensory Visualization
  3. Dream Boarding
  4. Turning things into Positives

Manifestation Technique # 1 – Meditation

So what exactly is the secret to any Law of Attraction manifestation technique? Well, it is to have a clear mind and knife sharp focus while remaining relaxed. So lets start off with a plain white canvas. And no, I do not mean a literal canvas! A clear canvas internally. There are several other methods to achieving a calm, focused and relaxed state of mind. But I choose meditation because it is fast, efficient and convenient. You should first pick a quiet spot where there would be minimal disturbance during the course of your meditation.

In the West, meditation practices often get mixed up and evolve over the years. There are many different styles of meditation but on a fundamental level, all meditation practices aim to cultivate the stillness of the mind. Meditation allows us to be more aware of ourselves and our role in the universe. It is a process not just about switching off, blocking out our negative thoughts, but is also a process which raises our ability to focus.

For beginners, you may start with a 5 to 10 minute meditation to allow your mind, body and soul to internally enter an undisturbed vicinity. Clear your mind of any thoughts or worries and other relevant factors that causes a strain on the clarity of your visions.

How To Manifest Your Dreams Using Meditation:

  • Step 1: Find a quiet spot where there is little or no distractions.
  • Step 2: Get into a seated pose, Sukhasana, and close your eyes.
  • Step 3: Practice controlled breathing.
  • Step 4: Imagine a white light shining towards you.
  • Step 5: Silently, tell the universe what your goals and intends are.
  • Step 6: Think of actionable steps to work towards your goal.
  • Step 7: Reassure yourself with positive affirmations.

Meditation allows your mind to unwind and boost your brain power to focus better on what you set yourself up for. After you are more accustomed to the process, you may challenge yourself to meditate longer or even with your eyes “softly” open where you are ” and “I must”. It may take awhile to slide into that stage where meditating starts to work for you but nonetheless don’t give up! Keep on trying as successful meditation will help your mind align your soul with the universe. And that is when the magic happens.

Manifestation Technique # 2 – Visualization

Do you remember what it feels like to set sight on someone special and how badly you wanted them to notice you? Have you ever daydreamed or envisioned yourself in a position of interacting with them and becoming a part of their life? In short, if you have ever walked in the shoes of imaginative fiction where you place yourself in what seemed like an impossible fantasy, you are most definitely capable of this Law of Attraction technique called Visualization!

How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality Through Visualization:

  • Step 1: Identify your goal. Without knowing what you want in life, its difficult to progress to where you want to be.
  • Step 2: Imagine that you already have it. Ever heard of the saying “Fake it till you make it?”
  • Step 3: Believe in yourself. Without the power of belief, its hard to even accomplish anything. 
  • Step 4: Focus on positivity and ditch the negativity.
  • Step 5: Creating your reality through Multi-perspective and Multi-sensory visualization technique.

Always start out by picturing your scene with only the important details. Start off from a small scale before branching out to include more explicit details. You may take on different perspectives to widen the possibilities of the outcome of the event. Always remember to stay positive as you build your scene!! However, don’t fear being afraid of how it will make you feel either. Visualize what makes you feel good, utilize your capability to harvest that feeling and lose the instinct to just focus on your thoughts from how your visuals pan out. Never try to amend your visualizations. Instead, direct your focal point to continuously ensuring what you do drives a that feeling under your skin which gets your nerves feeling electrified and pumped with the desire to get up and keep going. Being able to feel better acts like a magnet. You’ll start to attract more positive and better vibes. Some negativity might still slip through the cracks along with the positive feelings but they won’t be strong enough to cause a downward shift in your progress.

Multi-Perspective Visualization Manifestation Technique

Comparing the different takes on perspectives, adopting the third person’s perspective works the best for the Visualization technique. It allows you to better observe what you’ll appreciate and what you could do without in your visualized journey. However, the first person’s perspective works well too for starters. Utilizing the Multi-Perspective Visualization allows you to single out areas of improvements and ways to carry out a duty better. When you put your imaginative actions into place, you’ll feel more prepared and confident as you have already gone over the sequence in your mind.

Multi-Sensory Visualization Manifestation Technique

Next, after creating the visual illustration of your scene, don’t be afraid to include other important sensory details like the sense of touch, smell and hearing. Illustrate a vibrant and engaging imaginative scene to add flavor to the foundations of your internal visual illustrations. Your manifestation becomes more powerful when you put other senses to experience the scene as well! Some examples of sensory details would be the temperature of the room, the sounds of the area, scents that would be prominent in the setting and the textures of some objects your fingers would graze by. These little details in your Multi-Sensory Visualization enhance your visualizations that would constructively affect your beliefs for the scene to actually happen someday as you’re proposing possible encounters. By doing so, you provide yourself with the preparation and rehearsals needed to take on the task with more confidence when it occurs.

Visualization is best carried out when the targeted visual moment is kept very short or brief which circles around specifically at the most important part of the happening. In other words, it would refer to the climax of the happening. Some examples would be the interview of the day or the release of a medical report showing perfect health in afternoon and even the moment where an important conversation with that someone special takes place. In the process, the effect of visualization is the reduction of self-doubt by ensuring that you are mentally prepared for what might happen. It sets you off on the right foot by filling your mind with positivity and the mindset that it will happen and you’ll know what to do and how to react.

Manifestation Technique # 3 – Dream Boarding (Vision Boards)

Now, do you have goals so big that the thought of it scares you? Goals like being financially free or visiting 10 different countries in 2 years? Many of us tend to choose fear which is usually being disguised as practicality.  Lets step up to the challenge and have some courage. So how do we keep track of our dreams and goals and eventually turn them into our reality? Are there better ways to keep track of our goals and be reminded of our dreams than to have them written down in an old crusty journal (which is usually being chucked away somewhere in our drawer)? Well, the answer is YES!

Manifest Your Dreams Through Vision Boards:

  • Step 1: Identify your goal.
  • Step 2: Get a plain canvas.
  • Step 3: Pin all your dreams and goals for the year.
  • Step 4: Make sure to prioritize your goals.
  • If you prefer a virtual vision board, you can check out PicMonkey. They are a free online imagine editor, really useful to create vision board inspired wallpapers for your mobile phones and computer.

The solution to this would be to personalize your very own dream board! This dream board would fit your goals and dreams that would also to suit your personality and the theme of your living space. Just like the saying that goes “A picture speaks a thousand words”, don’t just write on your dream board! Instead, meticulously pick out symbols, drawings, images or even icons that symbolizes your dream. If you want to spot a bikini body someday, you could pin an image of your favorite celebrity in her bikini. Be specific, write down the deadlines/timeline which you hope to achieve these goals. This will help you think of more actionable steps towards achieving your goals. The pictures that you pin would provide an imagery representation of your goals so that you would have one to manifest towards when you kick-start your day.

Most importantly, you should place your personalized dream boards along or at places where you would walk pass several times a day. This is what I recommend as by seeing your vision board several times a day, you would be reminded of the goals that you want to achieve. Also, creating duplicate copies for each goal would definitely be a great idea! You can carry a duplicate copy in your wallet or better still, saving it as a wallpaper on your mobile phone or computer. Being able to visually look at your goal/s reconnects you to the reason and purpose of why you wanted to achieve it in the first place. Connecting visually with the image of your goal will reinforce your confidence to be able to take on the new adventure and challenges.

Also, always remember to prioritize your goals. Arrange your goals in a particular sequence that you would like to achieve them in. For example, if you would like to save a million dollars before owning a house then a car, place your goals in a specific order such that you will understand. One way would be to use arrows to direct the flow of one goal to another. Never restrict yourself to prearranged layouts of dream boards. This limits your goals and cuts personal involvement in the setting up of it. Having personal connection to your board is crucial. Allow the board to reflect your personality.

Manifestation Technique # 4 – Turning things into Positives

Lastly, always remember to be thankful for what you have. It is essential that you pull yourself away from situations or experiences that evokes negativity towards you. Be thankful for what you have and embrace life for his lessons that he teaches. Situations can affect you in a positive or negative manner. But it is ultimately your choice to choose how you want to let the situation affect you. Personally, I choose to not allow myself to be part of a downward spiral of pain and negativity. Your negativity can affect everything in your life. If you are stuck in that downward spiral, snap out of it. You have to do it for yourself, your family and your friends.

So how do I do it? Well, its simple. I live by a 5-Minute Rule. Whenever something bad happens, give yourself 5 minutes to dwell in your misery and feel sorry for yourself. But when that 5 minutes is up, tell yourself, “that is enough” “Stop!”. That is the cut off point. Pick yourself up and start reflecting. Just think and meditate on it. What can you do to improve the situation ? If there is non, then just accept it and move on. If you find it really hard to get out of that “emotional” stage. Just use a tool. Look at motivational quotes on Instagram. Look at motivational videos. Listen to an uplifting song Or even, call an encouraging friend. Remember, positivity attracts positivity. Your thoughts become your reality.

Being able to keep a clear, open and positive mind is the ultimate key for unlocking the Law of Attraction. It is an unfortunate truth that negativity is unavoidable. There will be naysayers who will come into our lives. If you can, avoid them and don’t let them decide your fate. To stay positive, you can come up with a list of things that makes you feel grateful for. Do the things that you like and believe that the universe will respond to your intentions. Being hopeful, will create pathways for great things to happen.

At the end of the day, all four manifestation technique which I have mentioned here will help you to achieve the things you want in life. Stick to what is comfortable and what works for you. Different manifestation technique resonates differently with different people. Ask the universe and you will receive. Stay positive and always believe that great things will come your way. Never settle for less until you reach your goals. Always remember, where your thoughts are, your reality becomes….