Putting Crystals In Drinking Water | Healing Crystals In Drinking Water

By | April 30, 2017

In putting Crystals in drinking water even safe…? And how do you put your healing Crystals in drinking water…. wouldn’t my Crystal dissolve…?

If you have these questions in your mind, you’re on the right page…

Who Am I and What Is My Story?

Hi there, My name is Jessica Hegarty and I am a Crystal healer and energy practitioner. I hold a full time job as an Engineer in a Pharmaceutical plant and I started this blog clearly due to my keen interest and Crystal healing and other Alternative healing methods…

Just like yourself… I got to know about Crystals during my journey towards self-healing… I know that it can be lonely…and resources are not easily available… That is why I decided to set up this blog… to pen down my experiences and knowledge which I have gathered throughout the years…

I think Crystal water or what some call Crystal Elixirs has been around for many years… It is an age old remedy which has been passed down through many generations… But as of late… It is becoming more like a lost art.

My Experience With Crystal Water

I was first introduced to Crystal Water by a friend whom I met at a Crystal Expo… At that time, my health wasn’t in great shape… I felt really lethargic, always sleepy and cant seem to cope with the working hours that I have as an Engineer. As an Engineer in a operating plant, we have night-shifts from time to time to prevent the plant from having any down time… More often that not, we eat at odd hours and work long hours during our shifts… At that time, my health was really bad… I got no idea why I felt so tired and my appetite was bad… I am always hit with gastric problems…

What The Doctors Said

I went to the doctors… and they said I was overworked, and that my gastric problems was also a downstream effect of my long hours of work. They didn’t prescribe me any medication but just told me to rest well and have meals at the right hour. But I knew it was more to it than just work…

What My Friend Said

So I told my friend about my condition and she told me about how Crystal water can actually help me with my health. When I heard it… I knew that it is something that I would love to try…

I am pretty experimental by nature, so if it’s something that could help… I’ll definitely give it a try.

She was teaching me how to create a Crystal Elixir by putting Crystals in drinking water… but also shares about which Crystals were toxic when they come in contact with water… so on and so forth…

How I Felt After Drinking Crystal Water For 30 Days

After a good 30 days replacing all my water intake with Crystal water, I felt my health improved, I felt more energized and ready to do things… I slept better and felt that I had a overall body detox… So what do I mean…?

During the first week of drinking Crystal water, I felt the need to use the toilet more often and sweat a little more than usual also… I believe this is part of the detoxification process which my friend described to me.

After the first week…I felt my health cruising well all the way… Fast forward to today, I am no longer using her methods of preparing healing Crystals in drinking water… I now use a Vitajuwel Crystal water bottle that helps me with my daily water intake.

What is A Crystal Elixir?

Putting Crystals In Drinking Water | Healing Crystals In Drinking Water 9So Crystal Elixirs are essentially Crystal waters which is made by putting Crystals in drinking water… This is a technique which have been used throughout ages for Crystal healing. Crystal Elixirs are an easy way to harness the power of these vibrant stones.

Basically, you are just charging or purifying your drinking water (in a metaphysical sense). By putting Crystals in drinking water, the energetic vibrations of the Crystals are being transferred into the water, where the energy can be easily assimilated. These vibrational energies from the Crystals work at a subtle level to effect changes which are usually at an emotional or psychological level…

Avoid Water Soluble Crystals

It is important to note that only certain types of Crystals are suitable for the direct method of Crystal elixir preparation due to their water solubility issues… In fact, some of these Crystals can cause health problems and are potentially dangerous especially since the crystals contain toxic impurities…

Traditional Method of Putting Crystals In Drinking Water

  1. Cleanse your crystal.
  2. The direct method for Crystal Elixir preparation would be to place your Crystal directly in a clean glass bowl and cover it with pure drinking water. However, if the Crystal is toxic or soluble in water, an indirect method should be employed. An indirect method consist of placing the Crystal in a small bowl first. Subsequently, place the bowl in water. When in doubt where a Crystal is water soluble, always use the latter method of preparation.
  3. Leave it under moonlight for at least 6 to 12 hours.
  4. Remove the Crystal from the solution and add one-third drinking water to two-third of the solution. The total solution is known as the mother tincture and would require dilution before use.
  5. To use the Crystal Elixir for daily consumption, add five drops of the mother tincture into a full glass of spring water. Drink the concoction at regular intervals throughout the day.
  6. To use the Crystal Elixir as a physical remedy, add a few drops of the mother tincture into a spray bottle of water. Spray the concoction over your skin and let your skin slowly absorb the Crystal essence.


Allowing your Crystals to stay submerged in the water for a few days may cause them to become slimy. It is advisable to use the indirect method of Crystal elixir Preparation when possible.

Recipe For Healing Crystals In Drinking Water

  1. Rose Quartz essence for love.
  2. Red Jasper essence to reduce anxiety.
  3. Calcite essence for bringing inner peace within oneself.
  4. Black Tourmaline essence for protection.
  5. Selenite essence for mental clarity.
  6. Tiger Eye essence for instilling courage and strength.
  7. Halite essence for bringing hormonal imbalances back to equilibrium.
  8. Smoky Quartz essence for space clearing.
  9. Amethyst essence for calming the mind.

Avoid Putting These Healing Crystals In Drinking Water

When preparing a crystal elixir, it is always important to pay special attention to the crystals which require special handling, as leaving your Crystal under the sunlight or being submerged in drinking water could potentially damage or cause your Crystal to disintegrate. Although not a comprehensive list, below is a list of Crystals which commonly used to create Crystal Elixirs that require special attention:

  1. Amethyst: The Amethyst Crystals are photosensitive and when let out in the sun or when exposed to sunlight for extended period of time, the purple color of the Amethyst Crystal will fade.
  2. Calcite: A raw and untreated Calcite Crystals can be affected by water when immersed or submerged in water. Hence, only use Calcite which has been treated with resin for crystal elixir prepared using the direct method.
  3. Selenite: Selenites are hydrous crystals, which makes them absorb moisture, thus causing them to be water soluble. Hence, do not submerge them in water. Proceed to use the indirect method for crystal elixir preparation.
  4. Halite: Halite is a salt crystal that is highly soluble. When in contact with water, Halite Crystals will disintegrate. Thus, use the indirect method for crystal elixir preparation.
  5. Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is also photosensitive, which would mean that their pink color would fade when exposed under extended period of sunlight. Hence, it would be advisable to prepare the crystal elixir under moonlight instead.

The Science Behind Crystal Elixir – Energy

To fully comprehend the science behind Crystal Elixir, it is important to understand that water has an “energy memory” ability and it is able to retain or memorize any energy emitted by a Crystal. Based on researches and studies, this energy can only be retained for approximately 7 days. If your Crystal Elixir is kept for anything longer than 7 days, the efficacy decreases.  According to a number of researchers, these energetic levels of water were measured using the Gas Discharge Visualization method, which is essentially a photographic process which captures images of electric discharges.

Other Benefits of Crystal Elixir – Anti Aging Effect

You see, during the preparation of the Crystal Elixir, the energy from the Crystals actually alter the hexagonal structure of the water. Science has showed us the link between the hexagonal structure of water and the aging process. Using the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology, researchers has found that babies tend to have more rigid hexagonal structured water molecules than that of an adult. As our body is made up of almost 73% water, it is believed that by increasing our body’s composition of hexagonal structured water, it will help to reduce the effect of aging on our body. This can potentially lead us to a healthier and longer life.

Easier Method for Crystal Elixir Preparation

Because we are always on the go, it may be difficult and tedious for us to actually prepare our Crystal Elixir in advance. So how do I get my daily dose of Crystal Elixir then?

Well as mentioned earlier…. I use Vitajuwel Water Bottle!

Vitajuwel Water Bottle uses the indirect method of harnessing the Crystal’s power into the water. Personally, I like Vitajuwel Water Bottle because it is handy, it serves it’s purpose and mainly because of the ease of preparation. It saves me time and all the hassle which I have to go through if I were to prepare my Crystal Elixir using the traditional method. Another thing I like about Vitajuwel Water Bottle is that it is made of lead-free glass, which allows the energy signature from the crystals to be transferred efficiently into the water.

VitaJuwel Beauty Gem Water Bottle

Putting Crystals In Drinking Water | Healing Crystals In Drinking Water 7This beauty concoction consists of:

  1. Amethyst: Amethyst Crystals help to reduce pigmentation and lighten the wrinkles which are present on your skin.
  2. Aventurine: The Green Aventurine aids recovery and cell regeneration. It not only alleviates skin eruptions but it also helps to reduce allergies and inflammations.
  3. Rose Quartz: The Rose Quartz keeps the skin hydrated and increases blood circulation throughout the body. This helps to flush toxins out from the skin and oxygenate the skin cells thoroughly, resulting in a glowing skin.

Where can I get a Vitajuwel Beauty Water Bottle…?


VitaJuwel Love Gem Water Bottle

Putting Crystals In Drinking Water | Healing Crystals In Drinking Water 6This love concoction consists of:

  1. Rose Quartz: The Rose Quartz Crystal helps to call in love and to strengthen romantic relationships. It is a powerful charm that helps to attract a partner and is also a powerful aphrodisiac which helps to stimulate sensual images. In emotional healing, it helps to dissipate all sorrows, fears and worries.

Where can I get a Vitajuwel Love Water Bottle…?




VitaJuwel Allure Gem Water Bottle

Putting Crystals In Drinking Water | Healing Crystals In Drinking Water 5This allure concoction consists of:

  1. Garnet : Garnet Crystals help to rejuvenate the body from exhaustion and supports circulation of the blood. It helps the body to regain its muscular strength and boost overall immunity.
  2. Clear Quartz: The Clear Quartz helps to amplify and distribute energy evenly from the Garnet Crystals.

Where can I get a Vitajuwel Allure Water Bottle…?

VitaJuwel Wellness Gem Water Bottle

Putting Crystals In Drinking Water | Healing Crystals In Drinking Water 4This wellness concoction consists of:

  1. Rose Quartz: The energy from the Rose Quartz helps in strengthening the heart, promote blood circulation throughout the body and boost reproductive organs – encouraging fertility in women. It also helps to alleviate skin conditions and keeps the skin hydrated. On an emotional level, it helps to increase awareness of one’s own need, be it being love, empathy or even sensuality.
  2. Clear Quartz: The Clear Quartz helps to transfer the overall crystal energy into the water by amplifying the effect of other crystals.
  3. Amethyst: Amethyst Crystals can help in lowering blood pressure and release pain and tension. It is also useful to help reduce bruising and swelling.

Where canI get a Vitajuwel Wellness Water bottle…?


VitaJuwel Vision Gem Water Bottle

Putting Crystals In Drinking Water | Healing Crystals In Drinking Water 3The vision concoction consists of:

  1. Shungite: Shungite stone helps to relieves bloating and reduces swelling. This crystal protects the body against radiations and electromagnetic pollutions. It also helps to balance all chakras and aids in overall healing.
  2. Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz helps to amplify and dissipates the energy from the Shungite Crystal evenly.

Where can I get a Vitajuwel Vision Water Bottle…?

VitaJuwel Vitality Gem Water Bottle

Putting Crystals In Drinking Water | Healing Crystals In Drinking Water 2The vitality concoction consists of:

  1. Emerald: The energy from the Emerald Crystal helps to strengthen the immune system and protects the body from infection and inflammation. It also supports the respiratory tract, liver, gall bladder and intestine. In addition, the Emerald Crystal has a detoxifying effect which helps with gout, rheumatism, cramps and epilepsy.
  2. Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz helps with amplifying the effect of Emerald.

Where can I get a Vitajuwel Vitality Gem Water Bottle…?




So…. these Vitajuwel Water Bottles can carry approximately 500ml of water and they are really handy… They are able to fit into cup holders in cars and backpacks, making it your perfect companion. The best part about Vitajuwel Water Bottles is that these bottles are designed in such a way where the Gem Pod can be easily removed and changed just by unscrewing them.

Final Thoughts

  • My water intake has increased greatly after adding Vitajuwel into my daily regime. This beautiful water bottle is something that you can never miss out!
  • I have also experience having clearer skin… maybe not the first week, which was during the detoxification phase… But after detoxing, my skin is now clear and it even feels firmer.
  • I no longer feel as lethargic as before… So if you are someone who is facing the same issues as me… you should give it try!

Oh yah, one more thing before I end this blog post, according to the manufacturer, the Vitajuwel Water Bottle do not require any form of spiritual cleansing. This means that getting our daily dose of Crystal Elixir just got a little more hassle free!

Yes, I am ready to buy a Vitajuwel Water Bottle….!