Manifesting With Your Crystals Explained

By | January 24, 2018

In this post, I’ll be revealing my number one trick for making Crystal Healing work for you.

I know some of you might have tried Crystal Healing but didn’t get the results you want. I was too, like you. I was once disappointed and felt like I was left hanging in mid air.

Well, here is my secret to Crystal Healing. My secret is actually no secret.

For Crystal Healing to be successful, all you need is one thing… That is to trust the process and learn to manifest with your Crystal. Manifesting is like attracting the things you want into your life. Basically, fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction.

manifesting with your crystals

Manifesting With Your Crystals

Manifesting with your Crystal is an ongoing process where you focus on understanding your Crystal and in turn, your Crystal will understand you.

This process of creating a “mutual trust” between you and your Crystals allows you to amplify emotions and make your thoughts become a reality. Manifesting with your Crystals, most importantly, makes Crystal Healing work and makes it work more effectively.

“Your Crystals Attract What You Believe. “

As you already know by now that different Crystals have different meanings. Each Crystal is used for specific purposes due to their different healing abilities.

Once you have clear understanding and clarity on the Crystal that you are working on, never doubt it’s healing abilities. Crystal Healing works most optimally when you have full faith and trust in the Crystal.

When you are working with your Crystal, think about the infinite possibilities and opportunities that the Crystal will present to you. That is what we call “Manifesting with your Crystals“.

There are many ways and techniques you can use to work with Crystals. Just to name a few, it could be Meditating with Crystals, Laying Crystals on specific Chakra points or even as simple as wearing your Crystal as a jewelry.

But the most important key to Crystal Healing is still to manifest with them.

Crystal Healing does not happen over night, so you’ll need to take the time and patience to understand your Crystals, connect with them and eventually manifesting their natural healing abilities.

Only when you have established an understanding and connection with your Crystal, you will then be able to amplify the healing abilities of the Crystal.

manifest with crystals

7 Step Process To Manifesting With Your Crystals

Manifesting with your Crystal takes a total of 7 steps:

  1. Relaxation of the mind.
  2. Finding certainty in uncertain situations.
  3. Asking the Crystal for help and clarity.
  4. Being specific about your intentions.
  5. Visualizing of the desired outcome.
  6. Showing gratitude towards the Crystal.
  7. Have faith in the Crystal.

These 7 steps are actually adapted from the fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction. And manifesting with your Crystals utilizes these fundamentals. Ask, believe and you shall receive it.

“Like Attracts Like.”

The more committed and positive you are towards energy healing with your Crystals, the faster and more positive the results you will get. But likewise, if you are hanging around with worry and doubt, that is when Crystal healing will not work for you.

Remember, like attracts like. If you have negative thoughts, you draw and attract negative thoughts towards you.

I understand that negative thoughts are sometimes hard to suppress. That is why as energy healers, we always use Crystals as an anchor to remind ourselves of how we can bring more positivity into our lives.

We wear Crystals daily. Meditate with them daily. And most importantly, work with them daily.

We only speak positively of the outcome which we want to attract into our lives.

To start attracting unlimited possibilities into your life, you’ll first need to control your emotions and thoughts. Start by clearing your mind and when you are ready, think about something that you really want to attract into your life.

Hold that thought and close your eyes. Take mental notes of every single detail of that intention. Use your five senses and bring that thought to life. Be certain and specific about your intention.

Now, ask the Crystal for it’s help and guidance. Commit fully on your intentions so that it is clearly understood by the Crystal.

If at any point in time you feel uncertain, don’t worry, take a step back and re-evaluate your needs. It is important to be certain and not have any doubts during this process of manifesting if your Crystal.

If doubts are present, you’ll end up manifesting more of what we don’t want.

Once you are clear about what you want, go on to visualize the outcome that you would like to make it a reality.

An example would be:

Problem: You are currently upset with your relationship and have many episodes of misunderstandings.

Remedy: Holding a Rose Quartz in your hand, visualize the easing of the tension between you and the person you are upset with. Visualize having mutual understanding and only love for that very same person. The more vivid the visualization, the greater the likelihood of the outcome would actually happen in the future. Sometimes it may take a few of these visualization sessions to make it a reality.

Once you are done with your visualization, the next step is to trust and believe that it will happen. Show gratitude to the Crystal like as though your desired outcome has already happened. You can talk to you Crystal like talking to an actual person.

Eg. “Hey, Thanks for the help and guidance through the difficult times. I really appreciate your energetic presence around me.”

Communicating with your Crystal is another key to Crystal Healing. It tells your Crystal that you are sincere and satisfied with whatever plans which they have brought to you so far.

“Only when you are able to see it in your mind, it then becomes reality…”

When you are able to see it in your mind, your intentions will then become your reality.While this reality sometimes don’t always happen immediately, but trust me it will happen for you. For me. And for everybody. Give yourself time and let your intentions manifest.

Many people have already documented their experience way before me. Time and time again, it has proven that for Crystal Healing to work, believing and using the Law of Attraction will create your ideal tomorrow.

If it doesn’t happens for you today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. FRET NOT! Because Crystals aligns the Universe in a way such that it happens at the right place and the right time.

And sometimes, when “it is not meant to be“, one door closes for you, but reopens another door of opportunity.

This technique of manifesting with your Crystals is sometimes known as programming your Crystal.

Once you have programmed your Crystal, it is best to carry it with you or place it at places where you visit regularly. It could be places like your room, your work desk or even your living room. These programmed Crystal helps to amplify your intentions and draws endless possibilities towards you.

If you had like to learn how you can manifest your thoughts and intention, do check out this video by my personal friend and mentor, Heather. In her video, she reveals how she has helped many people achieve their dreams and goals in life. This is something that I highly recommend. Especially for those who are interested in bringing more opportunities into their life.