Successful Meditation Under Different Meditation Environment

Meditation is a process that help us de-stress from the hectic lives we lead, not only that, meditation can also help understand our minds and increase positive thinking. In our world full of noise, distractions and busy individuals hustling, we might not have time to meditate, however it is a beneficial process for our minds… Read More »

Top 10 Reasons To Meditate And Why You Should Do It Daily

I have seen and heard of people listing meditation as one of their New Year’s Resolution (me included), but when asked what meditation is, they are unable to give a clear explanation. Many thinks that meditation means setting aside 10 minutes daily to sit still and keep quiet, but after 1 week of wasting 10… Read More »

African Bloodstone Meaning | Bloodstone Magical Properties

African Bloodstone meaning if often misunderstood by many Crystal enthusiast… Due to it’s similar dark green color like the Green Jasper. Unlike the Green Jasper Crystal, the Bloodstone has magical properties which helps with our health and overall balance of our body. Bloodstone is a type of quartz called chalcedony and it comes in two… Read More »