Pick A Crystal Test | Learn More About Yourself & Your Personality

By | October 14, 2017

This “Pick a Crystal test” will let you learn more about your personality and yourself… It probably comes as no surprise that your choice of Crystal is a reflection of who you are and what you would like to attain in life. Try our little personality test to see what your choice of Crystal say about your personality!

Pick A Crystal Test

Who Am I & What Is My Story?

Hi there 🙂 My name is Jessica Hegarty and I am a Crystal lover and energy practitioner… My background is in Engineering and I am am currently working as a Process Engineer at a Pharmaceutical plant. Although my background is in Engineering, I have a keen interest in Crystals and other Alternative Healing methods… I started out this blog to document my experience and knowledge which I have gathered throughout the years… I totally understand how difficult it can be to be able to find information on Crystals these days…

So… the whole idea of this blog post is for you to understand who you really are… In terms of what are your personality… what are your strengths and your weaknesses… By knowing yourself well enough, you’ll be able to use your strength to your advantage and avoiding your weaknesses to prevent down falls…

I have 6 Crystals in my “Pick A Crystal Test”:

  1. Angelite
  2. Black Tourmaline
  3. Ruby
  4. Rose Quartz
  5. Moonstone
  6. Green Fluorite

Now all you have to do is look at the pictures and pick out one Crystal that you are most drawn, or attracted to…. Read on to see what the Crystal you have chosen says about your personality!


Pick A Crystal Test 5You are probably a very gentle person who is peace loving and has a calm disposition and nature. You may or may not be particularly quiet but you are definitely a good listener and more empathetic than the average person. At the same time… you are also perceptive, with the ability to understand other people and what they are feeling just by observing them.

If you are drawn to the Angelite, you may be someone who is hoping to work on your self-esteem and creativity. You could be working on becoming more outspoken or enhancing your ability to think out of the box.

Angelite Crystal Meaning

The Angelite is a strong communication stone that help you to raise your surrounding awareness. It represents peace, camaraderie and help you connect with your higher self. The Angelite Crystal also helps you to speak nothing but the truth, promoting communication and self-expression. It can dispel fear and anger and transmute them into faith and tranquility.

If you are feeling a little bit out of sync with a loved one or a colleague at work, you may also be drawn to the Angelite as it can help its wearer communicate feelings and thoughts in a calm and gentle manner.

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Black Tourmaline

Pick A Crystal Test 4You are someone who likes a sense of security and likes to feel grounded. You are down to earth, but also courageous in your life pursuits, be it in your career or personal development. However, while you may have huge goals and dreams, you are someone who would take calculated risks and are careful in your planning while

achieving your goals.

If you have chosen the black tourmaline, you may be facing some challenges in life right now. Perhaps you are under the scrutiny of some people at work or the target of jealousy at your workplace. Or you could be feeling “stuck” in life. Black tourmaline is a highly protective stone and helps to block out negative energies.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Meaning

The Black Tourmaline is an effective stone that protects you against bad luck or negative energy. It has been documented that the people in Ancient times use them from safety and protection. In the past, it was used as a stone to prevent snake bites and prevent predators from hunting man.

In modern age, the Black Tourmaline help protect us against accidents, misfortunes and illnesses. It protects you from negative energies by absorbing the negative energies and deflect psychic attacks that are directed at you. It will send the negative energy back to the people that sent it to you.

If you are someone who has negative people in your circle or workplace, you may also be particularly drawn to the black tourmaline due to its protective properties.

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Pick A Crystal Test 3You are a sensual person who knows how to enjoy life! A risk taker and also outspoken, you are not afraid to express your thoughts and not afraid to make your stand clear. You love being a leader….

As a person, you are also pretty vain to some degree and not one who dress to blend amongst the crowd. By nature, you love to look good and you love to dress up. You are a confident individual who is certain of your capabilities and abilities.

Ruby Crystal Meaning

Ruby is a stone of self-love, confidence, sensuality and sexuality. The bearers of Rubies are granted with inner power and vigor which gives you the strength to take risk and explore new things. It is a Crystal that protects your feelings from hurt and gives you the strength to get back on your feet when you have been hurt.

You would naturally be drawn to Ruby if you are someone who already has these characteristics. However, if you are someone who is currently in the midst of achieving a breakthrough in life, for example, going after that crush you have had for the longest time, or obtaining that dream job, you would also gravitate towards the Ruby as it would offer that boost you need.

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Rose Quartz

Pick A Crystal Test 2Ah… the Rose Quartz, a stone of love and compassion. You are a caring and nurturing person, full of compassion for life and for people. You are a people-love, who is outgoing, enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life and tend to see the good in people, no matter their personality.

Because of your outgoing and loving personality, you are also well-loved by the people around you. People are naturally attracted to you and enjoy talking to you and being in your company. You are also quite the natural leader due to your nurturing personality and ability to see the good and the strength in each and every person.

Rose Quartz Crystal Meaning

The energy from the Rose Quartz Crystal is nurturing and compassionate. It gives you a sense of assurance and ability to be trusting towards anyone. It helps to promote bonding in relationships and also strengthen romantic relationships. Due to it’s calming and reassuring energy, it is also an excellent Crystal for trauma and crisis. It gives you strength in time of grief and necessary acceptance.

If you are also someone who is currently working on self-love or on your journey out of a crisis… The Rose Quartz is definitely for you.

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Pick A Crystal Test 1If you choose the Moonstone… you are definitely a dreamer and an idealist….Probably someone who loves to imagine and often times, find yourself being lost in deep thoughts and imagination. As an optimist and a compassionate person, you are someone who believe strongly in helping others without asking for anything in return. You are also a natural giver and tend to give more than you take.

Others tend to turn to you for help because they know you would never refuse them. You want to make everyone happy in every situation. However, you may find it difficult to say no to others. Even though you are aware it is beyond your ability. This is something you would need to work on.

Because of your tendency to dream and imagine, your attention span can sometimes be short and you tend to drift away in the middle of conversations.

Moonstone Crystal Meaning

Moonstone is also an excellent stone for stress relief. When you feel stress, you may find yourself drawn towards the Moonstone due to its calming properties, and its ability to relive stress and stabilize emotions. It is one of the best Crystals that help with the balancing of the hormonal level. When we are stress, the stress hormone called Cortisol spikes up… By meditating with the Moonstone, you’ll find yourself being in control in any given situation and your Cortisol level will revert to it’s natural level…

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Green Fluorite

Pick A Crystal TestYou are an intellectual person who is quiet and enjoys absorbing knowledge. You are a very neutral person and tend to prefer taking the backseat most of the time. Rather than taking sides or voicing out opinions strongly, you prefer to remain neutral. Absorbing the opinions and arguments from both sides instead. However, this could also portray you as having a lack of opinion at times.

However, you are actually analyzing the situation and waiting to learn more about the problem before jumping to any conclusions. Yet, once you feel like you have sufficient information, you are conclusive and can make decisions quickly. You are a person who do not bear any grudges. You approach every situation on a clean slate which makes you a very objective person.

Where can I buy a Green Fluorite Crystal…?

Green Fluorite Crystal Meaning

The Green Fluorite Crystal is also known as the “Genius Stone”. It represents mental achievement and aptitude for higher learning. It grants the bearer the ability to absorb new information and to learn, unlearn and re-learn. Its soothing energy stimulates the brain cells and draw more Prana towards it… It also helps withing expanding of your consciousness and allowing your mind to reach spiritual awareness.

If you are someone who is currently experiencing an “emotional fog”… you also may be drawn to the Green Fluorite due to its abilities to cleanse the aura, to refresh and renew.


I hope you have enjoyed my “Pick A Crystal Test”… and that you have a better understanding of yourself. So now you know… there is always a reason why you may be drawn to a particular Crystal. Trust your instincts; if you find yourself attracted to a Crystal, it is because they could potentially help with any emotional blockage you are experiencing at the moment. They could also help to enhance some personality traits of yours. Which would eventually help you become a better version of yourself!