Protection Stones – Three Protective Crystals You Should Consider for Home Protection

By | April 1, 2017

Why do you need protection stones around the house?

A home is usually a very important and sacred place to many, due to the fact that we spend most of our resting time at home. You see, home is a special place – It is filled with laughter and kindness. It is a place to sleep, a place to eat and a place to share. Home is the only place where you can express yourself and a place where you can be truly you. Home is also a place where you can come home to and get greeted by your pets and family members and a place that we seek shelter in.

So to me, it should be everyone’s number one priority to safe guard their home, set up the protection stones to repel any negative energy directed towards your home. It could be negative energies from your quarrelsome neighbours or an intruders who are trying to break into your home. With the help of Crystals and Gemstones, all these negative energies can be deflected and directed away from your home.

Protection Stones # 1 : Hematite Crystals – Shield Your Entrance

hematiteIn its natural state, Hematite Crystals is a rough reddish brown stone which contain large amount of iron oxide. Due to its iron oxide content, the Roman God of War. Legend has it that, as a symbol of protection, Roman Soldiers have ceremonial rituals to rub the gemstone over their bodies for protection before any battle. Hematite when polished, is metallic gray in color. Due to its high sheen, it was used as a mirror in the past.

Hematite’s mirror effect can also be used to deflect negative energies and unwanted visitors at your front door. Although the front door may be an area of positivity, having disgruntled visitors can deplete the positive energies at your front door. Placing Hematite Crystals at your entrance can help to smooth the flow of energy building a healing shield around your entrance. This healing shield neutralize any bad energy that people bring with them, so that even those who come to through the door feeling unhappy will walk away happy.

Crystal Placement: Place the Hematite Crystal outside your front door or under a door mat. You can also scatter some Hematite Crystal Chips under the door mat to receive similar effects. Before placing them, hold them and ask that they protect your home and entrance and to heal everyone that passes through this door.

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Alternative Crystals with Similar Effect: Selenite or Obsidian.

Protection Stones # 2 : White Moonstone – Deflect Negative Energy from Neighbours

MoonstoneThere are times when your neighbors have their own internal conflict and ends up quarrelling and disrupting your peace at home. You can turn to the moonstone for help as it promotes tranquility.

In India, the moonstone is a sacred crystal as it is associated with the Third Eye Chakra, which relates to inner vision and ability to take control of your life. Being the symbol of love and confidence, the Moonstone will improve your intuition and assist you in solving problems. This will inspire you to take a new view on old disputes, breaking the cycle of annoyance and intolerance.

Crystal Placement: Hold a White Moonstone Crystal in your hand for a few minutes and ask for it to bring you peace and harmony. Place the stone outside your home, next to your neighbours boundary. Let it rest on the ledge of a fence or hide it in a crevice in a wall separating you and your neighbour.

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Alternative Crystals with Similar Effect: Sugilite, Snowflake Obsidian and Chrysoprase.

Protection Stones # 3 : Agate – Promote Home Privacy

blue agateAgate is a brilliant crystal to use whenever you require a security guard at home. Gemstone Agate has the natural ability to protect and to deter unwanted visitors or intrusive neighbours. It is renowned for its abilities to bring a sense of security and sanctuary to your home.

In many traditions, it is believed that Agate Crystals grants the bearer “invisibility” to other, where they prevent you from being constantly watched or observed by people. It will be the perfect crystal for your home, if your home is the modern style glass house kind of home, as it will help to grant you more privacy.

Crystal Placement: To secure your area surround your home, you would need to bury a handful of small Agate Crystals around the boundaries of your home. As you bury the crystals into the ground, ask the crystals to help or solve your problem and give you peace and safety at home. Let the crystals work their magic and within weeks, you’ll notice an increased sense of security as the Agate Crystals form a protective shield around your home.

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Alternative Crystals with Similar Effect: Hematite, Jet and Smoky Quartz.

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