Strongest Protection Stone | Stones For Protection From Negative Energy

By | April 1, 2017

Are you looking for the strongest Protection Stone that can protect you from negative energies? The truth is…there isn’t a way to determine the strongest Protection Stone… They each have different abilities and should be used according to your needs!

Who Am I And Whats My Story?

Hi there, my name is Jessica Hegarty and I am a Crystal lover and energy practitioner. I am an Engineer by training and am currently working in the Pharmaceutical industry…

I started this blog due to my evident flair for Crystal healing and energy work. What you’ll find on this blog will be my experiences and knowledge on Crystals and other Alternative healing remedies…

So why is it that you are looking for Protection Stones…? Is someone that you are working with giving you the bad vibes..? Or is your neighbor/colleagues giving you some problems…?

Personally, I not only place these Protection Stones at home but I also carry them with me from time to time…

Why Do You Need Protection Stones ?

Lets face it… we all need stones for protection from negative energy… But what I find more important is to protect and safe guard our home first… Why?

A home is usually a very important and sacred place to many… due to the fact that we spend most of our resting time at home. You see, home is a special place – It is filled with laughter and kindness.

It is a place to sleep, a place to eat and a place to share. Home is the only place where you can express yourself and a place where you can be truly you. Home is also a place where you can come home to and get greeted by your pets and family members and a place that we seek shelter in.

So to me, it should be everyone’s number one priority to safe guard their home… set up the Protection Stones to repel any negative energy directed towards your home. It could be negative energies from your quarrelsome neighbors or an intruders who are trying to break into your home. With the help of Protection Stones, all these negative energies can be deflected and directed away from your home.

You can also wear these Protection Stones like I do… I carry them in a small pouches to make sure I don’t bump into negative people at work…

Strongest Protection Stone # 1 : Hematite Crystals – Repel Negative Energy

Strongest Protection Stone

The first is the Hematite Crystal… To me it is the strongest Protection Stone for repelling any negative energy and warding off any evil spirit. A rough Hematite basically looks like an armored Stone which is prepared for any battle….

In its natural state, Hematite Crystals is a rough reddish brown stone which contain large amount of iron oxide. Due to its iron oxide content, the Roman God of War. Legend has it that, as a symbol of Protection, Roman Soldiers have ceremonial rituals to rub the gemstone over their bodies for protection before any battle. Hematite when polished, is metallic gray in color. Due to its high sheen, it was used as a mirror in the past.

Hematite’s mirror effect can also be used to deflect negative energies and unwanted visitors at your front door. Although the front door may be an area of positivity, having disgruntled visitors can deplete the positive energies at your front door. Placing Hematite Crystals at your entrance can help to smooth the flow of energy building a healing shield around your entrance. This healing shield neutralize any bad energy that people bring with them, so that even those who come to through the door feeling unhappy will walk away happy.

Where To Place Hematite Crystal In Your Home ?

Place the Hematite Crystal outside your front door or under a door mat. You can also scatter some Hematite Crystal Chips under the door mat to receive similar effects. Before placing them, hold them and ask that they protect your home and entrance and to heal everyone that passes through this door.

How To Wear The Hematite Crystal ?

Personally… when I carry my Crystals around, I always put them in a draw-string bag. A tiny one of course! I tend to only bring Crystals which are palm size or smaller than palm size around… Anything bigger isn’t going to be practical 🙂

Where can I buy Hematite Crystals…?

Strongest Protection Stone # 2 : White Moonstone – Creates A Harmonious Energy Shield

Strongest Protection Stone 1There are times when your neighbors have their own internal conflict and ends up quarrelling and disrupting your peace at home. You can turn to the Moonstone for help as it promotes tranquility.

In India, the Moonstone is a sacred Crystal as it is associated with the Third Eye Chakra, which relates to inner vision and ability to take control of your life. Being the symbol of love and confidence, the Moonstone will improve your intuition and assist you in solving problems. This will inspire you to take a new view on old disputes, breaking the cycle of annoyance and intolerance.

Where To Place Moonstone Crystal In Your Home ?

Hold a White Moonstone Crystal in your hand for a few minutes and ask for it to bring you peace and harmony. Place the stone outside your home, next to your neighbor boundary. Let it rest on the ledge of a fence or hide it in a crevice in a wall separating you and your neighbor.

How To Wear The Moonstone Crystal ?

Carrying the Moonstone Crystal with you is definitely an idea way of forging friendships and network. It helps to promote harmonious energy around you and turn enemies into friends. It gives people a sense of camaraderie and a sense of belonging. Personally… I keep my Moonstone Crystal in a draw-string bag and carry it around in my bag or my pocket.

Where can I buy a Moonstone Crystals…?

Strongest Protection Stone # 3 : Agate – Invisibility Effect

Strongest Protection Stone 2

Do you know someone who has time and time again get out of trouble without any sweat…? I mean like the person got into deep shit… but some how or rather… he/she just managed to escape the problem..?

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter just like I am… you’ll probably know what is called the “Invisibility Cloak”. Similar to that nature… the Agate Crystal has the same effect to it.

In many traditions, it is believed that Agate Crystals grants the bearer “invisibility” to other, where they prevent you from being constantly watched or observed by people. Sometimes when things happen… you tend to be forgotten momentarily… allowing you to escape from trouble.

However, this “Invisibility” can work both ways, only carry it around you when you need it. Otherwise, when it is time for recognition or perhaps maybe a presentation at work, your ideas may not be heard and digested by the majority…

However, the Agate is a brilliant Crystal to use whenever you require a security guard at home. Gemstone Agate has the natural ability to protect and to deter unwanted visitors or intrusive neighbors. It is renowned for its abilities to bring a sense of security and sanctuary to your home.

Where To Place Agate Crystal In Your Home ?

To secure your area surround your home, you would need to bury a handful of small Agate Crystals around the boundaries of your home. As you bury the crystals into the ground, ask the crystals to help or solve your problem and give you peace and safety at home. Let the crystals work their magic and within weeks, you’ll notice an increased sense of security as the Agate Crystals form a protective shield around your home.

How To Wear The Agate Crystal ?

The Agate Crystal is one of the easiest Crystal to carry around… Most Agate Crystals are tumbled and do not have sharp edges making them ideal for carrying in bags or pocket. Place an Agate Crystal in a draw-string and carry them with you. Remember that their “Invisibility Cloak” abilities can work both ways… only use it to your advantage.

Where can I buy an Agate Crystal…?


So these are the strongest Protection Stone you can use to deflect negative energies and get you out of trouble… They have been time tested and proven, so it will work for you too! If you have any other suggestions or experiences that you would like to share, I would love to hear from you 🙂