Reiki Energy Work – Learn How Reiki Self Healing Can Bring You Vitality

By | March 24, 2018

Have you ever felt that your life is empty, like there’s a void waiting to be filled?

Have you ever wanted to push yourself to lead a life that you truly desire?

Fret not; because there is a reason to why we are only a shadow of what we can be, and there is a way to spice up your life to make it more gratifying than you could think it could – through Reiki Energy Work.

What Is “Ki” , “Chi”, “Holy Spirit” or “Prana” Energy?

The power to heal our lives is fueled by a non-physical energy that animates all living things, and it flows in every living organism, such as plants, animals and humans. This energy is called Ki by the Japanese, and takes many different names such as the Chi of China, the Prana of some Asian cultures, and the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost by the westerners.

This omnipresent form of energy is in and around our bodies when we are born – even found in the air we breathe – and leaves the physical body when we die.

Poor Habits And It’s Impact On Our Life Force

However, there are factors that lead to the diminishing of life-giving energy. Not only does undesirable substances such as alcohol, drugs and tobacco weaken our ability to heal and influence, but stress, a lack of sleep and rest, bad habits, and even poor breathing can cause negative impacts on the energy we have.

This is because the mind is linked to the body as the nervous system is connected to every organ and tissue. This explains why our negative thoughts and feelings can restrict the universal life force and stifle the benefits of its functioning.

What Exactly Is Reiki?

The word “Reiki” means a universal life force, coming from the two Japanese words “Rei” and “Ki”. “Rei” means to be present everywhere – where this energy is boundless and infinite. It can also refer to the subtle wisdom from God or the higher self that guides the creation and functioning of the universe.

“”Ki” is the energy that gives us confidence and strength”

“Ki” refers to the energy of the purpose of healing; the life-giving energy that flows through us. When we feel happy and energetic, that is because our Ki is high, which gives us confidence and the strength to thoroughly enjoy life and its wonders.

However, when our Ki is low, it makes us feel lethargic and make us more prone to diseases and illnesses. This will make us negative and lose the motivation to deal with the problems in life, and is caused by the reasons stated above – such as stress and lack of sleep.

Reiki is a form of healing, originating from thousands of years in India and the East, even before the time of Christ and Buddha. This knowledge and techniques of healing were lost over generations, as it was passed on by word of mouth, but it was rediscovered by a Japanese monk and scholar, Dr Mikao Usui, who gave it the name “Reiki”.

“Reiki dissolves energy blockages at the 7 Chakra Points.”

There are many benefits to Reiki Self Healing. Firstly, Reiki brings about deep relaxation, which can in turn relieve stress and calm people down when they are frightened. Secondly, it can centre your thoughts when you are confused, which will help you to solve problems as your mind is focused. Thirdly, it dissolves energy blockages at our 7 Chakra Points and energizes you when you feel drained.

In addition, it detoxifies the body, relieves pain and accelerates natural healing of wounds, improving your health. Last but not least, it can change negative conditioning and behaviour which makes you a better person.

Through Reiki, the gift of giving continuance of life and self-care, we can connect to the universal energy that balances out our lives between ancient and modern technology. It also allows us to acquire the knowledge and understanding of life, making our lives a lot more rewarding than it is before. Reiki is pure, and if we treat it as such, it will remain with us with the rest of our lives, unable to be destroyed or lost unless used for negative purposes.

How Does Reiki Self Healing Works?

Now that you know what Reiki is, you may wonder, how exactly does it work?

Reiki Energy Work is similar to radio waves, where it is invisible but is all around us. Since it is present in our bodies all the time, that means that anyone can use this for healing. But without the mind, body and spirit in harmony, we will not be using its full potential. However, if we are in concurrence to Ki, this will allow the energy to flow freely around the body and heal ourselves.

There are seven energy centres, the Crown Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, the Throat Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Sacral Chakra and the Root Chakra. These energy centres are responsible for providing energy to certain parts of the body, and controls the flow of the universal life force. When they are blocked, it weakens the flow of energy and causes the body to become weak. However, a full Reiki treatment would rid the body of poisons, so that the body can become balanced again. It reopens the Chakra and boost the flow of Ki around the body.

“Channeling of energy through your hands.”

Reiki is channeled through the hands – when you place your hands on your body or another person’s body with the intention of healing, this will connect you to the energy and allow you to bring healing and balance to another.

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The 5 Principles of Reiki Self Healing

To fully understand Reiki Energy Work, you’ll need to learn the 5 principles of Reiki. These are spiritual values that makes us better as a person when we practice Reiki. While we may make mistakes occasionally and not be able to fulfill it in our everyday lives, the phrase “just for today” allows us to still accept our imperfections and work on it the next day.

#1 of The 5 Principles of Reiki – Just For Today I Will Not Worry

Just for today I will not worry” tells us that we should accept the fact that we all have our ups and downs in life. Stress and anxiety can cause blockage to the root chakra and upset our energy life force, and we should surround ourselves with positivity in order to genuinely feel happiness. It is fine to take time off to catch up on the things we love and not work all the time, because ultimately, it is our lives to live and we should make full use of it.

#2 of The 5 Principles of Reiki – Just For Today I Will Not Be Angry

Just for today I will not be angry” has the aim of eradicating negative emotions to allow our energy to stay with us. When we get angry at another person unnecessarily, it does not benefit us in any way. In fact, it causes us to lose our energy to the other party, who may be enjoying the fact that they were able to invoke some negative emotions in us. Anger is an undesirable emotion that cause us unnecessary unhappiness and pain. We should seek understanding on what causes us to feel angry and react more positively to any given situation.

#3 of The 5 Principles of Reiki – Just For Today I Will Do My Work Honestly

Just for today I will do my work honestly” serves to tell us that we should be true to the work we do. Have you heard that “honesty is the best policy”? Indeed, it is always a wiser decision to be frank with ourselves and always seek the truth instead of hiding behind lies, and instead of wasting our time on pointless matters, we should live life to the best of our abilities and make full use of our time.

#4 of The 5 Principles of Reiki – Just For Today I Give Thanks For My Blessings

Just for today I will give thanks for my blessings” allows us to understand the true meaning of gratitude. While we may not like or want some of the things in our lives, it may be something we need to learn and grow as a person. Instead of feeling resentful and whine about the little unfortunate things that happen to us, we should think about how fortunate we are to have some of the little things in life, whether it is family, friends, or even just having the weather that we enjoy today. That way, we can learn how to appreciate the things we have around us and boost our overall mood.

#5 of The 5 Principles of Reiki – Just For Today I Will Be Kind To Any Living Thing

Just for today I will be kind to any living thing” teaches us the ways of karma. Karma is the spiritual effect of cause and effect, where the actions and intent of someone can impact the future of that individual. When we treat others well, we will receive the same treatment from others. However, when we spread negativity to others, we receive it back from others as well. We should strive to spread kindness and compassion to others, and by doing that, we will be able to have more peace and joy in our lives.

“The 5 Principles Of Reiki Are Only Spiritual Ideals…”

These 5 Reiki principles are the spiritual ideals. By adopting these principles into your life, you will add more balance and substance to your life. It is important that you understand that you are not expected to live every moment of your life within these framework and idealogy. As humans, it is important to note that we are all imperfect, and that is why each principle begins with “Just for today.”

You can without pressure or anxiety work on incrementally improving yourself. If you messed up for today, it is fine! You can always begin again tomorrow. The more you work with these 5 Reiki principles, the more you will condition yourself to adopt them as a way of life.

“Adopting Them As a Way of Life…”

To become more familiar and in-tuned with the 5 principles of Reiki it is advisable to read them aloud at least three times a day. Just like as if it were a mantra. The 5 principles of Reiki mean different things to each one of us. Meditation will help you to unlock your own perceptions.

You may experience many different thoughts and emotions during meditation. Consider writing down everything that happened during the meditation as it is interesting to look back at your notes and see how you have grown by adopting these precepts. Use this knowledge to live a healthier and longer life. Also, take responsibility for how you deal with life’s setbacks. Have fun while dealing with life as life is too short to waste it worrying.

“Using These Knowledge To Live a Healthier And Longer Life…”

All in all, Reiki Energy Work and its principles are beneficial self-healing methods to rid ourselves of the negativity in our lives, as well as spice up life and make it a more fulfilling one. The benefits are limitless and can improve our lives by leaps and bounds. However, as alluring as it sounds, ultimately, the best way to understand how it works is still to experience it yourself.

What Is A Crucial Component Of Reiki Energy Work?

Have you ever learnt to do something instantly without any form of preparation?

For many instances, it rarely works especially on practical applications. For example, when you learn how to do simple activities such as cooking, you need to personally learn how to control a fire in order to whip up a dish; or even when you drive a car, you need to feel and control it for yourself in order to be able to drive.

When you try to learn and master something, it is important to take some time off to practice. Experience it personally in order to perfect your skill.

This applies for Reiki healing as well. While Reiki healing may seem like a complicated procedure, and may not look easy to perform, you can carry it out easily with sufficient effort put in by experiencing the universal life force for yourself.

In other words, experience is a crucial component to mastering Reiki, and you will have to fork out time and effort to polish these skills. One way to do so is Reiki self-treatment – which is not only a practice of skill but also a way to find yourself and grow as a person.

Benefits of Reiki Self Healing

Convenience & Accessibility

Reiki self healing is simple and effective since it is convenient and readily accessible. When you feel lethargic, have any aches or pains, or just need to wind down, just by practicing self-treatment hand positions, this will help you to ease your problems whenever it is needed.

In fact, Reiki Energy Work is not just used when you are facing setbacks, issues, uneasiness or if you are just having a bad day, it can be applied in your daily life. When you perform Reiki Energy Work on yourself, you boost your self-respect and balances your life.

Helps You Relax

Instead of letting your problems rule over you, let Reiki into your lifestyle and it will leave a positive impact on you and if you take some time off every day for self-healing, it will be extremely beneficial for you. In fact, self-treatment can be done anytime to your convenience – you can do it in the morning to bring about a better day, or at night to improve your sleep or help you relax.

Makes You Feel Grounded & In Harmony With Life

The benefits of Reiki Energy Work are immeasurable, and it should be treasured and enjoyed. Even if you do not use Reiki healing on other people and only use it for yourself, it will bring about a new sense of stability and harmony in your life. In addition, using it for a prolonged period of time will allow you to become more in tune with it and may even extend your life.

It’s Ability To Guide You

Reiki Energy Work is not just a means for healing; it protects you, deters you from going on the wrong path and helps you grow tremendously as a person. Since life has its ups and downs, it is unavoidable that you will face problems and hindrances in your life and these problems often feel like a heavy weight on your back that prevents you from moving on and carrying on with life.

However, with Reiki Energy Work, it gives you the capability to get stronger and face these obstacles bravely, as if they were merely lightweight books in your backpack.

Physical Healing

In fact, Reiki Energy Work is extremely helpful to our lives, and its benefits are vast. Reiki can help you physically by relieving pain, and speeding up the natural healing of wounds. It clears up long-lasting problems, helps to prevent the development of ailments and cleanses the body. In addition, Reiki also dissolves energy blockages, increases the vibrational frequency of the body and improves your health in general.

Emotional Healing

Besides its physical benefits, Reiki also helps your emotional and mental state by energising you when you feel drained, bringing about deep relaxation, helping you when you are stressed. It centres your thoughts when you feel confused, which focuses your mind and helps you to solve problems.

Reiki also calms you down when you feel scared, nervous or anxious, releases emotional wounds and also helps you to change negative conditioning and behaviour. In our lives, there are countless trivial, yet stressful matters such as being late for work, preparing for a presentation or speech, or simply just rushing home to tend to your children. By performing Reiki self healing, such stress can be alleviated, giving you a clear mind and healthy body.

How Does Reiki Self Healing Works?

While it may sound extremely helpful, how does Reiki Self Healing exactly work?

There is, in fact, no exact definition to the “correct” way to use Reiki Self Healing. But if there is an injury or pain at a certain part of the body, proceed with Reiki Energy Work. You can start by placing your hands over the affected area and perform self-healing.

You should also be undisturbed when performing Reiki Energy Work, so finding a place where no one will disturb you is important. In addition, you can also make use of music to make you relaxed for the best self-treatment experience.

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Basic Reiki Self Healing Hand Positions

There is no right or wrong way to practice Reiki Energy Work. As you become more experienced and accustomed with the Reiki energy, you will start to intuitively move your hands to wherever it feels right. However, if you are aware of a specific problem or pain, then you should place your hands directly over that area to begin with, and follow up with a full self treatment.

Reiki Hand Position 1

Rejuvenates and Heals: Eye problems, asthma, colds, allergies, sinuses, pituitary glands, pineal glands and cerebral nerves.

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 1: Cup your hands and rest them gently over your eyes, cheekbones and forehead.

Reiki Hand Position 2

Rejuvenates and Heals: Tinnitus, hearing problems, balance the function of the right and left side of the brain.

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 2: Hands on either side of your head with fingers covering your temples.

Reiki Hand Position 3

Rejuvenates and Heals: Migraines, eye problems, multiple sclerosis, stress, digestive disorders and emotional problems.

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 3: Place your hands on top of your head with your fingertips touching the Crown Chakra.

Reiki Hand Position 4


Rejuvenates and Heals: Headaches, fears, phobias, shock, depression and stroke.

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 4: Place your hands on the back of your head covering the ridges at the back of your head.

Reiki Hand Position 5

Rejuvenates and Heals: Communication, breathing, voice and speech problems. Also heals bronchitis, flu, colds and cools anger.

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 5: Place your hand around the neck with the heels covering the Throat Chakra.

Reiki Hand Position 6

Rejuvenates and Heals: Lower neck muscles, deltoids and mid-cervical vertebra

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 6: Place your hands over your shoulders with the heels touching your collar bone.

Reiki Hand Position 7

Rejuvenates and Heals: Stomach, liver, gallbladder, spleen, adrenals, mid-thoracic vertebra, and solar plexus chakra.

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 7: Place your hands over the upper stomach with your fingers interlacing one another.

Reiki Hand Position 8

Rejuvenates and Heals: Transverse, colon, small intestines, pancreas and kidneys.

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 8: Place your hands over the middle of your stomach with your fingers meeting at your naval button.

I want to learn more Reiki Self Healing hand positions.

What “To-Do” After Your Reiki Self Healing Session?

After your Reiki Energy Work, you should drink a large glass of purified water. Close your eyes and focus on the thoughts and emotions that you have felt during the session. After the process, you may feel light-headed, so you should rest for a short while if needed. If required, you can also perform Reiki Energy Work on other parts of the body that you feel the need to work on.

When you are more experienced with the self healing, you will be able to move your hands naturally. And you”ll know it when it feels right. After mastering the hand positions, you can leave it to your instincts when you practice Reiki Self Healing.

The act of Reiki Self Healing is about doing what your mind, body and soul tells you to do.