What Is The Sri Yantra Pendant Meaning | How To Activate Sri Yantra

By | April 25, 2018

Are you looking to learn what is the Sri Yantra pendant meaning…? If you are… you are on the right page!

So… what is this sacred geometry that people are talking about and why are they wearing them as a necklace…?

Who Am I & What Is My Story

Hi there, my name is Jessica Hegarty and I am an Energy Practitioner… I am an Engineer by training and I holds a day job as a Process Engineer in a Pharmaceutical major. I started out this blog as a mean to pen down my thoughts and experiences on energy healing as there is so little written about it.

Like yourself, I stumbled upon the Sri Yantra pendant by chance while I was on my way to spiritual self-healing… I now wear a Sri Yantra necklace daily as it has made drastic changes in my life…

Sri Yantra Changed My Life

Before I go into greater details about the Sri Yantra, let me share my experiences on how it has changed my life…

On the evening of 9th August 2010, I opened a text message on my husband’s cell phone while he was in the shower, only to read: “When are you gonna tell her? I can’t wait for you to be finally mine. No more sharing.”

Those were the words which sent my world crashing.

I’ve been with this man for almost two decades, since we were both sixteen years old. We have been married for 7 years and have a dashing young son. We’ve been through the full cycle of life: from buying our first home together to being overjoyed when I was pregnant with our son. I thought we have seen and been through everything. But I never saw this coming…

Everyone I knew said he loved me a little more… you know… they say in every relationship one person love the other more..? My son and I were always the center around his entire world. No part of me question that he would be seeing someone else…

I was all he ever wanted until I wasn’t.

I place his iphone back down on the table and without thinking twice, drew the shower curtain and turned off the water. “Get the hell out now” I said. I watched him put on his shorts and shirt and walked to the hallway while I pointed towards the front door. He kissed our son goodbye and took out his wedding ring. Walked out of the front door with the door slamming behind him… And that became history.

Right around that time, I was also retrenched from my job. Not many of you know but I was previously from the oil & gas sector… and during that time oil prices fell from $100/barrel to $50/barrel…and all oil companies were busy retrenching Engineers… making it hard to find a job. I did everything I could think of to cut back on my budget so that I could pay bills and still eat, but every month end… we sink deeper into our pockets. Back then, I felt bad having to put my son through all these especially since he is so young…

Then… my life went a full 180 degrees turn when I found out about the Sri Yantra necklace…

I got to know about the Sri Yantra through my best friend over coffee… She knew about my situation and wanted to help. So she bought me a Sri Yantra necklace. So far, the Sri Yantra necklace has gave me a life which I manifested it to be… It seems like as if I had someone watching over me…

Within a month after wearing the Sri Yantra, I found a job in another industry and did not take any pay cut. You know how is it jumping into another industry right…? Usually in most cases, we got to start from the bottom again… Some say that it was all coincidence, but… how do you explain me finding another man to love and trust again..?

Yes… so now, I feel that my life is close to perfect. It is the idea life that I always wanted to lead. I am not saying that I am very successful in life, but just that I feel very contented with where I am at now. Everyone has their own ideals in life…and mine is just a happy, loving family and a stable job.

Sri Yantra Pendant Meaning

So what is the meaning being the Sri Yantra pendant..? You see…the Sri Yantra 12,000 years old symbol which is designed based on the principles of sacred geometry and is commonly used for meditation. For every Yantra design… what you’ll see is that it contains a centre point from which geometrical shapes and designs radiate out from.

The Sri Yantra pendant is considered to be a tool used for manifesting our desires and dreams. I think of it as though it is a tool that helps us increase our focus and clear our cluttered mind so that we can see our goals clearly… Through my personal experience, my life became a story sequel playing out right in front of me, where I could see so much clarity and knowing what I really want from life…

The geometry of the Sri Yantra symbol is a mathematically precise based on the Phi Ratio or what some call Fibonacci numbers. Everything that exist in nature is actually constructed based on this precise proportion. This mathematical relationship can be found naturally from the great works of Leonardo Da Vinvi’s Vitruvian Man to the architecture Pyramid of Giza…

The Unity Of Masculine & Feminine

The Sri Yantra Pendant is a holy instrument and it is also known as the holy wheel in the world of Chakras. The upward triangles meeting the downward triangles on the Sri Yantra pendant represents the union of the Divine Masculine (left brain) and Feminine (right brain). This unity can also be observed in other symbols such as the Star of David. The unity and synchronicity of the left and right brain can be achieve through meditation.

How Does Meditation Create Brain Synchronicity?

Meditation has been known not only to increase your brain size, but it also allows certain part of your brain (which is usually dormant) to become engaged.

You see… our brain consist of two hemispheres, the left and the right brain… The left brain is responsible for logical and practical aspects of thinking… whereas the right brain is responsible for intuitive and abstract big-picture thinking… There have been a number of studies to show that the world’s greatest artist, inventors and scientist uses both the left and right brain in unison.

And the good news is that Meditation has scientifically been proven to help synchronize both your left and right brain…This helps to improve our thought, communication and intellectual processing power.

It is important to have positive thoughts as it can make or break you… If you have negative thoughts, you attract negative things in your life… Trust me… I am a living testament of positive thinking!

Dr. Masaru Emoto Experiment On Positive Thoughts & Water

In Dr Msaru Emoto’s Water Crystal Experiment, he has clearly proven how negative or positive thoughts can have an impact on the structure of water crystals. In summary, positive thoughts and prayers give water crystals  a more stable geometrical form. On the other hand, when you have negative thoughts the water crystals become distorted without any geometrical form.

So now, think of it this way… the human body is composed of 60% water… Don’t you think having negative thoughts will “kill us” surely and eventually… So we’ll need to start thinking positively! And this is how wearing a Sri Yantra pendant and meditating with it can help eliminate any form of negative thoughts….

Is The Sri Yantra Pendant For You?

If you’re someone who is:

  1. Currently facing problems with money, health or relationship.
  2. Or if you feel that your life or work isn’t moving as smoothly.
  3. Things isn’t working out in your favor.
  4. Or maybe… you just feel that you need some protection from physical or psychic harm.

The Sri Yantra will definitely be that special sacred tool for you.

How To Activate Sri Yantra & How Shree Yantra Works

Activation of your Sri Yantra pendant is important before wearing them as a necklace officially… To activate your Sri Yantra pendnt, sit quietly and hold the pendant in both hands. Breathe in slowly, close your eyes and calm you heart beat…. Now visualize your intentions and speak to the pendant…

How to program your intentions onto the the pendant:

  1. Decide what do you want the Sri Yantra pendant to do for you. Your intentions and values drive your action and attitude towards life. Hence, it is important to know what is important to you and what gives you fulfillment in life. That way… your Sri Yantra pendant will have a clear understanding of what you want from life.
  2. Write down your goals and craft a plan for your goals. Speak to you pendant with faith and confidence. Tell the pendant (respectfully) to assist you with your goals and desire. Do remember you are not limited to one goal only. Speak to your pendant as though you are speaking to a friend and a guardian angel. Use your core values to guide you, to help you make peace with all areas of your life… Be it your career, relationships, social life or even your health.
  3. Be specific and respectful. Understand that the Sri Yantra is considered to be a spiritual tool, hence it should be treated with respect. Be sure about actionable steps you’ll need to do to accomplish these goals.

Once you have activated your Sri Yantra pendant and feel ready, open your eyes and wear your Sri Yantra pendant. For optimum results, be sure to wear your necklace at least 2 weeks straight. (It is okay to take it off while you’re in the shower or heading to bed). This is to allow your Sri Yantra pendant to accustom to your body’s natural vibrational energy. This thus allow it to work in harmony with you.

How To Worship Sri Yantra

If you take a good look at the Sri Yantra symbol, you’ll notice that there are 9 main triangles in the symbol. These 9 triangles represent the nine levels in which a devotee must go through to experience the pendant’s full manifestation power. To make the Sri Yantra work for you, on top of wearing the pendant consistently, you’ll also need to worship the Sri Yantra at least once a month.

Start by starting at the center of the Sri Yantra symbol… Slowly move outwards shape by shape allowing the meaning of the symbol to naturally emerge. Once you’re done with the nine triangles, reverse the process. Do this until you can see the symbol in your mind. When you can fully visualize the symbol in your mind, it means that you have successfully embraced the spiritual energy coming from the pendant. Hold you pendant tight and feel your hopes and desires draw closer to you…

During each milestone upon reaching your goal, you may like to reprogram your Sri Yantra pendant with new sets of goal. In this way, the Sri Yantra pendant will always be in complete alignment with your goals.

Benefits Of Wearing Shree Yantra

The benefits of wearing Shree Yantra pendant is countless as it is a symbol of power and tool for manifestation… Science has also confirmed the mystical power of this symbol. Researches are now suggesting that the Sri Yantra pendant brings our mind to a state of consciousness. This allows us to achieve our desires…

Here are some of the benefits of wearing the Shree Yantra:

  1. It grants you the ability to attain fortune and wealth in your life.
  2. The Sri Yantra is also known to bring fame and good luck to the bearer’s family.
  3. It guides you onto a path of success and clears obstacles along the way. Removing all hardship and ensuring a smooth sailing journey through life.
  4. The Sri Yantra also grants you mental stability. Allowing you to make peace with your past and move ahead towards the future.
  5. If you’re on a spiritual self healing journey like I am, the Sri Yantra eliminates all negative thoughts and impurities in your mind. Granting you a pure and clear state of mind.


Personally, I feel that a Sri Yantra pendant is suitable for anyone with the exception of young kids of course! It has helped me solve all my problems and cleared all my negativity in my life. I now only have positive thoughts and speak positively. When you start wearing the Sri Yantra pedant, you can feel the energy almost immediately. Being able to achieve higher levels of consciousness and having the confidence of creating your own reality… This sacred symbol will bring you peace and harmony into your life. It frees your journey through life from obstacles and hurdles… It also gives you the courage to go beyond your self-limiting beliefs and fears… I can’t express how much gratitude I have for this sacred symbol…

If you have other experiences from the Sri Yantra symbol, I would like to hear from you 🙂 Oh yah, before you go… here is a coupon to get a Sri Yantra pendant free of charge! The only thing you have to pay is shipping. Not sure when is the expiry for this coupon, so enjoy it while it last!

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  1. Swetha Gopalkrishnan

    Hello, the link actually works! Got my pendant today and only paid 5usd. For shipping. I am from India. I absolutely love this piece.

  2. Sujatha Haribas

    Hi Miss Jessica, so sorry to hear about your story! I full under your situation. My hubs left me 3 years ago too! But all is great now. We can carry on without a man!

    My Sri Yantra pendant just arrived today. Was wondering if I need to cleanse my pendant like a Crystal? I am already super excited to wear it!


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