Successful Meditation Under Different Meditation Environment

By | September 12, 2017

Meditation is a process that help us de-stress from the hectic lives we lead, not only that, meditation can also help understand our minds and increase positive thinking. In our world full of noise, distractions and busy individuals hustling, we might not have time to meditate, however it is a beneficial process for our minds and bodies. Choosing the right meditation environment to concentrate is an incredibly important part of the meditation process; our sensory experience is more significant than we think it is. It lets us embrace the world surrounding us.

Learn To Meditate In Any Environment

Some may find it easy to clear their minds and create a meditation space in any environment, however, not everyone is able to do so. Creating the right meditation environment for ourselves to calm our minds is different for everyone and only when we feel at peace, then we would know it is the right environment for us. Meditating in the wrong environment might not only make us feel irritated, but also a waste of time.

Finding The Perfect Meditation Environment With Our 5 Senses


To create the perfect meditation environment for ourselves, we should take our 5 senses into consideration. The basic rule that all environments should follow is that there shouldn’t be any distractions. For example, phones, computers, TVs, or any other electronic devices should not be around as they create a negative energy that can surround you. Of course, we should still be embracing the distractions around us, notice it, instead of getting caught up by it.

Sound And Smell

This way, we won’t feel more and more annoyed by distractions that come our way. Sounds should be kept to a minimum as they can also act as a distraction. However, certain sounds such as ocean waves or forest leaves rustling can benefit some in their concentration. Smells are also a factor in determining the perfect meditation space. Musky or fishy smells can distract our concentration while lavender or rose scents may keep us energetic during meditation.

Touch And Taste

Our sense of touch is the type of surface we are resting on, is it an uncomfortable carpet? Or a soft chair, noticing and finding the right surface for us can improve concentration. Taste may not be one of the factors that one would think of right off the head when asked, however, it could affect the process. Having leftover taste in our mouths from a previous meal can distract us from truly having a comfortable space. Also, we should have our eyes closed during meditation.

Having to perfect all these factors is not an easy task, especially during times when we’re outside working, studying, playing sports, or even on stage about to give a performance. Sometimes when the stress takes over, we have to calm down and clear our minds in whatever situations we find ourselves in. Finding a spot that we can concentrate on is critical in these situations.

Examples Of Make-Shift Meditation Environments

Meditation Environment

For example, while in the office, we can create a makeshift meditation environment. Following the basic rule, choose a room with little to no distractions, and make sure it is as silent as possible. Potted plants can also help increase the positive vibe in the room and let us be more aware with our thoughts. Other than only meditating when feeling stressed, another technique is to use small red dots. By sticking small red stickers around your workspace, they serve as a reminder to pause, stop what you are doing and take a deep breath when you see them. This can keep you calm and collected throughout the day, avoiding any built up stress that could ultimately affect you and your work.

Another meditation environment that we could find ourselves in is when playing sports. When on field, athletes are not able to leave just to meditate in a suitable environment and would have to find other ways to concentrate. To clear one’s mind, it is easier said than done. It takes practice to clear our minds in that one-second and concentrate on steadying our breathing. One of the best ways for athletes to distress on the field is regular meditation in their own lives. It trains the mind to calm down during stressful situations and to not panic.

Meditating In Nature

Being surrounded by nature is also another environment that we could find ourselves in, arguably, it is the best place to be meditating. Nature possesses the beauty that lets us experience a silent world. By hiking in a forest for example, we can clear our minds and take in the majestic plants and surround ourselves with their positivity. When meditating in nature, we want to ensure that we reach a point where we feel alert but relaxed, energetic but also calm and also experiencing the beauty of nature around us.

If you aren’t much of a hiker or forest person, there are countless other different areas that we still can experience the beauty of nature while meditating. Parks or gardens are common for those living in cities. They can be found in most places and also contains the green plants and vibrate flowers. Concentrate on the smell of the earth, the sound of the the leaves rustling to the blowing wind, the laughter of children to the flock of birds flying in the blue skies.

Starting Meditation Young

Kids Meditation

Many schools now are also introducing meditations to their students. Meditating in schools may sound foreign to some; however, it is becoming mainstream as seen from a school that replaced detention with meditation classes. Starting meditation at a young age can help with their brains and behavior. It can increase ones attention span and ultimately help them get better grades in school. More importantly, teaching children to meditate at a young age can better mental heath and increase awareness in the younger generation. To create a right space for the children, ensure that the space used is silent and doesn’t have any electronic devices. Teaching students in small groups is also beneficial as big groups can often lead to distractions. Having consistent timings to meditate creates a habit in these children that hopefully they will continue even after leaving the schools.

Having a spiritual friend or partner to meditate with us can be a very helpful factor. They give us the support and companionship through our meditation process and different things can be learnt from each other.

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