Tigers Eye Meaning – What Are The Tigers Eye Healing Properties?

By | July 13, 2017

The Tiger Eye is one of the more common crystals that most of us has stumbled upon but its often misunderstood or misinterpreted. Ever wondered how the Tiger Eye got it’s name?

Tiger Eye (or Tigers Eye) is a gemstone which is aptly named due to its cat eye effect; this effect is called chatoyancy. The chatoyancy effect of the stone can only be achieved through proper cutting and polishing.  The result is a golden to brownish-red hue and a silky luster. Beautiful! Many believe that it is this unique color that distinguishes the tigers eye. But it is actually its chatoyancy, which plays a dominant role in the meaning of the name.

Tigers Eye Meaning # 1 – Grants The Bearer Unfaltering Focus

The tigers eye is named such not so much for its similarity to the animal’s eye, but the tiger’s behaviour. This stone is thought to bestow unfaltering focus to the bearer, just like how tigers pay great attention when trying to capture their prey. A tiger also has great determination and perseverance in this same context.

The Tigers Eye is associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn and would be an ideal gift for birthdays. It grants the recipient the courage of a tiger and also symbolizes a strong start to a new beginning.

Where Can We Find The Tigers Eye?

This stone is not commonly found in many places in the world – it is mainly found in South Africa, from the Northern Cape Province. A few other countries such as Australia and Brazil also have tiger eye sources, but not as big as the one in South Africa.

Tiger eye has quite a few healing properties that target spiritual health, physical health as well as emotional health.

Tigers Eye Crystal

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Tigers Eye Meaning # 2 – Spiritual Awakening

This stone is perfect for meditation purposes as it has healing powers within its golden ray vibration. It bestows compassion and unconditional love which helps to create a warm and stable energy when praying or meditating and directly leads to Christ consciousness. It stimulates the Third Eye as it enhances the imagination and intuition. This allows the bearer to communicate with Golden Light beings who will assist you in following the Divine Will. If you are experiencing inner conflict between your feelings and your true destiny, this stone is for your. It helps in mending that conflict by balancing your yin and yang energies. Feng Shui practitioners suggest putting the stone near a door or a western part of the home or the workplace in order to maintain clarity in the environment.

Tigers Eye Meaning # 3 – Aids With Fertility and Strong Bones

It also has significant contributions for physical health – especially for the reproductive system and bones. When the Tigers Eye crystal is placed above the reproductive organs, it is has been proven to improve fertility. It can also heal any reproductive problems or diseases. Therefore, when trying to conceive, you may carry the tiger eye within the vicinity of the relevant areas, such as in the pocket. It is also able to help heal broken bones (such as neck or spine injuries) as this stone provides strength and balance to the wearer. Other relevant properties of the stone include reducing nightmares, asthma, and eye problems.

Tigers Eye Meaning # 4 – Calms The Mind

Finally, the tiger eye is beneficial for the mind and balancing chaotic emotions in one’s self. It can help with sound decision-making which are usually practical and not emotion biased. It can provide energy while also simultaneously lending the wearer a calm and relaxed air. As mentioned previously, tiger eye is associated with unfaltering focus and determination. It helps to provide clear and undistracted thought processes for emotional healing. This stone would be useful for those with Attention Deficit Disorder, those who are experiencing internal turmoil, or those who need to make a big and life-changing decision. Furthermore, it also increases the acquisition and maintenance of wealth, but it also helps us to control this wealth and combat greediness.

In conclusion, one should have a tiger eye stone nearby or on you at all times in order to maximize its benefits. If you wish to concentrate on a certain area of the body, just hold the stone at the affected area. The crystal will help to heal or stimulate that area. Ideally, it is should be best used while praying or meditating. It will lead you towards the right path and the right decisions in life.

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