Tiger Eye Stone Effects | How To Clean Tiger Eye Stone [Complete Guide]

By | July 13, 2017

What are the Tiger Eye stone effects and how can they make a change in your life…?

The Tiger Eye is one of the more common crystals that most of us has stumbled upon but its often misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Ever wondered how the Tiger Eye Stone got it’s name…?

Tiger Eye Stonetiger eye stone benefits as the name suggests is a stone that embodies the spirit and behavior of a Tiger. From the big cat’s patience when hunting for a prey to it’s unwavering focus and perseverance, this stone will help to unleash the tiger within you, thus emboldening you… The Tiger Eye is usually brown in color with several strips of light brown that reflect light, thus creating a flash that is similar to the Tiger’s eye when it is marking and observing it’s prey.

Tiger Eye (or Tigers Eye) is a gemstone which is aptly named due to its cat eye effect; this effect is called chatoyancy. The chatoyancy effect of the stone can only be achieved through proper cutting and polishing.  The result is a golden to brownish-red hue and a silky luster. Beautiful! Many believe that it is this unique color that distinguishes the tigers eye. But it is actually its chatoyancy, which plays a dominant role in the meaning of the name.

Where Can We Find The Tigers Eye?

This stone is not commonly found in many places in the world – it is mainly found in South Africa, from the Northern Cape Province. A few other countries such as Australia and Brazil also have tiger eye sources, but not as big as the one in South Africa.

Tiger Eye Stone Effects # 1 – Grants The Bearer Unfaltering Focus

Tiger Eye Stone EffectsThe Tiger Eye Stone are known to help calm you down in tense, stressful situations and it will push you to be more brave and bold in these situations. It will also impart with you a undivided focus and the motivation to push on in life.

The Tiger Eye Stone is named not so much for its similarity to the animal’s eye… But the tiger’s behaviour. This stone is thought to bestow unfaltering focus to the bearer, just like how tigers pay great attention when trying to capture their prey. A tiger also has great determination and perseverance in this same context.

The Tigers Eye is associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn and would be an ideal gift for birthdays. It grants the recipient the courage of a tiger and also symbolizes a strong start to a new beginning.

Tiger eye has quite a few healing properties that target spiritual health, physical health as well as emotional health.

Where can I buy a Tiger Eye Crytal…?

Tiger Eye Stone Effects # 2 – Spiritual Awakening

Tiger Eye Stone Effects 2This stone is perfect for meditation purposes as it has healing powers within its golden ray vibration. It bestows compassion and unconditional love which helps to create a warm and stable energy when praying or meditating and directly leads to Christ consciousness. It stimulates the Third Eye as it enhances the imagination and intuition. This allows the bearer to communicate with Golden Light beings who will assist you in following the Divine Will. If you are experiencing inner conflict between your feelings and your true destiny, this stone is for your. It helps in mending that conflict by balancing your yin and yang energies. Feng Shui practitioners suggest putting the stone near a door or a western part of the home or the workplace in order to maintain clarity in the environment.

Tiger Eye Stone Effects # 3 – Aids With Fertility and Strong Bones

It also has significant contributions for physical health – especially for the reproductive system and bones. When the Tigers Eye stone is placed above the reproductive organs, it is has been proven to improve fertility. It can also heal any reproductive problems or diseases. Therefore, when trying to conceive, you may carry the tiger eye within the vicinity of the relevant areas, such as in the pocket.

The Tiger Eye Stone is also able to help heal broken bones (such as neck or spine injuries) as this Stone provides strength and balance to the wearer. It is beneficial to those with bones that have been fractured by healing them as they offers strength during crucial times. Aside from that, it can also smooth out the recovery process for neck and spinal problems by giving strength and balance.

It will also clear out sinus congestion and vision problems as well as balance your metabolism and energy levels by flushing toxins out of your body. Other relevant properties of the Tiger Eye Stone include reducing nightmares, asthma, and eye problems.

Where can I buy a Tiger Eye Crystal…?

Tiger Eye Stone Effects # 4 – Calms The Mind

Tiger Eye Stone EffectsThe Tiger Eye Stone is beneficial for the mind and balancing chaotic emotions in one’s self. It can help with sound decision-making which are usually practical and not emotion biased.

It will aid in clearing your mind and provide you with better, balanced thinking which will alleviate your feelings of anxiety and fear. The Tiger Eye Crystal will bring you an influx of energy that will keep you constantly working with a new wave of motivation and determination. And this is especially useful for those with ADHD… who are experiencing internal turmoil, or those who need to make big and life-changing decisions.

It can also provide there energy that allows the bearer to feel calm and relaxed. The Tiger Eye Stone’s energy is also associated with unfaltering focus and determination. It helps to provide clear and unclouded thought processes for emotional healing… thus preventing us from making rash decisions and instead… helps us to understand both sides of the story.

The Tiger Eye Stone is also useful for those who are trying to curb their addictions by minimizing their cravings for food or addictive substances. Food addiction is now real with 70% of our population being addicted to fast food.If you are a victim of food addiction, I feel you too…:) Wearing on a Tiger Eye Stone can definitely help you manage these cravings!

Tiger Eye Stone Effects # 5 – Tiger Eye Chakra

Tiger Eye Stone is mostly associated with the lower Chakras, such as the base, Sacral and Solar Plexus. The base Chakra is the first Chakra and it represents security and being grounded. The Tiger Eye will center you in this ever-revolving world… It enhances your state of mind as well as help you teeter all your energy into one place. You will also harness the ability to finish all your tasks and stay committed throughout. When you place a Tiger Eye Stone on your Sacral Chakra during your meditation, the Tiger Eye Stone will help to boost our creative energy and help build our desires into fruition.

How To Clean Tiger Eye Stone

Cleaning the Tiger Eye Stone consist of several parts… You’ll need to learn how to maintain the Crystal, cleanse the Crystal and charging the Crystal.I have broken them into a step by step guide below for easier reference.

Maintenance Of The Tiger Eye Stone

The Tiger Eye Crystal is a precious stone that should be stored in a place that helps it to recharge and not diminish its power. Thus, it is advisable not to store it in dark places, like the attic or in boxes as the lack of light will deteriorate their purpose. Instead, keep them on display around your house or wear them as a bracelet or a necklace. Unlike other Crystals, the Tiger Eye Stone is not light sensitive… which makes it an excellent Crystal to flaunt in the open. It’s color does not decompose under Sunlight… However, this does not mean that we don’t treat our Tiger Eye Stone with care… Long exposures to Sunlight might cause the Tiger Eye Crystal to crack due to the immense heat of the Sun.

Cleansing Of The Tiger Eye Stone

how to clean tiger eye stoneThere are a couple of ways in which you can cleanse your Tiger Eye Stone and I have documented it here. So if you are keen to learn more, you can check out that blog post. It is important to cleanse our Crystals because Crystals have an energetic memory. When exposed to an environment with negative energy or if the Crystals is being touched by someone else apart from us… It absorbs and holds the negative energy within itself. It is necessary to cleanse this negative energy because the last thing we want is to carry it around and bring negativity into our lives.

Personally, I prefer using the Singing bowl to cleanse my Tiger Eye Stone. I feel that it is an effective and non-invasive way to cleanse Crystals. However, I must say a Singing bowl cost quite a bit. But it is definitely worth the investment especially if you are into any form of energy healing. What I like about it is that it saves me so much time too? I mean, if you have a large Singing Bowl, you can cleanse all your Crystals, bracelets and even necklaces all at once!

Alternatively, if you are on a budget, you could place your Tiger Eye Stone in a bowl of chipped Hematite overnight. When your Tiger Eye Stone is in contact with the chipped Hematite, it will discharge it’s negative energy onto the Hematite resulting in a cleansing process. As Hematite is a self-cleansing Crystal, it will discharge itself on it’s own when left alone.

Charging Of The Tiger Eye Stone

Charging your Crystal is crucial in empowering your Tiger Eye Stone to fulfill it’s purpose. The first step for charging your Tiger Eye Stone is to program your Crystal. You’ll need to speak to it and let it know your intentions. I have seen people program their Crystals in many different ways… But I find this method the best for connecting with your Crystals by affirming your intention. What you should do, is to hold your Tiger Eye Stone with both hands and sit in a quiet corner of a room. You want to be undisturbed during this few minutes…

Close your eyes and speak to your Crystals. There isn’t any script to program your Crystals but what you can do is to say something like…

“Dear Tiger Eye Stone, thank you so much for coming into my life. I know you’ll be a blessing and I want you to bring me faith and confidence in myself. Grant me the ability to stay calm when face with troubles and be persevere in times of hardship. I thank you for everything and with you by my side, I promise to protect your from physical harm.”

Who Should Wear Tiger Eye Stone

Those who are seeking for a Crystal that will empower them with courage and unwavering focus should look into getting the Tiger Eye Stone. The Tigers Eye will give it’s bearer determination that is useful when undertaking long term projects or when one has a big obstacle to cross.

It is also for people who want to have more luck and good fortune along. Despite the Tiger Eye emboldening purposes, it is not recommended for those who are faint hearted. It might be overwhelming for those who are naturally very shy and timid or for those who suffer from personality disorders.

How To Use Tiger Eyes for the Best Results

There are multiple ways to using the Tiger Eyes and one of them is to just pick any quiet spot…. You can be at home, in a park or anywhere… and hold the stones in your hand. Then take in a deep breathe and feel the energy emitting from the Tiger Eye Crystal fill up your body. You can also envision your intentions with as you feel the energy from your Crystal… Fill your mind with your visions and intentions as you feel your manifestations draw nearer and coming into reality. You can either use them while meditating or laying them on your body while you rest on your bed.

The Tiger Eye Stone is a very powerful Crystal, just like tigers. When used correctly it can grant it’s bearer perseverance and courage that will lead you to better opportunities in life.


If you don’t have a Tiger Eye Crystal yet… you should definitely get one. It is a great Crystal to be added to your collection. If you need the courage and drive to push you forward in life, then you’ll definitely need it! I know the feeling of getting trapped or stuck in sticky situations, use the Tiger Eye Stone to your advantage and make that leap forward… 🙂

If you have any other experience regarding the Tiger Eye Crystal, I would like to hear from you!<3