Top 10 Reasons To Meditate And Why You Should Do It Daily

By | August 19, 2017

I have seen and heard of people listing meditation as one of their New Year’s Resolution (me included), but when asked what meditation is, they are unable to give a clear explanation. Many thinks that meditation means setting aside 10 minutes daily to sit still and keep quiet, but after 1 week of wasting 10 minutes every day, they claimed that meditating is useless, or ‘not for them’ (guilty again) and gave up on it, as well as the many benefits that come with it.

My Top 10 Reason To Meditate Daily 2

So what exactly is meditation? Is it really that hard to achieve it?

Meditation is the process of being in the present moment, with no chaotic thoughts in your mind, while still being conscious and aware of everything around, and in you. It is more than just keeping quiet and staying still, which is something I had actually done!

So now that we know what meditation is, let us jump straight into why meditation is beneficial for us, and why we should be doing it!

Reasons To Meditate # 1 : Meditation Facilitates Decision Making.

Have you ever found yourself regretting a decision you made? Here is when meditation comes in. It helps you to identify what exactly you want or need, and you are able to take a logical and rational step forward. Goodbye to the days when you made your decisions on a whim! If you are still  having troubles taking steps forward, learn how positive affirmations can help you!

Reasons To Meditate # 2 : Meditation Helps to Foster and Maintain Positive Relationships.

Meditating helps to calm you down, and when there is tension brewing between you and your spouse, or amongst the group of friends you have, you are able to keep calm and think things through before saying or reacting in a hostile and aggressive manner. This helps you to free yourself from negative emotions such as anger, which will definitely benefit you in the long run. You will not feel like arguing with that pesky friend of yours as much!

Reasons To Meditate # 3 : Meditation Helps You to Sleep Better.

As explained earlier, meditation is the silencing of the mind. It can be pretty tough to do that when you are so incredibly used to worrying about everything and anything, and to worry just as you lay your head on a pillow is the most torturous feeling ever! This has led to sleepless nights for many of us, and when we do eventually sleep, we tend to wake up feeling groggy afterwards.

When you meditate, you are able to silence and control the thoughts in your head better and faster, and thus, leading to you catching a few extra minutes of precious sleep. The quality of your sleep will be better as well, because you no longer have those worries popping up right before you sleep.

Reasons To Meditate # 4 : Meditation Helps You to Focus Better.

Continuing from the previous point, you are able to focus better because you are not flooded with thoughts. You can give your 100% when you need to.

Reasons To Meditate # 5 : Meditation Unleashes Your Creativity.

There are times when you cannot think of a perfect solution to a problem and it might frustrate you a lot. When that happens, yes you guessed it, take a deep breath and meditate. In doing so, you don’t confine yourself to just one possibility. Rather, you think outside of the box more because your mind is cleared.

Reasons To Meditate # 6 : Meditation Improves Your Performance at School/Work.

In our fast paced city life, we find that we rarely stop to have time for ourselves. Through meditating, you gain more quality sleep and free yourself from negative emotions that can be difficult to achieve with our busy lifestyle. This in turn leads to increased good performance at school/work because we are more productive when we are happy and well rested.

Reasons To Meditate # 7 : Meditation Increases Self-Awareness.

Sometimes we are not so sure what we truly feel about something because we do not allow our emotions to properly develop, and it can be a bit confusing trying to decipher it. By meditating, you are actually delving deep within the recesses of yourself and you will know what is it you are feeling, what you think and what you want, which will help you deal with things better.

Reasons To Meditate # 8 : Meditation Keeps You Happy.

As mentioned in the points above, meditation helps you get more and better quality sleep as well as makes you more productive. It also helps you to deal with the stress in your life. When you are more capable of managing your stress and worries, you become happier, because you know how to handle it, which leads to my next point.

Reasons To Meditate # 9 : Meditation is Good For Your Overall Health.

Stress takes a toll on our bodies and places more strain in our immune systems. By learning to manage your stress and worries, it lightens the load you have and your body will thank you for that!

Reasons To Meditate # 10 : Meditation Increases Your Lifespan.

And yes, it is something like a chain reaction when you start meditating. When you are generally happier, you are healthier, and when you are healthier, your life expectancy increases.

Now that you know the benefits and reasons why you should meditate daily, how do you go about it and actually do it?

I would recommend setting aside about 5 to 10 minutes per day, to just sit down alone with your thoughts. In the beginning, it is perfectly normal for you to have your thoughts racing about in your head, but slowly and gradually, when you do this daily, you will notice that your mind will quiet down.

I believe that meditation is a process that trains your patience, as it will take time. Give it time, your effort and persistence!

Feeling emotionally unbalance or physically unwell? Learn more about how meditation can relief stress thus allowing you to lead a healthier life.