What Is A Vogel Crystal | Vogel Quartz Properties

By | June 3, 2017

What is a Vogel Crystal and whats so special about the Vogel quartz properties…? If you have these two questions in mind… you’re definitely on the right page!

The Vogel Crystal is an ancient healing tool that should not be ignored by modern civilization!

Who Am I & What Is My Story?

Hi there, My name is Jessica Hegarty and I am a Crystal lover and energy worker. I am an Engineer by training and currently hold a day job as a Process Engineer at one of the largest Pharmaceutical giant.

I started out this blog due to my interest in Crystal healing and also as a mean of penning down my thoughts, experience and knowledge on Crystal healing…

Over the years of learning and experimenting… I found that it was difficult for me to digest different information from different source all at once… So to save you sometime, I guess starting up a blog would help you find the answers you are looking for… It like paying it forward to the rest of the Crystal lovers 🙂

How Did I Come To Know About What Is A Vogel Crystal?

Like many of you… when I first started out on my Crystal healing journey… I tried and experimented with many different things. Back in the old days, when the internet wasn’t really well established, information was scarce…. Many of my generation of Crystal healers relied heavily upon information which was shared in seminars and Crystal healing workshops…. And back then, we had to fly across different states just to learn from the best…And through the exchange of knowledge with the trainers and people at these conventions… I got to learn about to Vogel Crystal…

Personally… I like the Vogel Crystal a lot…It has helped me with many different types of healing… I remember the time I used it to treat my sprained ankle… the swelling disappeared within hours of the healing process.. It has also helped me overcome the loss of my Grandmother… Not that I wasn’t sad anymore… but it helped me come to terms with the situation…

The Vogel Crystal is a Universal healing too that can help you with both emotional healing and physical healing….

What You Can Expect To Learn

So… I am assuming you might have heard about the Vogel Cut Crystals when you stumble upon it at the local Crystal shop…? It is too hard to miss, especially with its unique cut and structure. Or… if you have attended any form of Crystal healing seminars, you would have noticed that many Crystal healers use the Vogel Cut Crystals as a tool for Crystal healing.

So today, I will be sharing what I know about Vogel Crystals… Because there is so little written up on this topic, some of these materials are interpretations from the disciples of the man who invented the Vogel Crystals.

  1. What is a Vogel Crystal?
  2. Who Invented the Vogel Cut Crystals?
  3. Types of Vogel Crystal
  4. Charging A Vogel Crystal
  5. How to Use a Vogel Cut Crystals ?
  6. Fight Off Psychic Attacks With A Vogel Crystal

What Is A Vogel Crystal

What Is A Vogel Crystal?

What Is A Vogel CrystalVogel Crystals are finely cut healing tools which are designed by Dr Marcel Vogel. These crystals create a spiralling energy that can invoke small doses of natural radiation which can be transmitted to a human body through heat, light or vibration.

The energy from the Vogel Cut Crystals can be used for self-healing or healing another person, which most experts term it Vogel Crystal Healing.

In today’s day and age, the term “Vogel Cut Crystals” is loosely used in the marketplace as most these “Vogel Cut Crystals” are not the ones cut by Dr Marcel Vogel. Many argue that only true Vogel crystals would be cut by Dr Marcel Vogel or under his supervision.

It is also important to note that there are no longer any real genuine Vogel Crystal wands that are being cut anywhere. The term Vogel Crystal is now used to describe any Crystal wand that is cut with symmetry based on the criteria of Dr Marcel Vogel. Do not fall prey to the hyped and marked up prices of a “True Vogel Crystal” wand. (It can go up the the thousands… YIKES!)


Who Invented Vogel Cut Crystals ?

Marcel Joseph Vogel (1917 to 1991), who was a renowned research scientist for IBM’s San Jose facility, invented the Vogel Cut Crystal. He spent his retirement years researching on the therapeutic applications of crystals.

Well you see… the Vogel Cut Crystals were designed such that the Crystal could focus the “Universal life force” which is highly sort after for healing. By concentrating the energy and amplifying it, it forces the pranic energy to reach a higher level of vibration that can help recharge our Chakra centers. At some Crystal healing clinics, they actually have the Vogel Crystal Bed, which is designed to recharge your Chakras just by laying down on the bed… with the Vogel Crystals pointing at each and every Chakra…

Where can I buy a Vogel Crystal…?

Types of Vogel Crystal

As much as I know… there is not much being documented down on the uses of the different types of Vogel Crystal… but here is a summary of what I know, which are probably passed down from the disciples of Doctor Marcel Vogel.. For Crystals of other cuts… you might need to work with them to experiment and determine their specific applications… However, Marcel Vogel did mentioned in his teachings that a larger number of facets in a Vogel Crystal doesn’t mean that it is more effective for healing… Anything about 24 facets is more than adequate for all uses….

By the standards of some Crystal healers, Vogel Crystals can come in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 or 24 facets. They are usually a double terminated crystal with feminine end (cut at the same angles as that of the pyramids of Giza) and a masculine end (which is cut at a slightly more acute angle). These Crystals must be cut by hand with a specific intent to heal and to nourish the soul.

4 Faceted Vogel Crystal

The 4 sided Vogel Crystal is primarily used for physical healing on a body. It can be used for self healing or used to heal another person. After charging your Vogel Crystal with a specific intent, direct the masculine end of the Crystal towards the area of sore and pain. The energy emitted from the Vogel Crystal should heal it within a few hours…

6 Faceted Vogel Crystal

The 6 Faceted Vogel Crystal is usually use for healing emotional ailments. It is most idea for people who are going through a tough time emotionally…

8 Faceted Vogel Crystal

The 8 Faceted Vogel Crystal is used for the expansion of our awareness. It is a great Crystal for purposeful soul development as well as clearing away our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

12 Faceted Vogel Crystal

The 12 Faceted Vogel Crystal helps to resolve trust issues between family and friends.

24 Faceted Vogel Crystal

The 24 Faceted Vogel is a more extensive or powerful version of all the four, six, eight and 12 Faceted crystals combined together.

How to Charge A Vogel Crystal?

It is important that we charge our Crystal with your intent for healing… This will help expedite your healing process.

First, hold your Vogel Crystal at the tips of your middle finger and thumb of your non-dominant hand. Face the feminine end (Pyramid look alike portion) towards yourself, whereas the masculine end (more acute portion) outwards…. Slowly spin the Vogel Crystal around your non-dominant hand in a clockwise fashion… As you spin, think and speak to the Crystal spiritually on what are the intent for this healing session… Stop the programming only when you are ready… and this is something that only you will know…

If your Vogel is too big to fit into your palms… you can hold the Crystal in your non-dominant hand, while using your other hand to rotate the Crystal about your non-dominant hand.

Test The Vogel Crystal’s Energy When You Are Ready

When you feel that your Vogel Crystal is charged… it is time to put it to a test… Hold your Vogel Crystal with your dominant hand with the masculine (more acute portion of the Crystal) facing out… Direct it towards the palm of your non-dominant hand… you should feel a pulse of energy being directed on your palm.

Vogel Quartz Properties

As Light and Life energy gets pulled into the feminine end of the double terminated Vogel Cut Crystal, it gets magnified by the purity of the interior structure of the Vogel Crystal. Once purified, the amplified energy leaves the masculine end of the Vogel crystal as is ready for the Crystal healing process. You can use this energy to:

  1. Unblock the Chakra Centers of your body.
  2. Remove any form of negative energy which is attached to you.
  3. Rebalance and fine tune the natural vibrational frequency of your Aura.
  4. Heal and soothe physical pain.

How To Use Vogel Crystal?

When you purchase a Vogel Crystal, you get really excited about the idea of it. At that point of purchase, you feel that your soul resonates with the history and lineage of the Vogel Crystal… Then when you bring home the Crystal, you start to have trouble falling into what I call the “zone”, where things kinda feel effortless and magical…you place it on your altar and life goes on…

You have to go back to your desk job… You start struggling with health issues or relationship issues… And all of a sudden, you get back into being your old self. The Crystals get on the back burner and you just go back into the default mode….

So this is the primary issue – You start doubting yourself and the Crystal… You start doubting your ability and you think to yourself, “Well, maybe I need to go to more seminars or a workshops… Or maybe I need a teacher to tell me exactly what I should do with the Crystals”.

We start doubting in our innate ability to find that intimate spiritual union with nature and the Crystal…

So basically, this is the most common sequence of events that would happen… You get back into life and you start doubting yourself, because you are out of that “zone”. You’re out of that place of inspiration. And the Crystal doesn’t have as much power for you…

How To Use Vogel Crystal For Emotional Healing

The only difference from somebody who is getting massive amazing results and somebody who is not, is that the successful one has a habitual ritual.

So when you think about the word ritual, it doesn’t have to mean a bunch of bells and whistles….No drumming involved… I promise!

Ritual is something that is very personal and individual… And most importantly, it is incredibly simple. With rituals, what you are doing is that you are making an intention to come into that place within yourself… where you are uniting with the sacred energy of nature.

With every single day that past, no matter what is going on in your life, or how real the physical world seems, or your problems may seem, you must stay committed.

  1. Morning Ritual: I call this my morning practice. Basically the moment you rise from bed, you reach over and get your Vogel Crystal. And just do a 5 to 10 minutes meditation. And during this meditation, just ask yourself, what you would want to experience for yourself today. One of my favorites is “What do I want to believe in today?”.
  2. Evening Ritual: The evening practice is done after the whole day, where all the nitty bitty things that didn’t just go quite as right. The evening practice is just right before bed. Take your Crystal and unite with it just before bed. You are going to take that Crystal and you are going to ask yourself “What can I cleanse at this moment to feel renewed again? How can I do that?”

So with both of this practice, you are asking a simple question. And with the help of your Crystal centering yourself… you are going to get the answers. And you are going to be able to change your everyday life just by doing that.

How To Use Vogel Crystal For Physical Healing

As what Dr Marcel Vogel has taught… The Vogel Crystal can be used to heal internal wounds and soothe pains which are deep in our muscles…

Personally, I have tried it and it has helped me recover a lot quicker than expected… As an Engineer, I am used to running up an down a production plant to inspect the company’s reactor’s operating conditions… There was this time when I actually sprained my ankle and the swelling was really bad…

I couldn’t walk and had to leap just to move forward. When I got home, I tried icing my ankle but it just didn’t do the job. I still could feel the pain and the swelling was just not going down…

I just decided to try using the Vogel Crystal to heal the internal bleeding…

After charging up my Vogel Crystal, I directed the Crystal’s energy onto my ankle (with the masculine portion pointing at my ankle)…

The initially feeling was a little pricky… feels a little bit like pins and needles on my ankles. After a while… I could not feel the pain any more… And I thought to myself… how can this possibly be working…? But it did work anyway… my swelling did not subside though… Not until a few hours later. So that has been my main mode of physical healing ever since… I even experimented it with bruises and mosquito bites! It has worked well for me… So if you are looking for a physical healing spiritual tool, I highly recommend getting a Vogel Crystal… It should cost more than $200 for a palm size one… Anything more… you are probably getting ripped off!

I want to buy a Vogel Crystal… But where…?

How Do You Use  Vogel Crystal To Fight Off Psychic Attacks

In order to use the Vogel Crystal to protect yourself against any Physic attacks, you’ll need to first program and charge the Crystal… Your intent must be clear…

When you are ready, hold the Crystal with it’s masculine end (more acute portion) facing towards the sky, close to your heart and close your eyes… Ask for it’s help to create an energy shield around you… Imagine it’s energy raditating up towards the sky and forming a shield around you. Once you feel that the shield is formed… you are ready and well protected from any Psychic attacks.

Handling The Vogel Crystal

Due to to shape of the Vogel Crystal, they are very brittle at their terminated ends. It is advisable not to carry your Vogel Crystal around but instead… leave it at home to use it for your healing purposes.


I hope I have answered your questions regarding the Vogel Crystal… The Vogel Quartz properties are healing and soothing… use this Crystal as a healing tool… and you’ll experience a whole new world… If you had any other experience with the Vogel Crystal, I would really like to hear from you… Do you have the same sentiments like I do? 🙂