Vogel Cut Crystals – What Are They And How To Use Them?

By | June 3, 2017

Many of you might have heard about the Vogel Cut Crystals when you stumble upon it at the local crystal shop. It is too hard to miss, especially with its unique cut and structure. Or if you have attended any form of crystal healing sessions, you would have noticed that many crystal healers use the Vogel Cut Crystals as a tool for Vogel Crystal healing. So today, I will be sharing what I know about Vogel Crystals:

  1. What are Vogel Cut Crystals?
  2. My Personal Thoughts and Opinions on Vogel Cut Crystals
  3. Who Invented the Vogel Cut Crystals?
  4. How to Use a Vogel Cut Crystals and Get the Results You Want

Vogel Cut Crystals

Vogel Cut Crystals Explained – What Are They?

Vogel Crystals are finely cut healing tools which are designed by Dr Marcel Vogel. These crystals create a spiralling energy that can invoke small doses of natural radiation which can be transmitted to a human body through heat, light or vibration. The energy from the Vogel Cut Crystals can be used for self-healing or healing another person, which most experts term it Vogel Crystal Healing.

In today’s day and age, the term “Vogel Cut Crystals” is loosely used in the marketplace as most these “Vogel Cut Crystals” are not the ones cut by Dr Marcel Vogel. Many argue that only true Vogel crystals would be cut by Dr Marcel Vogel or under his supervision. It is also important to note that there are no longer any real genuine Vogel Crystal wands that are being cut anywhere. The term Vogel Crystal is now used to describe any crystal wand that is cut with symmetry based on the criteria of Dr Marcel Vogel. Do not fall prey to the hyped and marked up prices of a “True Vogel Crystal” wand.

Vogel Crystal

How Many Facets Does A Vogel Crystal Has?

By the standards of some crystal healers, Vogel Crystals can come in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24, or 32 facets. They are usually a double terminated crystal with feminine end (cut at the same angles as that of the pyramids of Giza) and a masculine end (which is cut at a slightly more acute angle). These crystals must be cut by hand with a specific intent to heal and to nourish the soul.

My Personal Thoughts About the Vogel Cut Crystals

Personally, I own a couple of Vogel Crystal wands. Each with different number of facet of course! Like many of you, when I first started out on my crystal journey, I tried and experimented with many different things. Back in the old days, when the internet wasn’t really well established, information was scarce. Many of my generation of crystal healers relied heavily upon information which was shared in seminars and crystal healing workshops. Back then, we had to fly across different states just to learn from the best. But of course, fast forward today, the information which was shared back then is still reliable. It just that the things that we teach and are be shared right now has a modern twist to it, which is based on the experience of different healers over the years.

So as we know it, the energy from the Vogel Crystal can be greatly magnified by altering the number of facet the Vogel Crystal has. The more facets a Vogel Crystal has, the stronger the intensity of the energy it emits. But to me, a stronger energy flow, does not equates to better Vogel Crystal healing.

“Do not mend what is not broken.”

Using a higher intensity Vogel Crystal for healing tends to over correct the imbalances in the body. For me, I personally feel that the energy emitting from a Vogel Crystal with more than 12 facets is too strong and piercing to my body. I feel a sharp pain (needle prick) when the energy is directed at me. So in all honesty, I prefer one that has only 4 facets. The energy emitted by a 4 facet Vogel Crystal is way gentler and easing on the body. I feel that it does not over correct any imbalances and is more suitable for healing. But this of course means that you would need to use the 4 facet Vogel Crystal for a slightly longer extended period of time to achieve the same effect of a Vogel Crystal with higher number of facets.

Who Invented Vogel Cut Crystals ?

Marcel Joseph Vogel (1917 to 1991), who was a renowned research scientist for IBM’s San Jose facility, invented the Vogel Cut Crystal. He spent his retirement years researching on the therapeutic applications of crystals.

Why Are Vogel Crystal Healing So Sort After?

Well you see, the Vogel Cut Crystals were designed such that the crystal could focus the “universal life force” which is highly sort after for healing. By concentrating the energy and amplifying it, it forces the pranic energy to reach a higher level of vibration that can help recharge our Chakra centers.

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Vogel Crystal Healing: How To Use It And Get The Results You Want

As Light and Life energy gets pulled into the feminine end of the double terminated Vogel Cut Crystal, it gets magnified by the purity of the interior structure of the Vogel Crystal. Once purified, the amplified energy leaves the masculine end of the Vogel crystal as is ready for the crystal healing process. You can use this energy to:

  1. Unblock the Chakra Centers of your body.
  2. Remove any form of negative energy which is attached to you.
  3. Rebalance and fine tune the natural vibrational frequency of your Aura.

Why Arent You Seeing The Results That You Want?

When you purchase a Vogel Crystal, you get really excited about the idea of it. At that point of purchase, you feel that your soul resonates with the history and lineage of the Vogel Crystal. Then when you bring home the crystal, you start to have trouble falling into what I call the “zone”, where things kinda feel effortless and magical. This is common and it is usually the sequence of event that happens to every crystal lover. I get it too.

So today, I am going to share with you my ABSOLUTE NO. 1 TIP to create results with your crystal practice. I don’t know about you but I am very practical and pragmatic person. When we first buy a Vogel Crystal, we bring one of these amazing crystals into our lives from a sacred lineage.

We can feel the amazing potential of it. Like a kid in a candy stall, we feel the instant jolt of happiness. But there is a common snag that comes up and prevents people from going onto the next level. And this is something that is very common. There are a lot of people, who are about to get there but they just give up.

So let me illustrate to you what happens when you first get a Vogel Crystal. People are usually naturally drawn to these kinds of crystals. When you first see the Vogel Crystals, you have a feeling or a gut instinct that tells you that one of these is just incredibly meaningful and attractive to own. So you purchase one and you bring them into your life. You get super excited and are just blown away by having this symmetrical geometry tool which has so much wonderful history in it. And after you get home, you place it on your altar and life happens.

You have to go back to your desk job. You start struggling with health issues or relationship issues. And all of a sudden, you get back into being your old self. The crystals get on the back burner and you just go back into the default mode.

So this is the primary issue – you start doubting yourself. You start doubting your ability and you think to yourself, “Well, maybe I need to go to a seminar or a workshop. Or maybe I need a teacher to tell me exactly what I should do with the crystals”.

We start doubting in our innate ability to find that intimate spiritual union with nature and the crystal. So basically, this is the most common sequence of events that would happen. You get back into life and you start doubting yourself, because you are out of that “zone”. You’re out of that place of inspiration. And the crystal doesn’t have as much power for you.

So Here Is The Absolute Amazing Secret to Have Success with Vogel Crystal Healing

The only difference from somebody who is getting massive amazing results and somebody who is not, is that the successful one has a habitual ritual.

So when you think about the word ritual, it doesn’t have to mean a bunch of bells and whistles. No drumming involved. Ritual is something that is very personal and individual. And most importantly, it is incredibly simple. So here are my tips to incorporate rituals into your life. But before I get there, let me tell you why I feel ritual is so important. With rituals, what you are doing is that you are making an intention to come into that place within yourself, where you are uniting with the sacred energy of nature. With every single day that past, no matter what is going on in your life, or how real the physical world seems, or your problems may seem, you must stay committed.

So Are You Ready To Learn My 2 Step Secret?

  1. Morning Ritual: I call this my morning practice. Basically the moment you rise from bed, you reach over and get your crystal. And just do a 5 to 10 minutes meditation. And during this meditation, just ask yourself, what you would want to experience for yourself today. One of my favorites is “What do I want to believe in today?”.
  2. Evening Ritual: The evening practice is done after the whole day, where all the nitty bitty things that didn’t just go quite as right. The evening practice is just right before bed. Take your crystal and unite with it just before bed. You are going to take that crystal and you are going to ask yourself “What can I cleanse at this moment to feel renewed again? How can I do that?”

So with both of this practice, you are asking a simple question. And with the help of your crystal centering yourself, you are going to get the answers. And you are going to be able to change your everyday life just by doing that.

You see the tendency with us is that we want to take our crystals and go do something. We want to go work on something. For instance, we want to work on our children, our dog, our pets and our partners. But the most importantly, in order to create a connection with your crystal, you’ll need to start a habitual ritual. A habitual process of connecting with your crystal on a daily basis. During these sessions, it is where you are going to acknowledge that you are the creator of your own future. And with the help of nature, you have the ability to create joy and abundance in your life.