Why The Law Of Attraction Doesnt Work For You

By | September 1, 2017

Why do you even believe that the Law of Attraction doesnt work for you?

But before I begin, for those who are new to the Law of Attraction, what is the Law of Attraction?

Simply put, it is said that we are able to attract anything with the ability of our minds to reality. Whether positive or negative, we are the ones responsible for impacts that happen in our lives. For example, if we dwell on a certain thing for a long period of time, negativity will most likely surround us, however if we are optimistic about every situation, positivity will appear.

Not many have been able to unlock the full potential of this ability and use it to our best interests in our everyday lives. When discovered fully, it can have a great positive impact to our lives.

The main reason why the Law of Attraction doesnt work for you is because you do not believe with 100% certainty that it works. If we use the Law of Attraction but yet have doubts, it would not be working as well as it should. In life, everyone will experience a time where by they believe that they do not deserve certain things in life.

Some might think they are not worthy of a loving and healthy relationship, or they are not worthy of a successful job and these can be due to your upbringings, environment, and the pressure of our society. We tend to compare ourselves to what society tells us is right. Get a degree, then a well-paid job, start a family and raise children. When we are not able to fulfill these ‘social rights’, we will not think we are doing well enough.

Ultimately, we would believe that the Law of Attraction doesnt work on us.

Focus On Ourselves

Instead of comparing ourselves to others whom seem to have great success with the Law of Attraction, we should be focusing on ourselves. How did the Law of Attraction ever gone well for you? How can you improve your beliefs around the Law of Attraction so that it would work better? We should be telling ourselves that the Law of Attraction works better for us than anyone else (using positive affirmations), and that it is powerful, so how can we use it to our advantage?

Many also do not understand the difference between setting goals and achieving goals. For example, if you want to get a promotion in your company, but do not make any changes to your work attitude, the promotion would never come. Just writing down our goals is not enough, taking action is the first step to achieving our goals, and then believing & executing is the second step. Many of us may feel that no matter how much we are doing, we are not able to achieve our dreams; this is due to the lack of belief one might have.

We may have unconscious doubts that we do not deserve our dreams. Using this promotion example, maybe we believe that someone else deserves it more, so when we lose out the promotion to that someone else, we do not take action to find out why. We tell ourselves that maybe that person is doing more than what you are doing, so the decision to promote someone else is right. Having this attitude is the exact reason why the Law of Attraction may not be working for you. You do not believe in yourself and when that happens, negativity will surround you.

Aligning Your Beliefs With Reality

Another reason the Law of Attraction doesnt work for you is due to you not knowing how to align your beliefs with reality. We have to tell ourselves that our dreams and hopes can be achieved, and all our conflicting thoughts should be thrown out. These conflicting thoughts prevent us from achieving our goals. By aligning our dreams and reality, we are able to understand that our dreams can become a reality, resulting in us eliminating the self-doubt.

We want to reach the point of 100% knowingness that no matter what, we have the ability to be propelled towards our goals and that stopping is not an option until we achieve it.

This might sound difficult to do, however, the easiest way is to repeat it to you everyday. Every morning and night, tell yourself that you are worth it, and that the Law of Attraction will work for you. We must also believe that our goals can be achieved, only then we will be able to have the will to make a change, create action towards fulfilling our dreams.

Repetition is the way to install a thought in our minds, when we tell ourselves that we have one hundred percent faith and belief in the Law of Attraction and ourselves over and over again, we will remember it.

Some habits that we can practice to manifest more positive energy in our lives include paying more attention to what is going on around you, meditate, and keep a gratitude bullet journal. By paying more attention to our surroundings, we are able to notice what is going well and what needs to fix. This will ultimately help us become a better problem solver and move pass obstacles faster.

Learn To Meditate

Meditation can help clear our minds and de-stress from the hectic lives we lead, it is also known to be able to increase positive thinking. One of the ways that we can meditate is to do deep breathing. Breathe in through your mouth, and out through your nose, repeat. This can help with relaxation and calm our minds down; only then, we will be able to be inspired positively to take action towards our dreams.

Start A Journal Habit

Starting to write in a journal everyday may be difficult at first, however when we remember and jot down our blessings, automatically makes us feel better and put us in a good mood. Other than these, we can also ask ourselves why we want to achieve the goals we want to achieve. By asking ourselves why, it will help us visualize the moment when we do reach our goal. We want that feeling of success to be installed in our subconscious mind, it can help us eliminate any negative energy of self-doubt and ultimately achieve our dreams.

So stop telling yourself that the Law of Attraction doesnt work for you! It WORKS, just keep the faith and the Law of the Universe will respond accordingly. 🙂