About Denzel

Hi there, my name is Denzel Zhou and I am a Numerology and Cartomancy practitioner. I have been practicing both methods of divination for many years (for free) – mainly for friends and family who I have crossed path with.

Through my years of experience, I found that my readings and interpretation of the charts has been fairly accurate, falling within a confidence interval of 90%. This gave me the confidence to conduct full readings for people professionally.

The amount I charge is not meant to profit, but instead it is used to fund my Metaphysics education and donation to the temple of my choice. (This may change in the future, if the stars align or when I receive a calling.)

There are different methods of divination but I choose to focus on Numerology and Cartomancy – not because I feel that the methods are more superior than the rest. But because of the affinity that I have with them.

You see… as practitioners we are trying to forecast the future. And if we use a tool/method that we are not comfortable with, the divination outcome is going to be inaccurate.

Its pretty much the same if you ask a trained sniper soldier to operate a tank, he probably fail miserable at it.

Also, different divination methods allows the practitioner to read/interpret different things. However, all readings/interpretations for a person should yield the same/similar outcome.

This is because, its our destiny.

Can we change our destiny? Sure… we can. But to what extend are we able to do so? I’ll leave this for another blog post.

So what are my intentions to do readings for people?

Well… I do readings solely because of my interest for the unknown. And also, to help the people who are lost and are seeking answers. I was once in their shoes and I know what it feels like to being lost.

It is also my way of gaining some positive karma points and hopefully redeem them in my next life. (If you believe in after life).

For those who wants to read a review of my service, you can read some of the testimonials below.

I wish you all the best in life, and hope that you’ll find your answers soon.


Denzel Zhou

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If you would like to find out more about your destiny and would like a reading from me, do contact me at [email protected] .