Birthdate Love Compatibility

Birthdate Love Compatibility is a numerological test which calculates the compatibility of two individuals, according to their Date of Birth.

Our Date of Birth defines who we are as a person, our character and our personality. If two individuals have characters and personalities that clashes… The outcome of the relationship between the two would definitely be disastrous.

Ever met a person who you are unable to connect with? Yes… that simply means that both of you are not compatible. And that… can be calculated numerologically.

Through my years of reading and interpreting Birthdate Love Compatibility Charts, some occurrences are more than just coincidence.

There are many reasons why relationships fail.

But in general, it boils down to 2 main reasons… The differences in personalities and/or third party interference.

Similar to other forms of divination, by using Numerology, we are able to calculate if two individuals are compatible, not compatible, compatible but with possible third party interference or very compatible (such that the relationship will not end even with third party interference).

Below, I have done an analysis on my favorite Hollywood celebrity couple, Brad and Jennifer. I have also on purpose, left out specific details of their personalities and traits because it is after all their private lives…  And just like anyone, we don’t like others to know too much about ourselves or we may find ourselves feeling vulnerable.

**Below is a Numerology analysis based on the principles which I was taught. It reflects my personal opinion and is not intended to harm anyone mentioned in this post. However, if you are offended by it, I would gladly take down this analysis without hesitation.

Birthdate Love Compatibility – Brad & Jennifer

birthdate love compatibility

For those who don’t know Brad and Jennifer, they are both high profile Hollywood actor and actress. Both, very successful in their own field of work, one being the star of an American sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. While the other is a Golden Globe winner.

Both of them were my personal favorite Hollywood couple but unfortunately, their relationship ended in late 2005.  Blessed with good looks and talent, I felt that they were made in heaven.

However, according to the Birthdate Love Compatibility Numerology Chart, things aren’t as smooth sailing as we hope to be…

According to their personal numerology chart, I found that by nature, Jennifer’s element is Water… Whereas Brad’s element is Wood.

Water Supports Wood

From a Chinese metaphysical stand point, Water supports Wood. Relatively speaking, it means that in their relationship, Jennifer is very supportive of Brad in key areas of his life. It could mean that she was very supportive in his acting career, or things that he wants to pursue in life. This harmonious relationship is beneficial for Brad but it could be very tiring for Jennifer.

Now if we take a look at both Brad and Jennifer’s Birthdate Love Compatibility Numerology Chart, we see two sets of “2-7”. In numerology, “2-7” means affinity with nobleman or affinity with the opposite sex. Having “2-7” in their Birthdate Love Compatibility Chart means that they are compatible. However, having 2 sets of “2-7” could potentially mean third party interference or both of them are constantly surrounded by the opposite sex.

Since the couple officially (and unfortunately) divorced in 2005, I decided to plot both their personal numerology chart for the year 2005. Coincidentally, I found that Jennifer’s chart showed 2 pairs of “2-7” which indicated a potential third party interference… Whereas Brad’s chart showed “1”, a sign of independence or the start of a new beginning.

From their Birthdate Love Compatibility Chart above, it can also be seen that their relationship face a lot stress from their supports/fans, “7-8”. “7” is a number that relates to fans and supporters whereas “8” refers to stress. Since their relationship is in the eye of the public (thanks to being a good looking couple), they probably had some pressure keeping up with the image.

The chart also shows that when they are in a relationship, they are both very family oriented and care for one another… Which is why they are both still on good terms after the divorce.

Birthdate Love Compatibility – Brad & Jolie

birthdate love compatibility 1

Brad and Jolie became a couple shortly after Brad ended his marriage with Jennifer. Jolie is also a Hollywood A-list actress and needs no introduction. Those who are in their 30s now would know her for her blockbuster movie “Lora Croft – Tomb Raider”… Whereas those who are in their 20s probably know her for her role in the movie “Maleficent”.

According to their Birthdate Love Compatibility Chart, and from a metaphysical stand point, they are not very compatible with one another… This is due to the lack of “2-7” in the chart. Lacking “2-7” could potentially mean that they have difference in their character and personality… Or… it could mean that they can’t accept the differences about each other.

Wood Controls Earth

Based on Jolie’s numerology chart, her core element is Earth. And contrary to rumors circulating the internet, about how Jolie is a “control freak” towards Brad… From a Chinese metaphysical stand point, Brad controls Jolie for the simple reason that Wood controls Earth.

In 2016, Brad was accused by Jolie of physically abusing Maddox (their oldest child)… which The LA Department of Children and Family Services and the FBI cleared him of all charges. And in 2018, the court granted Brad more visitation rights for this kids… So would you think that all of these are coincidence?

Together as a couple, they are a “9”, which represents open-mindedness in their relationship and optimism. This is key in a relationship… Who wants a relationship filled with doubts and pessimism. This is likely the part of the relationship which they both enjoy – their time with one another. Being open-minded to things, they have also adopted a total of 3 children (1 from Cambodia, 1 from Vietnam and the other from Ethiopia).

Referencing their Birthdate Love Compatibility Chart, it seems that there were a lot of planning going on in the course of their relationship… However, there were always obstacles. This could be due to the differences in their personality.

From a Numerology stand point, Brad is a “4”, which means he is smart, trustworthy and reliable. But like a box with 4 sides, he is rigid in his thinking. Whereas Jolie is a “5”, which means she is very principled and the decisions she make is based on her internal set of beliefs – just like a moral compass. This could however make her stubborn by nature.

The clashing personalities between the two could potentially cause a lot of friction in their relationship.

Birthdate Love Compatibility – Justin & Jennifer

birthdate love compatibility 3

Justin started dating Jennifer back in 2011 and officially tied a knot together in 2015. However, things turn south in late 2017, when the couple decided to part ways as couples. According to their Birthdate Love Compatibility Chart, it shows that they also have 2 pairs of “2-7”, which implies that there could be a potential third party interference in this relationship even though they are compatible!

According to Justin’s personal Numerology chart, his element is Wood. Again… this means that Jennifer’s energy is very supportive towards him. It can also mean that as an actor, he wasn’t as popular before he got together with Jennifer – which I found to be true, according to tabloid news.

Charting his 2017 chart, I also found that during this year, it is a year of change for him. His core number marks a new beginning of something – could be career or relationship. But on hindsight, we now know that it is the change of his relationship status.

My Thoughts

Like what most of my teachers and masters once said, what can be predicted can be managed and control. If we are able to fully understand a person, we will be able to adapt and learn how to live with a person of your desire.

Alternatively, if this person’s true nature is someone that you cannot accept or can’t live with… Then moving on to find your next potential soul mate might be best option for you.

In Chinese metaphysics, it is said that your destiny is already predetermined by the divine, the heavenly forces. It is true to a certain extent.

But what most people don’t know is that there are other factors which determine your ultimate fate. Only 25% is determined by heavenly forces… The other 25% is determined by Fengshui (the Qi around you), another 25% is determined by the karmic debt that you have and the last 25% is determined by the choices that you make!

Know that the choices you make, makes a difference. You are still in control of your destiny.

If you are currently in at a cross-roads and need some answers on your relationship, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. If you would like to read up more about the Relationship Compatibility service that I provide, click HERE.