Numerology Marriage Compatibility

If you are currently in a relationship, but curious about where this relationship is going to take you… you may want to consider a Numerology Marriage Compatibility check for the both of you. The last thing you would want out of a relationship is wasted time, effort and youth…

Or if you are at the cross-roads and can’t decide which potential partner to be with… a detailed compatibility check will accurately tell you his/her true character and flaws (which he/she could be hiding from you all these while) and be able to forecast potential quarrels & conflict that the both of you may face.

As one of my teachers once said, “What can be forecasted can be prevented and managed“. And especially since marriage is a lifetime commitment, it is always wise to be 100% sure to know what you are getting into.

Here is what my Numerology Marriage Compatibility report will tell you:

Numerology Marriage Compatibility  

  1. A full and complete breakdown of  both your character and personality. (Strength & Weakness)
  2. Genuine advise on how to communicate with one another to mitigate unnecessary conflicts.
  3. Whether is there any potential third party interference in the relationship.
  4. What are the potential issues that could happen in the relationship? (Financial, third party, etc.)
  5. Whether the relationship nourishes or wears you down. (Based on the Chinese 5 elements theory.)
  6. If you’re looking to buy a property, which part of the island is most suitable for the both of you.

PS: There will not be any upsells for Crystals or Fengshui cures. Only pure and genuine advise.

Price: Currently $47

A portion of the consultation fees will go into my continued education in Metaphysics and a smaller portion of it will be donated to a temple of my own choice (when I visit them monthly).

Report Format: PDF, English

As my mandarin is bad, I will only provide readings in English. Translation to Chinese may take away the true meaning of my interpretations, hence I am not willing to translate.

Time Required: 2-3 days

As I have a day job to take care of, all readings and interpretation are done after office hours. I do these interpretations to help others, gain positive karma and to balance my yin and yang energy (which is usually messed up when I am at work).

Note: I may also choose to return your consultation fees and not interpret your chart or dispense out a reading. I hope you understand and respect my decision.

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If you’re interested to have your destiny read and interpreted, email me at [email protected] . Alternatively, you can fill up the contact form on the right side of my website (if you’re on a Desktop) or at the bottom of my website (if you’re on a mobile device). If you do send me an email, please include “Numerology Marriage Compatibility” as your subject.

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